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March 2nd, the balance of treasure 7 annual yield fell to 5.9710%, the first time since last year, fell below 6% in December 26th.

how to treat this phenomenon? What is the reason for the decline in yields to solve these doubts not only related to the vital interests of investors, but also related to the stability of the future development of Internet banking.

balance treasure and other Internet financial products are basically the money invested in the money market and stable bank deposits. The characteristics of the money market is low return (generally slightly higher than the benchmark deposit rate), yield stability, high security, strong liquidity. read more

June 20th, China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group subsidiary Alibaba Network Co., Ltd. officially delisted from the hkex. Lasted 4 months, to spend nearly HK $19 billion, Alibaba Network Co., Ltd. since the end of nearly 5 years of listing journey, the completion of privatization.

  Alibaba delisting China’s commercial development behind the cold thinking

reasons for privatization, some analysts pointed out that the Alibaba has two aspects: on the one hand, may think the company underestimated, the delisting re evaluation; on the other hand, taking into account the Alibaba group strategic adjustment, do not rule out in the next few years was listed as a whole. However, when the Alibaba group secretary Shao Xiaofeng on the matter also explained: "with the specific situation in recent years, changes in the global economic situation and business development process, the direction of strategy of Alibaba network company is facing major adjustment and transition, equity repurchase can make investors have a short-term opportunity for the realization in the process of restructuring enterprises." read more

The development of

is the fastest of the electricity supplier industry, and now the trend is the outbreak of the present, in many natural factors, created out of our imagination, that is creating the Alibaba in the development of Taobao and Taobao on the small village, feeling a sentry, enterprises can bring many the rural economy, no doubt is standing on the top of the Pyramid, after all the city than the rural population, and most of the first hand resources in rural production, if you get through this sales model, is undoubtedly the best way to promote. read more

more and more small and medium enterprises in the network marketing has created an unprecedented explosive sales. However, a larger number of unused." In China, more than 2 thousand SMEs, the use of the Internet to carry out enterprise network marketing to develop the market of less than 1 million, which has achieved some performance may be less than 1/10. "A lot of small and medium enterprises, they have different actions for the network marketing, although there is special person to be responsible for this, but now in the company system, the boss of the executive power is not in place, not enough attention, it is very difficult to play what enthusiasm, and the person in charge has been lacking in the professional quality in the course of time also, network marketing has become a slogan. read more

one, the starting point of the Chinese network

introduction: at present, the domestic leading portal for the original literature, fantasy, magic, martial arts, in this paper the author of the novel, creating a new model of online reading electronic publishing.

review: in the first time to read the book the author serialized masterpiece, is a writer to raise awareness of the good to go out, but the money is difficult, high threshold, mainly in the face of the signing of the couple, more difficult to develop, competition is too cruel. If you are good at writing novels, there is plenty of time, the starting point you to publish your novel, website editor will read your novel, if good, good writing, he felt a commercial or literature, he will stay and talk to you signing the contract, etc.. General words exchange 3 starting point coins, 3 coins starting point is equal to 3 cents, can apply for the minimum wage system, but the application procedure is complicated. read more

In writing this title, a lot of people click into the look is very curious. Individual station does not flow what to make money, it seems impossible, and now I tell you, this is entirely possible. Many webmaster think. Web site to make money, start from traffic. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, the site to make money is not from the beginning of traffic. But start with the brand.

read more

is the most awesome new Wangzhuan! With their fearless full of sap into the big Rangang wangzhuan.

is the new Wangzhuan people pity! They had a meager income, but a variety of names, VIP cheat half tuition.

The new

Wangzhuan is the most people expect! No venga, sweep the Wangzhuan surface of the fog, and eventually you will find the real gold.

my rich boss, Wangzhuan engaged in nearly 10 years of experience, has been the spirit of "profiteering" principle, low-key to earn their own money, live my own life. As a so-called "old man" on the Internet, I also have a group of their own circle, have their own good friends. The boss was rich with them tried another Wangzhuan project, and they have the same rich boss once again cheated. And finally, can only blame their execution is not good enough…… The execution is not strong, this seems to be the most gorgeous reason all the training students to wangzhuan. You can’t make money, not I didn’t teach you, but your own execution is not good enough. Faced with such a reason, as a student, can only blame themselves and secretly depressed. read more

venture cycle

Yang Yang

exit path narrowing, breaking the chain of entrepreneurial projects, more and more Internet companies want to seek a breakthrough.


meeting in Hongkong in February 6th, easy media CEO Yan Fang Jun already feel the Hongkong stock market for listed companies to China more and more attractive". This feeling turns in a week after a real and slightly regret the decision, show in front of the public, the media market in the United States to revoke the application at the same time, also proposed that contact with other suitable place of listing, and put emphasis on Hongkong. read more

90, born with a new generation of Internet

90, is also the present young people under the age of 25, they are passionate, and, without the burden of occupation, no worry about personal gains and losses again, the most important is that they are born with the Internet is a new generation of


1994, the official Chinese Internet business, they have just been born or kindergarten; in 1998, Sina, Sohu, Tencent was born, Ali and Baidu have not, they read primary school.

in 2003, when they go to junior high school, Internet broadband is being promoted, the phone can also access the internet. read more

not every Wangzhuan way is suitable for everyone, as compared with the current fire foreign Wangzhuan click, can really make money just a few people, but the majority of people are obsessive – including me! Did not want to step back, and then take another look ~ maybe it you can have a new discovery, and find a really suitable for their own Internet! Here in my personal experience, write down roughly like me Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice bitter! Hope to have a little help to everyone

beginner first step (mysterious Wangzhuan): read more

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text / Zhang Tianyi cow church founder and CEO

recently appeared in many articles one after another Ma Jiajia, his comments points are "Ma Jiajia this mouseexcrement, upside down 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurs in the soup". My circle of friends and even several age entrepreneurs funny to release "their own horse and Allison not half dime", "resolutely and draw a line like Allison Ma, Ma Jiajia tarnished the reputation of this group we let our business more difficult to do" such words. In short, there are large public torrents, "Qing Fu die, Lu has not been difficult" meaning. read more