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In August 31st, the reporter learned from relevant departments, the Ninth National Paralympic Games and the sixth Special Olympics Qinghai sports delegation has been formally established, 46 disabled athletes from September 12th to 19 in Sichuan, Chengdu, for the athletics, badminton, table tennis, shooting, archery, chess, darts and other 7 categories of more than and 130 events.

four years a session of the National Paralympic Committee, is a disabled sports event, but also to show the disabled to participate in social life stage. In order to achieve good results in the current Paralympic Games, from the beginning of this year, the province on the organization of some of the athletes participating in the early training. It is understood that in the current Paralympic athletes in our province, there are physical, visual and hearing disabilities and other three categories, respectively, from the city of Xining, Haidong City, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the Qinghai University, Qinghai National University, special education schools in Qinghai Province, Xining City and other units of the school for the deaf. The selection of athletes is according to the standard since 2011 the province to participate in the fourth Paralympic Games, sixteenth Shengyunhui disabled competitions, the National Games for the disabled and the annual event results, and to participate in the National Paralympic Committee to determine the grading standards, represents the highest level of disabled sports in our province.   read more

Xining city education system

Xining city education system work together

properly placed disaster stricken students

According to the

province relocated students in Yushu disaster area of deployment and requirements, the morning of September 18th, 248 students from the Yushu disaster safely arrived in Xining and are properly placed. Among them, 170 students placed in small and Datong Datong third national middle school, 49 junior students placed second in Huangzhong, 29 students placed in Huangyuan third. read more

In order to enhance organizational departments and cadres of the fine level, since this year, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to carry out a comprehensive close ties with the masses, serve the grassroots cadres as the main content of the "ten" activities, effectively promote the cadres to practice as a social class, thanks to the people as a teacher, effectively change the style of work, improve the level of work efficiency, establish a good image of the cadres. read more

Colorful butterfly wings to fly, beautiful and bright flowers in early puberty – these have great originality, the exquisite beyond compare graphically presented in a big cake, is unable to hide greeds.

taste the traditional big moon cake, listen to the authentic flowers, watch the farming culture show, enjoy the wonderful old movie. In September 28th, the North District of Xining city town Baoziwan fun agricultural park crowded, unusually lively.

from Xining city district government, District Animal Husbandry Bureau, North Water Baoziwan Town People’s government, the north area of Xining Township interest held agricultural science and technology limited company have jointly organized the "motherland welcome birthday, celebrate the autumn harvest" Chengbei District first township moon cake festival held here interesting delicacy. read more

in order to further promote the main responsibility for clean government, recently, the North District held a party committee secretary (work) to build a clean government work debriefing meeting, urging the Commission at all levels of the Party (workers) play a leading role model, conduction layers of pressure. District standing committee attended the meeting and comments.

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wine market prospect is good, wine is also more and more popular. If you want to join the agency business, you need to learn a lot of business skills. Including store location, decoration, etc. need to be taken seriously. Xiaobian summed up the relevant experience, I hope to bring more profit protection businesses.

has good position will have a far-reaching impact on business performance Wine agents, Wine agent to join the popular fan needs a good address, CO brand and investors operated by the selected location, the location is good for investors to consider whether the site management of the project to meet the needs of the relevant the people of the region. In general it is good place People are hurrying to and fro., places to shop, but not many places for the shop, according to the different direction of investment, entrepreneurs should understand passers by age and sex, to understand the pedestrians from the peak time and scarce time. Once again to understand the purpose of the pedestrian and stay time. read more

in the process of entrepreneurship, creativity is a very important thing, the following small to say the female entrepreneur is very creative, is to sell insurance products fail the exam in the campus among small financial.

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on the venture capital market, although a lot of people who want to start a business, but not so any one has sufficient capital, and many people will have to choose business with a small capital. In fact, if you can master the business with a small capital to the relevant skills, if operating properly, will greatly enhance the probability of success. So, what is the four secret business with a small capital to succeed?

a, clever market blind spot

the operator if the passive drift, may never the light of day. In fact, the more developed the economy, the progress of society, people’s needs more refined. In fact, there exists a gap between the big market market of large enterprises to attend to, it is very suitable for business with a small capital. Therefore, small investors should jump out of the inherent, narrow, intensive mode of thinking, grasp the rules of market operation from time and space more long-term, in-depth study of consumer demand, a dedicated operator without me some commodity and service, take the market blind. read more

have friends in the "millionaire" website publicity planning in this article about how to promote the message, the net weight, here I will simply say, this diet is a popular topic, no matter at any time, whether it is thin or fat, users access to the website as a search engine and also through the webmaster in fact, the promotional methods can be used to promote the regional network bold attempt, fat people have any area, as long as your site information, to attract people. The net weight is not necessarily confined to some people in order to lose weight, exercise is healthy, can do more training in this website, publicity can be made some propaganda leaflets, write some diet knowledge, exercise skills to people in the park, at the same time can make some posters pasted on the park to exercise crowded places, and local reduction Fat stores cooperation, free advertising for them, so that they provide slimming products, evaluation of paper, add a parity version, comment on all kinds of weight loss products were evaluated, the time line promotion so much, online promotion are simpler, more to some entertainment sites to publish some articles in the diet add your website address on it, to Post Bar Baidu know here to answer the question, can also help to improve traffic. read more

today, the consumer to the enterprise evolution as the theme of the fifth season WeChat open class landing in Shanghai, it is worth noting that this is the business enterprise and Tencent WeChat, WeChat cloud first joint exit.

as everyone knows, WeChat is a 2C based product, and in the past two years, for at the end of the B enterprise service has become a hot industry, the reason of B end money to get better. In fact, long ago, Tencent have many products for the B side, want to occupy the entrance entrance, but the results are poor, the main products of WeChat as a Tencent, after the launch for the enterprise market, WeChat company and WeChat enterprise, can be completely integrated into the read more

      within a few months, "the most beautiful teacher in remote areas" Wang Meixiang had been unknown to the public – fame process — all the blame. So dramatic development, rooted in the network behind the commercial operation.
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this article in fact the original text has been written for a long time, but has not been published, because it was originally written for the Department colleagues to share experience, so that new colleagues can easily operate. The flow of a large number of exchange sites have also been used, if the ultimate, allowing the site to increase a lot of traffic out of thin air. 2W change 4W, 10W change 20W, proved to be possible. It was also found that although the flow effect is very good, but the user precipitation rate is not high, so want to stabilize the long-term development of the site, it is not recommended to use this method. Some rely solely on the number of IP earn advertising entertainment website or can try. read more


technology news news November 8th, held the ten annual Strategy Conference tuniu. The conference will be announced, tuniu group company, the business will be split into two sections tourism subsidiary and subsidiary financial technology. Tuniu President Yan Haifeng said, the way cattle group is mainly to the rapid growth of service tickets, hotels, finance, film and television, wedding and other new business segments.

Yan Haifeng said that the diversification of customer demand is driving the change in the tourism industry chain. The main customers for business travel and travel ticket for the purpose, but now the ticket market, hotel market growth is the driving force for a large proportion of the leisure customer contribution. This is a new opportunity. read more

one, share my "navigation station" source code

here to declare, I was completely free to everyone. Web site is someone else’s program, I spent a few weeks to modify the template, is the imitation of 369. I asked a few webmaster friends before, feel good, I went to a number of source code, download the station released for everyone to download. I keep my own web site links on the web site is good: increase the chain, you can quickly improve the site rankings and traffic.

two, free information included in the read more

August 24th, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng case, Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang said, Kang Sheng no profit and the evaluation index of income, not to charge users, will not force you to use the Tencent system to charge, but Kang Sheng original team service paying customers, will ensure that the original pay customer service quality under the premise, to join to serve the individual owners of the business to go.

talked about the case of Tencent and Kang Sheng M & A will be reached, said: Tencent can not do everything, can not do everything. A large number of Tencent, 10 thousand employees, do a lot of business, simply can not do. Webmaster and Tencent in different geographical location, industrial chain division of different causes this division must coexist, Tencent will not enter the webmaster webmaster development territory, no threat to the Tencent, the relationship between the two sides but complement each other. The bridge is connected to the two sides Kang sheng." read more

today, an alleged most of the double 11 explosion models list in WeChat, micro-blog comprehensive spread, causing "hand chop party" exclaimed at the same time, also further improve the difficulty of panic buying. In this regard, there are buyers of ashes revealed, do a good job ahead of time to prepare for the purchase, the use of the browser’s buying features, can increase the success rate of panic buying.


11 most exposed double explosion in listing

in the online shopping buyers exchange group claiming to be a five crown level netizen said, have developed a up to 100 items and plans to grab the goods, in order to complete the plan is to use some of the latest release of the browser "automatic seckill" function, automatic seckill unattended. read more

2RedBeans founder Q Zhao

this handsome cute southern girl by Business Insider as one of the 13 immigrant founder of Silicon Valley science and technology circle the most "lawless". This is an almost "white male" dominated the list, Q Zhao is the only one China girl. She created (two red beans) is the nation’s largest Chinese dating platform, currently has 120 thousand users, monthly active users accounted for 30%. The United States with those mature dating sites (such as eHarmony,, 2RedBeans will focus on the matching algorithm Chinese more interested in the index, for example, to the United States a few years old, citizen / / what kind of identity card, which school graduation and so on. In addition, Chinese implicit passive characteristics based on 2RedBeans is also close to the incorporation of some "encouraging the expression and interaction of" mind, like "who are viewing your profile, instant messaging," quietly "love" and "a most want to ask the question" this. read more

introduction: Recently, one of the giants of the business B2C in the field of domestic electronic Jingdong mall officially open ebook platform to enter the field of digital reading sounded the first sound, integrated clock! E-book market competition at home and abroad, their advantages and disadvantages, some industry point of view, the prospect of e-book mall Jingdong test and how is it?

with Jingdong mall from the beginning of the 3C home appliances, the development of daily necessities, gradually the hotel reservation. Selling cars, Jingdong mall in the continuous expansion of their product line. In 2.20, the Jingdong mall officially opened e-book online platform, and the first phase of the line of 80 thousand genuine electronic books, from 200 suppliers, is expected to end this year will be more than 300 thousand, reached a high profile digital publishing industry. As a Jingdong store head Liu Qiangdong said: " the only Jingdong launched e-book digital publishing industry began to enter the mall. Behind it is the Jingdong mall a wealth of books and broad distribution channels. Jingdong mall e-book market is facing not only more than 38 million of the quality of registered users, as well as the country’s 513 million Internet users and more and more smart phone users are Jingdong e-book target customers ". This shows that Liu Qiangdong is ready to enter the ebook market hard to start the fight. read more

was in Liu Erchuang: the last Liu Erchuang magic snakes can earn 500 yuan. This article has mentioned the next lesson Liu Erchuang said: SF release station why violence of this article, but yesterday did not say there are several reasons, one is the time, two is the thinking of the finishing three is it possible to write this article I this station will be D, no contact this thing for a long time, clear thinking, so today was not write, really feel shy.

OK, not directly to the point, ink, play SEO friends should always see a lot of SF station to buy black chain or a chain, and say the price is very high, so we all know it, don’t say to theory, case: first we open the, will see the master above several SF station links. You should know that is what station? Why others or to buy read more

      Beijing on June 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s chief strategy officer Youssef · advertising; Mehdi (Yusuf Mehdi) recently said that the company will launch the network advertisers one-stop shop service. Industry sources said the move is intended to shorten the gap between Microsoft and Google in the online advertising market.

Microsoft said last month, will be about $6 billion price of the acquisition of online advertising company aQuantive, the purpose is to catch up with Google in the online advertising market. This week, YAHOO announced that it has appointed the company’s co-founder, long-term board member Yang Zhiyuan for the new CEO, replacing the former CEO · (Terry Semel). Analysts said Semel’s resignation, the show that investors are being taken away by Google YAHOO market share dissatisfied. read more