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this month, Taobao launched the six anniversary of the Taobao, recalling the history of the development of the past 6 years. The so-called peep know the whole picture, at Taobao, we can see a microcosm of the development of electronic commerce China. where are you now?

1999, China’s first e-commerce site set up. So far, China’s e-commerce has gone through ten years, that is, an era. In the past ten years, there are too many things that I can’t imagine. was founded that year, constantly refresh the miracle, trading volume soared. Very influential attracted a large number of followers, a variety of B2C e-commerce sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain in general. However, once you want to borrow to reach the height of Mount Everest Wang Juntao, but ultimately failed to do so. Chinese e-commerce leader, ultimately did not survive the winter, see the spring. read more

The rapid development of domestic e-commerce now

, online shopping market prospects are broad, should also be good! Maybe just proved that: in twenty-first Century, or electronic commerce, or no business can.

electricity supplier in the trend, Taobao mall is also planning a series of moves for a large share of the market of electronic commerce. 10 years prior to November 1st, B2C platform Taobao mall announced independent domain name, also announced that will invest 200 million yuan in the next 3 months, Taobao mall brand promotion gift, so generous, the electricity supplier and have a few dare to contend with; and in November 11th this special day, creating a "double eleven myth". read more


] January 25th news billion state power network, the day before, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the investigation report, the enterprise network as of December 2015, online procurement accounted for 31.5%, accounted for 33.8% of online marketing enterprises.  

The investigation report of CNNIC network

, OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development) statistics show early, due to internal change is the main power to promote the informationization of the enterprise online procurement ratio of developed countries are higher than the online sales, B2B e-commerce development earlier and more mature. In the layout of the central economic work conference in 2015 on the go productivity, to inventory, leverage, reduce costs, make up the short board "five major tasks of economic work under the guidance of B2B e-commerce transactions will push the economic development process, China power restructuring gradually play an important role.   read more

a pair of black thick framed glasses, exploding head, simple shirt and jeans, 34 year old Chen Shijun (micro-blog) (Steve Chen) and looks 7 years ago when the YouTube rate of youth and not much change.

is different, he has left to his infinite halo YouTube, and old partner Chad · Hurley (Chad Hurley) together to re take the road of entrepreneurship, to create a new company AVOS, and the key new product delicious on the foreign Internet Co is always difficult to stand up to the Chinese.

Why did read more

"advertising effect" is the highest utilization rate of online advertising in 2004. The network media launched a new form of advertising in the advertising position, try to optimize the page, the network advertising agency to optimize media combination, improve the overall effect of advertising, advertisers are not only looking for advertising display, click rate, and the primary problem of locking in "my investment return rate is how much". 2004, China’s online advertising market in the pursuit of "advertising effect" in the voice of the rapid development of the industry. read more

every day there are a lot of friends to ask me how to make money through the network, but the problem is too big for me, different people, different abilities, different resources, the use of the network to make money naturally different. Here to share some experience, I hope to help some of my friends to take some detours, find their own use of the network to make money in the direction of.

the following ways to make money is very difficult to earn money:

1, the development of offline: this kind of website pattern similar to pyramid schemes, said on the website is after you become a member, according to their model, after a few months you will become a millionaire, and not what is the difference between these schemes, these are a waste of time. read more

on the network, we will find such a phenomenon, as a point of view, why people in different ways, but got so obvious differences? Some article hits is very high, some hit rate is so low.

I think everyone wants to know the truth, want to know why is the same in others is recommended to the home page or click on the high quantity, we can only be buried in the corner? As a network of people, I would like to according to their own research on the marketing of soft red Wangzhuan view:

first, published articles to self marketing read more

in popularity since the computer Wangzhuan become a pronoun that is as everyone knows, but the network on the network to make money, money really pay? Entry on the Internet every day people can not rely on the Internet to earn billions of dollars, the livelihood of the people at least millions, but really can not figure family on the Internet more than 100 thousand, it is difficult to find.

today Takeshi webmaster borrow the occasion of national day to talk about the way you are, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Adsense ads and so on in the end how to walk, I hope to help people in this industry. Now the first look into the Wangzhuan industry needs the condition of it, tomorrow to talk about money conditions. read more

former Taiwan stem to billionaire Tong Wenhong, known as Ali " most inspirational " partner. In 2000, Tong Wenhong entered the Ali first positions the company front, after successively served as group executive, customer service, human resources management sector, the Ali group senior vice president and chief operating officer of rookie. Ali after the listing of one of the 9 billionaires behind Ma partner. Once again proves that persistence and effort are more important than anything else. read more


Hello everyone!

from the beginning of January 18th, Skype price adjustment: 0.2 yuan / registered +0.25 yuan / active +8%CPS.

the purpose of this price adjustment is to increase the proportion of active users, so, while lowering the registration price, we also support the introduction of incentive policies, as follows:

1) in the weekly (NATURAL week), the cumulative data to register the amount of > =750 active / registration ratio > =25%, the user will be in accordance with 0.2 yuan / registered +0.3 yuan active +8%CPS into payment; read more

fly contact to make money online for more than a year, this year to know a lot of friends in the Wangzhuan or rely on the network for the livelihood of friends, specializing in the online shop to make money, is engaged in the operation of the site to make money, and make money by opportunistic, new people are generally from the beginning of the based on the point of advertising, do Wangzhuan, voting, do research, do the task and so on, in a word, as long as the money is where there are loopholes, almost have friends in, but with everyone in the chat, find a lot of friends to give up the money online, returned to the workshop or office. The reason is the network so that they even basic material life are difficult to solve, the network did not bring a success to their network, make them ideal to ashes, fade away…… The quest for survival and success in the Internet has slowly transformed into chronic suicide in their eyes, as if it were an outright hoax. read more

a few weeks ago one day ago, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang issued the day after the dinner invitation prompted by a sudden impulse to 45 of his old friends, and later to 40. He said that since December 2013, leaving the grand literature, he and the circle of people almost nothing.

Hou Xiaoqiang attended the dinner table sat two celebrities, including 70 year old Zhou Guoping, 60 year old Zheng Yuanjie, more than and 40 year old Liu Xiaoqing, Chen Tong, Liu Chun, Li Jing and Zhu Zheqin etc.. read more

the twelfth lunar month twenty-six night, the last home, via a temple. Last year new year’s Eve, a 10 people in the new year the first incense, staying-up late on new year’s Eve, people wishing to fire home delivery Business Flourishes Hot pot.

that time, just took the campus of the University of China to go back to his hometown to prepare takeaway hot pot. This venture is affixed to the O2O fashion label, everyone felt, "fuckedup".

a year after the Spring Festival to return home, I can’t wait to go home luggage, will be invited to telephone the stalls. East Sichuan town late at night, small wine and meat together, have a story. The story is "the year of the Chinese entrepreneur". read more