NHL signings 2020: Complete list of all 31 teams’ newest additions

first_imgNew York IslandersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSSamuel BolducD2019: 2nd rd, 57th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCBlade JenkinsF2018: 5th rd, 134th overallThree-year, $2.41 million ELCFROM ORR TO FLEURY: Best NHL goal celebrationsNew York RangersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSPatrick KhodorenkoFUDFA: Michigan State (NCAA)Three-year, $2.775 million ELCK’Andre MillerD2018: 1st rd, 22nd overallThree-year, $3.825 million ELCAustin RueschhoffFUDFA: Western Michigan (NCAA)Two-year, $1.85 million ELCJustin RichardsFUDFA: Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA)Two-year, $2.85 million ELCTyler WallG2016: 6th rd, 174th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCOttawa SenatorsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSMark KastelicF2019: 5th rd, 125th overallThree-year, $2.465 million ELCKevin MandoleseG2018: 6th rd, 157th overallThree-year, $2.585 million ELCJonathan AspirotDUDFA: Belleville (AHL)Three-year, $2.305 million ELCArtem ZubDUDFA: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)One-year, $1.775 million ELCPhiladelphia FlyersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSWyatte WylieD2018: 5th rd, 127th overallThree-year, $2.625 million ELCTanner LaczynskiF2016: 6th rd, 169th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCWade AllisonF2016: 2nd rd, 52nd overallTwo-year, $2.275 million ELCLinus SandinFUDFA: HV71 (SHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCPittsburgh PenguinsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDrew O’ConnorFUDFA: Dartmouth (NCAA)Two-year, $3.55 million ELCCameron LeeDUDFA: Western Michigan (NCAA)Two-year, $2.275 million ELCWill ReillyD2017: 7th rd, 217th overallTwo-year, $1.6 million ELCRadim ZohornaFUDFA: BK Mlada Boleslav (Czech)One-year, $925,000 ELCSan Jose SharksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSBrinson PasichnukDUDFA (Arizona State)Two-year, $1.85 million ELCJohn LeonardF2018: 6th rd, 182nd overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCAlexei MelnichukGUDFA: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)Two-year, $1.850 million ELCFredrik HandemarkFUDFA: Malmo (SHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCTimur IbragimovF2019: 6th rd, 164th overallThree-year, $2.46 million ELCSt. Louis BluesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSTyler TuckerD2018: 7th rd, 200th overall Three-year, $2.425 million ELCHugh McGingF2018: 5th rd, 138th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCScott PerunovichD2018: 2nd rd, 45th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCTampa Bay LightningPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDmitri SemykinD2018: 3rd rd, 90th overallThree-year, $2.44 million ELCToronto Maple LeafsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSMikhail AbramovF2019: 4th rd, 115th overallThree-year, $2.430 million ELCFilip KralD2018: 5th rd, 149th overallThree-year, $2.43 million ELCAlexander BarabanovFUDFA: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCMikko LehtonenDUDFA: Jokerit (KHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCMAPLE LEAFS 2019-20: Best moments from the seasonVancouver CanucksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSWilliam LockwoodF2016: 3rd rd, 64th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCMarc MichaelisFUDFA: Minnesota State (NCAA)One-year, $700,000 contractNils HoglanderF2019: 2nd rd, 40th overallThree-year, $3.375 million ELCVegas Golden KnightsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJack DuganF2017: 5th rd, 142nd overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCWashington CapitalsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDamian RiatF2016: 4th rd, 117th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCWinnipeg JetsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDylan SambergD2017: 2nd rd, 43rd overallThree-year, $3.525 million ELCThe above information is courtesy of CapFriendly. The St. Louis Blues added 2020 Hobey Baker Award winner Scott Perunovich while the Toronto Maple Leafs signed highly touted forward Alexander Barabanov and the Ottawa Senators nabbed defenseman Artem Zub.Below is a list of each team’s signings since March 1.NHL 2020 signingsAnaheim DucksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSBryce KindoppFUDFA: Everett (WHL)Three-year, $2.775 million ELCTrevor ZegrasF2019: 1st rd, 9th overallThree-year, $5.325 million ELCJack BadiniF2017: 3rd rd, 91st overallTwo-year, $1.63 million ELCHunter DrewD2018: 6th rd, 178th overallThree-year, $2.38 million ELCRoman DurnyG2018: 5th rd, 147th overallTwo-year, $1.7475 million ELCFREE AGENCY TRACKER 2020: Full list of signings, best available playersArizona CoyotesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSRyan McGregorF2017: 6th rd, 172nd overallThree-year, $2.41 million ELCNate SuceseFUDFA: Penn State (NCAA)One-year, $820,000 ELCDavid TendeckG2018: 6th rd, 158th overallThree-year, $2.35 million ELCCameron CrottyD2017: 3rd rd, 82nd overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCMatias MaccelliF2019: 4th rd, 98th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCBoston BruinsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSNick WolffDUDFA: Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA)One-year, $925,000 ELCJeremy SwaymanG2017: 4th rd, 111th overallThree-year, $3.15 million ELCJack AhcanDUDFA: St. Cloud State (NCAA)Two-year, $2.275 million ELCBuffalo SabresPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSBrandon BiroFUDFA: Penn State (NCAA)Two-year, $2.7 million ELCDawson DiPietroFUDFA: Western Michigan (NCAA)One-year, $750,000 ELCMattias SamuelssonD2018: 2nd rd, 32nd overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCCalgary FlamesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSColton PoolmanDUDFA: North Dakota (NCAA)One-year, $925,000 ELCConnor MackeyDUDFA: Minnesota State (NCAA)One-year, $1.35 million ELCEmilio PettersenF2018: 6th rd, 167th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCJohannes KinnvallDUDFA: HV71 (SHL)Two-year, $1.85 million ELCDustin WolfG2019: 7th rd, 214th overallThree-year, $2.48 million ELCCarolina HurricanesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJason CottonFUDFA: Sacred Heart (NCAA)One-year $725,000 contractDavid CottonF2015: 6th rd, 169th overallTwo-year, $2.7 million ELCChicago BlackhawksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSEvan BarrattF2017: 3rd rd, 90th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCAndrei AltybarmakyanF2017: 3rd rd, 70th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCMichal TeplyF2019: 4th rd, 105th overallThree-year, $2.48 million ELCMatej ChalupaFUDFA: HK Hradec Kralove (Czech)Two-year, $1.85 millionColorado AvalanchePLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJustus AnnunenG2018: 3rd rd, 64th overallThree-year, $3.150 million ELCColumbus Blue JacketsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJacob ChristiansenDUDFA: Everett (WHL)Three-year, $2.775 million ELCTim BerniD2018: 6th rd, 159th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCDallas StarsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJerad RosburgDUDFA: Michigan State (NCAA)One-year, $924,000 ELCDetroit Red WingsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSMathias BromeFUDFA: Orebro HK (SHL)One-year, $1.14 million ELCVictor BrattstromG2018: 6th rd, 160th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCFREE AGENCY 2020: Complete list of all 31 teams’ UFA, RFA playersEdmonton OilersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSRaphael LavoieF2019: 2nd rd, 38th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCTheodor LennstromDUDFA: Frolunda (SHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCMarkus NiemelainenD2016: 3rd rd, 63rd overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCFilip BerglundD2016: 3rd rd, 91st overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCFlorida PanthersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSAlec RauhauserDUDFA: Bowling Green State (NCAA)One-year, $770,000 contractMax GildonD2017: 3rd rd, 66th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCJohn LudvigD2019: 3rd rd, 69th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCCole SchwindtF2019: 3rd rd, 81st overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCGrigori DenisenkoF2018: 1st rd, 15th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCLos Angeles KingsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSAlex TurcotteF2019: 1st rd, 5th overallThree-year, $7.425 million ELCTyler Madden*FTrade with CanucksThree-year, $2.775 million ELCCole HultsD2017: 5th rd, 134th overallTwo-year, $2.1 million ELCJacob InghamG2018: 6th rd, 175th overallThree-year, $2.55 million ELC* Drafted in third round, 68th overall, by Canucks in 2018Minnesota WildPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSAdam BeckmanF2019: 3rd rd, 75th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCDamien GirouxF2018: 5th rd, 155th overallThree-year, $2.55 million ELCMitchell ChaffeeFUDFA: UMass-Amherst (NCAA)Two-year, $3.55 million ELCHunter JonesG2019: 2nd rd, 59th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCMontreal CanadiensPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJesse YlonenF2018: 2nd rd, 35th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCVasili DemchenkoGUDFA: Chelyabinsk/Magnitogorsk (KHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCArsen KhisamutdinovF2019: 6th rd, 170th overallTwo-year, $1.59 million ELCAlexander RomanovD2018: 2nd rd, 38th overallThree-year ELCCameron HillisF2018: 3rd rd, 66th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCNashville PredatorsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSCole SmithFUDFA: North Dakota (NCAA)One-year, $925,000 ELCPatrick HarperF2016: 5th rd, 138th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCThomas NovakF2015: 3rd rd, 85th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCNew Jersey DevilsNone. Everything surrounding the NHL remains in flux — from the conclusion of the 2019-20 season to when the 2020-21 season will start — but that hasn’t stopped NHL general managers from signing the next crop of NHL players.Everyone from college stars to KHL players to draft picks are putting pen to paper and moving to the professional ranks in North America. Among the names added are a who’s who of youngsters from the 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship, including the United States’ Trevor Zegras, Alex Turcotte and K’Andre Miller, Canada’s Raphael Lavoie and Russia’s Grigori Denisenko and Alexander Romanov.last_img read more

Shaq moving on to the next chapter—retirement

first_imgFATHER TIME CATCHES UP—In this June 15, 2001 photo, Los Angeles Lakers’ Shaquille O’Neal holds up the MVP trophy, right, and the championship trophy after the Lakers won their second straight NBA championship in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, File) Framed jerseys from the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, Mark McGwire, Kirby Puckett, Steve Young and Jerry Rice. An NBA finals MVP trophy. Bottles of wine with labels bearing the “S’’ logo that he borrowed from Superman and essentially made his own. Basketballs with the Miami Heat logos painted on them, one to commemorate his 25,000th point, the other for his 10,000th rebound. A photo of him, Bill Russell and John Wooden.It took him 19 years to collect those memories.On Friday, he vowed to start truly savoring them.“It’s time for what’s next,” the Big Fella said.The 39-year-old O’Neal made his retirement official, reiterating what he revealed in a video posted to Twitter two days earlier. Saying those words where he did brought a full-circle piece of closure to his career, since it all ended at his home in a suburb of Orlando, the city where his pro days began when the Magic made him the No. 1 pick in 1992.“Never thought this day would come,” O’Neal said. “Father Time has finally caught up with Shaquille O’Neal.”Speculation has been high for weeks that O’Neal’s playing days were over, and the widely expected became real on June 1. It took him 10 seconds to announce his plans in the online video, and as few athletes could do, those 10 seconds turned into a three-day story. Tributes have poured in and on June 3, O’Neal thanked just about everyone he could remember.His parents, thanking his father for his discipline and his mother for sneaking him cake, milk and cookies when that discipline prevented the boy from getting his own. His brothers and sisters. His six children, who got an apology for his schedule demands and a promise that they would keep going to Toys “R’’ Us. His fans worldwide. The NBA and David Stern. The camaraderie in the locker room. The six teams he played with.“And I’m really going to miss the free throws,” deadpanned O’Neal, a notoriously bad foul-shooter.A joker, all the way to the end.He would not have it any other way.He insisted he will not return, nor will he coach anyone but his three sons. His career ends with 28,596 points, 13,099 rebounds, 15 All-Star selections, four championships and three NBA finals MVP awards. He had a $1.4 million option to return to the Boston Celtics next season, but said he did not want to hold up the team’s plans several months if he needs Achilles’ surgery.So he made the decision to retire, on his terms.“I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” O’Neal said.The finale came in a fitting place. He loves his mansion, about two miles from Tiger Woods’ longtime home and surrounded by a private golf course, ironic in the sense that O’Neal has no plans to take up the game in retirement.He bought the home in 1993, and it’s remained his base ever since—even after he left the Magic for Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston throughout his NBA career.The doorways are enormous, as one would expect when the primary occupant of the home is more than 7 feet tall. Guests were ushered in across a red carpet laid out over his meticulous garage, which held luxury cars and motorcycles. Family and close friends gathered in the massive kitchen while the gymnasium filled for a celebration that was tinged with a bit of sadness.“This is a bittersweet day on behalf of the family,” said O’Neal’s mother, Lucille Harrison. “It’s been 19 years, but the 19 years have gone by so quick.”Dale Brown, who coached O’Neal at LSU, sat on Shaq’s left. Brown told a slew of stories, including one when Shaq asked permission to eat peanuts from a hotel minibar, not even considering the liquor. Brown lauded how O’Neal was raised and his charitable work, much of which Shaq does not reveal publicly.O’Neal was so moved by Hurricane Katrina that he arranged for tractor-trailers to bring supplies to storm-ravaged New Orleans and personally oversaw distribution efforts. And after that, Shaq considered signing with the New Orleans Hornets, thinking his mere presence in the city would help recovery efforts even more, but the deal simply fell through.“He’s an unbelievable person,” Brown said. “He’ll stay that way.”O’Neal’s immediate future is uncertain. He’ll likely work in television, but his health comes first. Injuries derailed him this season, and if his injured Achilles’ doesn’t improve soon, surgery may be unavoidable. He said he promised his family he would get his body right.The ways he changed the game were countless, beginning with his unique combination of size, strength and athleticism. He was the first big man to become a marketing giant. He spent huge money—$650,000 one year in Miami—to play Shaq-a-Claus for underprivileged kids at Christmas.Everything wasn’t always perfect. He clashed with teammates like Kobe Bryant, clashed with coaches like Stan Van Gundy. Nonetheless, those in the league still hold him in high esteem.“A living legend,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said.O’Neal said he leaves with some regrets, foremost among them not being able to reach 30,000 points. And while everyone knew what he would say Friday, he was anxious, something his mother gently chided him for afterward.“I was nervous, Momma,” O’Neal said. “I’m sorry.”Everyone laughed, as they did several times throughout the ceremony. He joked that the New York Knicks were calling, wanting him to interview for their general manager job. He cited his work in “award-winning movies, such as Kazaam.”He turned serious at times, thanking coaches like Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers, and proudly saying that his doctorate will be completed by January at Barry University in Miami Shores, Fla. He’ll then be called Dr. O’Neal.Good thing, because all his famous nicknames—Shaq-Fu, The Big Aristotle, Diesel and especially Superman—are now retired along with him, he said.Henceforth, he’ll call himself The Big AARP, which that organization couldn’t have been happier to hear.“If you’re like most of our members—half are still working, many more give back to their communities—you’re not done yet, either,” AARP CEO A. Barry Rand said in a statement. “There’s plenty left to do, enjoy, and figure out after ‘retirement,’ so let us know if you want help figuring out what’s next.”Shaq’s got a long time to figure that out. by Tim ReynoldsWINDERMERE, Fla. (AP)—Shaquille O’Neal changed from his gray T-shirt and sweat pants into a three-piece suit, then walked by some of the souvenirs he accrued during his NBA days for the final time as an active player.last_img read more

Red Bank Cops Start New Year With Fitness Goals

first_imgBy John BurtonRED BANK – “Our job goes from zero to 60 all the time,” said Red Bank Police Patrolman Jorge Torres about his work and the need for a police officer to stay in shape.Police Chief Darren McConnell has long agreed. Now he’s instituted a program to help make it a little easier for his officers to get a little gym time.The idea that first came to him back when the borough enacted its Mayor’s Wellness Campaign a few years ago to encourage municipal employees to pursue healthy lifestyles, involving regular exercise and good diets, and offering modest incentives as encouragements. Healthier employees take less sick time, are more productive and can help keep publicly paid health insurance costs in check, officials believe. And of course, there is the improvement in their quality of life.Running with that idea and with information he’s gotten from a certified public managers’ class, McConnell initiated his own take on encouraging officers to exercise more.The program started in November and so far 26 of the department’s 40 officers are participating. “It’s gotten a pretty good reception,” he said.The initiative allows department members to take as many as six hours a month – an hour either at the start of their tour or at the end – and they can spend that hour at a local gym, such as the Community YMCA or Work Out World, in the borough, and where it can be verified that the officer had gone and used the time; or they can use the running track at Count Basie Fields, and clock in some laps. “And they’re encouraged, obviously, to go while they’re off duty,” too, McConnell added. “The idea being to promote cardiac health and physical fitness among the officers.”To that end, officers must have a medical physical exam to make sure they are in good enough condition to begin with and plans call for a twice- a-year physical fitness test, involving sprints, a 1 1⁄2-mile run and push-ups and sit-ups, to monitor progress. The first test will be held in April.“It also has the effect of building camaraderie,” McConnell said. “It should be a fun thing, hopefully.”Red Bank Police Patrolman Garry Falco does some laps as part of an initiative his department has instituted to help get officers into shape. Photo courtesy of G. FalcoGarry Falco is a five-year veteran patrolman who works out as often as he can in what time he can spare. With a young family and work responsibilities, there is not a lot of time. “So getting to the gym on days off can be difficult,” he said.“Now that we have the opportunity to do it while at work it’s a benefit to everybody,” he said.“Considering the dynamics of the job and the potential situations you could be in, you could be in a foot pursuit or a fight at a bar closing,” said Falco.“The lifestyle doesn’t necessarily always lead itself to the healthiest places,” McConnell said, explaining officers can go for extended sedentary work periods, in a patrol vehicle or at a desk, with too often meal breaks of pizza or fast food and then “bursts of activity with no warning.” Police officers nationally have a very high rate of cardiovascular disease. According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which published a study in 2013, heart attacks are in the top two of the three leading causes of death for in-the-line-of-duty deaths and an officer is 25 times more likely to suffer death or disability from heart disease than from the violent action of a suspect.In years past the Red Bank department had seen two of its long-serving officers lose their lives from heart ailments.“Our heart has to be in great shape,” said Torres, who regularly works out on his off-duty hours. “And that running on the treadmill for 45 minutes or a half-hour really that the job is allowing us to do would help our cardiovascular health – and that’s what we really need in this job.”The Manalapan department has adopted a similar program and Howell is considering it, too, according to McConnell.“I think it’s a step in the right direction,” Falco said, hoping other departments follow suit.last_img read more

Solskjaer assumes that Pogba will continue at United

first_img“Good gamers can all the time play collectively,” he stated. Solskjaer in an interview with Sky Sports activities. “Bruno Fernandes had an awesome instant influence on the crew, the membership and the followers. It was a push for everybody. With the return of Paul Pogba and Rashford’s damage (injured on the again) the whole lot will be unbelievable “, added. The coach of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, advised this Saturday that Paul Pogba will continue on the English crew subsequent season. The Norwegian stated he has excessive hopes for the longer term partnership between the Frenchman, already recovered from his ankle damage, and Bruno Fernandes in his crew’s midfield. The Portuguese midfielder He arrived at Manchester United in late January from Sporting, an operation that is being investigated by FIFA following a declare by Sampdoria, however he nonetheless hasn’t been in a position to play a minute with Pogba, whose final assembly dates from December 26, 2019 in opposition to Newcastle (4-1).Ready for a resumption of the Premier League, Solskjaer has put all his religion in each gamers. The Portuguese has already scored three objectives and has given three assists in 9 video games and 667 minutes in all competitions, whereas the French, as a consequence of accidents, have solely performed eight video games and have but to see a purpose.last_img read more

‘Belief still alive’, says Sunshine Girls head coach Reynolds

first_imgJamaica’s Sunshine Girls were in a militant mood yesterday, as they rebounded from the disappointment of their Pool B defeat to England in the 2015 Netball World Cup in Australia to dispatch Scotland 71-24 in a one-sided affair. The result meant Jamaica (four points) finished second behind England (six points) in Pool B. The two nations advanced to the second round (Pool E), where Jamaica played against New Zealand earlier this morning, and are to face Uganda and Malawi, with the top two moving on to the semi-finals. Australia, South Africa, Wales and England will contest Pool F, which will decide the other two semi-finalists. Sunshine Girls head coach, Minneth Reynolds, told The Gleaner in a telephone interview that although the team was disappointed after their loss to England, the Girls remain resolute and are even more determined and focused on their goal. “The focus has remained the same although they lost to England. We were a bit disappointed at first, but they (Sunshine Girls) are still on a mission, so we bounced back against the Scottish,” she said. “They probably put more into the Scotland game because they wanted to prove to themselves that they are worthy contenders and that we can compete at our best at anytime,” she continued. A win over New Zealand this morning would put the Jamaicans in pole position to win their qualification group and set a likely semi-final date with England. That is if things go according to plan and Australia win Pool F. Prior to the match, Reynolds said they intended to win against New Zealand and top the group. “We are looking forward to New Zealand; we know it’s going to be a very tough game, but we are sticking to the task. Our attack will have to be penetrative, and we cannot stop at anything, we just have to be strong. “We want to win this game and all the games in the group. It’s important to win all your games, as winning your games only strengthens your confidence of getting to the final. So the objective is to win, and that is what is expected, and the Girls are looking forward to go out there, compete and win,” she continued. “The belief is still alive, the determination and the confidence is still there, and we are definitely going for gold, so we are going out to play our best, and we will be going very hard,” added Reynolds. In other matches yesterday, Wales beat Uganda 49-47, Fiji beat Zambia 59-51, South Africa beat Sri Lanka 89-17.last_img read more

UP climbs to top of UAAP football ladder

first_imgIt’s too early to present Duterte’s ‘legacy’ – Lacson Helterbrand attends Ginebra game for 1st time since retirement Nueva Ecija warehouse making fake cigarettes raided, 29 Chinese workers nabbed UK plans Brexit celebrations but warns businesses may suffer GALLERY: Barangay Ginebra back as PBA Governors’ Cup kings LATEST STORIES University of the Philippines ran rampant against 10-man University of Santo Tomas to win, 4-0, and  top the ladder of the UAAP Season 80 men’s football tournament Sunday Far Eastern University-Diliman.Fidel Tacardon netted in the 39th minute for the Fighting Maroons and JB Borlongan scored his seventh goal of the season off an assist from John Abraham to give the Fighting Maroons a 2-0 lead in the first half stoppage time.ADVERTISEMENT Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Jiro Manio arrested for stabbing man in Marikina Steam emission over Taal’s main crater ‘steady’ for past 24 hourscenter_img Karl Bugayong then upped UP’s lead to 3-0 after netting home Tacardon’s pass before Christian Lapas scored from the spot for the Fighting Maroons’ final goal.UP now has 20 points as it took advantage of defending champion Ateneo’s draw with De La Salle.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crownSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkThe Blue Booters settled for second place with 19 points while the Green Booters are in a fifth place tie with National University with 13 points.UST is at fourth with 14 points. Phivolcs records 2 ‘discrete weak ash explosions’ at Taal Volcano Sea turtle trapped in net freed in Legazpi City MOST READ Lawrence Colina finished with a hat trick in the Bulldogs’ 4-0 romp of winless Adamson University.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

Education CoI Chairman urges citizen participation

first_imgThe Commissioners of Inquiry into the state of the education system wants the public to know that the process is still on-going and the inputs of all are welcome.Chairman of the Education Commission of Inquiry, Ed Caesar“You still have many, many opportunities to ensure that your voice is heard. We are going into every community,” the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) Chairman Ed Caesar said during a presentation at the recently held National Toshaos Council (NTC) meeting.Caesar explained that the CoI commissioners have already been in contact with the Regional Executive Officers of the 10 Administrative Regions: “We have presented them with a programme of visits to the regions, and we have asked that they communicate with the several communities to ensure that the people’s voices are heard.”As the CoI goes into the regions and communities, the chairman urged: “Please ensure that your voices are heard. Let us hear from you. We cannot make decisions by guess. We need you to say that this is happening in my region, my community. These are the peculiarities, help us to resolve them, and help to solve them.”But even as the chairman advised that the residents come out in their numbers and raise all their concerns, he recommended that they not only seek to highlight the negatives.“Do not think only of bad things. There must be good things happening in your areas, that too must be brought to the attention of the Ministry of Education and the CoI, so that we would know what the good things that should be enhanced are. Good things must continue to happen and continue to happen in a better way,” Caesar said.The CoI head said the commission has thus far held 13 consultations, during which representations were made from Indigenous peoples.“Last week from Region Nine we had two representatives who came to speak in Wapishana and who impressed upon us the need to have certain languages, native to the Indigenous people, in the schools,” Caesar advised.The CoI is expected to establish a baseline analysis of the sector, as well as recommend broad strategic guidelines for its enhancement, including addressing issues of the low and declining examination scores, and the challenges of human resource development with regards to enrolment and curriculum delivery.last_img read more

Asbestos discovered at Christianburg Wismar Secondary School

first_img– officials call for urgent attentionThe rediscovery of asbestos at the Christianburg Wismar Secondary School (CWSS) in Linden Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) has led to urgent calls by regional officials and parents for immediate attention by the Education Ministry.Regional Chairman Renis Morian has indicated that officials recently received reports from parents while conducting checks on the school’s readiness for reopening, as the asbestos had been discovered in the ceiling of the school by contractors who were conducting repairs.“This is a great problem for us because school is reopening on Monday… I am calling on the Ministry of Education to move urgently. This is disaster risk mitigation right now and we need to move now to remove this asbestos before Monday… These are the findings of the parents in this community and it’s valid and this matter needs to be addressed,” Morian stressed. He added that there might be a few days delay for the school’s reopening when asbestos is removed sinceChristianburg Wismar Secondary Schoolthe school would have to be ventilated.He pointed out, however, that this should not be considered a form of strike action but a genuine cause for concern. The Regional Chairman further related that officials are aware that in 2001 to 2002, a contract was handed out for the removal of asbestos from inside the school; however, he noted that it appears as though some had been hidden given the way they were placed. “Now that a new contractor is doing works, those things are being discovered… Our interest is the health of our children and teachers…,” the Regional Chairman said, as he promised to make contact with several education officials. Meanwhile, Region 10 Education Committee Chairman Denise Belgrave confirmed that based on a visit to the school, there is indeed the presence of asbestos as she noted that it is important to look at the health of students and teachers. She also thanked parents for bringing the issue to the attention of officials.“We are trusting that the relevant authorities will give us that time so that we can rectify this issue and have school sessions continue on a regular basis,” Belgrave said. Officials are presently in the process of visiting schools across Linden to ensure that they’re ready for next week’s reopening.The removal of asbestos must be done with great care due to the toxic properties of this substance. Asbestos removal is a very dangerous and expensive undertaking. Locally, very few companies have the capacity for proper removal of this hazardous substance.last_img read more

Man dies after wife allegedly sets house alight

first_imgFifty-six-year-old Christopher Harry Bramble of Lot 39 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown perished in a fire that consumed the home he had shared with his reputed wife in the wee hours of Monday.What remains of the wooden structureHis remains were discovered in the ruins of his former dwelling after the flames had been extinguished. They are currently at the Lyken’s Funeral Home.Bramble’s reputed wife, Jewel Coats, who suffered burns to her hands and about her body, was evacuated from the burning one-flat wooden building by persons at the scene. She reportedly was covered in blood, and had told her rescuers that Bramble was not at home. However, it is now being alleged that she had set the home on fire.According to information received, smoke was seen emanating from the home in the wee hours of Monday, and alerted neighbours managed to evacuate Coates from the building even as they summoned the Guyana Fire Service (GFS).When <> visited the scene on Monday morning, relatives of the dead man were considering their next move as they grieved the loss of Bramble.His daughter Tameka Bramble recalled that she received a call at about 12:30h, informing that her father’s house was in flames and he did not survive.“I just get a call that my father die; so when I came around — cause I live just around there — I see the house in flames,” the woman stated.She noted that when they arrived, a neighbour broke the section of the wall to get the occupants out of the house. However, he managed to pull Coats out of the blaze, and was reportedly told by the injured woman that Bramble was not at home. The woman was covered in blood.“He break down the wall and get she out! But when he ask about Harry, she said he went to Queenstown! So everybody believe that they (the 2 occupants) were out the house. When she come out now, she whole body covered with blood and some small burns… When the fire done, then we see he body by the door like he trying to escape.”Neighbours and the man’s relatives believe that the 36-year-old Coates had stabbed Bramble, locked the doors and windows, and then proceeded to set the house on fire.Meanwhile, Toya (only name given), niece of the deceased, told this publication that Coats was a frequent imbiber, and this had caused problems between the couple.“Normally she does just drink; that’s the issue. They been living here for just over two years. I think she drink, cause that’s a norm, and every day is something. She chop he in he head, stab he, try to slit he by he throat with a razor blade…all kinda things,” Toya revealed.“This could’ve been avoided if they used to take actions against her when we would make reports! But they would just let her go every time,” the man’s daughter claimed.“She very, very abusive! You know how much time we talk to he? Nothing never really making any sense to he! He ain’t want part from she; and then, every time she go at the station, she making a false accusation against he. Is like the Police does just loose she like hours after, cause they does get fed up of she at the station. Then she free back on the road,” Bramble’s niece asserted.This publication understands that the couple’s two-year relationship had produced one child, but the late Bramble had five children from his previous marriage.Coats is nursing burn wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) under Police guard, while Bramble’s charred remains have been taken to the Lyken’s Funeral Home.An investigation has been launched.last_img read more

LBSU set to begin tourney journey

first_imgIf they do that, they’ll have a rooting interest in the CBS Television broadcast of the NCAA Tournament Selection Show on Sunday afternoon for the first time since 1995. The 22-7 49ers, who captured the regular-season title for the first time in 11 years, take on UC Irvine tonight. ANAHEIM – The team that was the consensus choice to win the Big West Conference regular-season men’s basketball championship did just that, and by three games to boot. And, starting tonight at 6:30, the Long Beach State 49ers hope to demonstrate to those who show up in the Anaheim Convention Center that they’re the conference’s best over two more games. If the 49ers prevail, they’ll take on the winner of tonight’s second semifinal Saturday evening with the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament the prize for the guys celebrating afterward. Nah. There’s not much at stake at all. “We will be playing with a sense of urgency because we have eight seniors and we know this is our last chance to play in the NCAA Tournament,” said one of those seniors, Big West Player of the Year Aaron Nixon. “And I want us to win it for Kevin (Houston) and Louis (Darby), who have been around the program for so long and have helped build it back to this point.” Darby is a fifth-year senior who came into the program with Head Coach Larry Reynolds and endured 5-22, 6-21 and 10-20 seasons before the 18-12 breakthrough of a year ago when the 49ers were conference tournament runners-up to Pacific. center_img And Nixon, who, along with the likes of teammates Kejuan Johnson and Houston, helped the 49ers knock off Cal State Fullerton and UC Irvine in Anaheim last March before the 78-70 loss to the Tigers kept them out of the NCAA Tournament, has a pretty good feel for the landscape of college basketball. And that, of course, is the perception that success is measured by what you do this time of the season. “That’s the nature of it – if we don’t win two games (this weekend),” he said, matter-of-factly, “that the league (regular-season) title was a `fluke’ and we couldn’t come through in the clutch.” The 49ers practiced Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday without knowing who their opponent would be tonight. So the focus could only be on themselves and not the potential opposition. And, according to Reynolds, that was anything but a bad thing. “Taking care of the basketball, defensive rebounding and limiting the (opponent’s) scoring opportunities were the technical things we focused on,” he said. As for the mental perspective, “we were trying to get the guys to focus on just one game and not come in here too relaxed just because we’re in the semifinals (via a bye for finishing first).” So, one more time: What’s at stake for Reynolds’ team? Two more wins and the 49ers are in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1995. Or, with a loss tonight or Saturday, they’re on their way to the National Invitation Tournament, which they would get automatically by way of their regular-season Big West title, for the first since 2000. Gee, which road do you think they look forward to traveling? 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img