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now society, there are many people open the shop, the success of the shop to make money, but also loss of the shop failed, tell us a truth, shop management, procurement is very important, jewelry stores to buy? Following on from the small to introduce.

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clothing market fiery, we all want to open a clothing store, but the store is not very understanding of the shop process. Ready to invest in the clothing store will be friends of the clothing store shop process more concerned about it? So, today to introduce you to a simple clothing store shop process.

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with the improvement of life quality, people on the basic necessities of life reached a hitherto unknown degree, especially clothing, to become the industry’s most fiery nowadays. For investors, to join the women’s brand is a good choice. But, do you know the specific process of the preparatory work? Here is a small series for everyone to say.

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shop for entrepreneurs in China is not a new way of doing business. But there are several stores business is getting better and better? For the first time entrepreneurs are concerned, it is more difficult, then the perfect look at how the foreign people shop.


38 year old Brian · Henry has held senior positions in the Coca Cola Co and Andersen Consulting Company, 4 years before the end of his 12 – year career from the Atlanta office, and his family moved to South Carolina resort island of Indianapolis, operating a decades old sea view hotel. Today, more and more business elites like Henry choose to pursue a slower pace of life different from the city, or to pursue a career of second in exchange for work fun and satisfaction. Although it is not easy to open a small hotel, or even physical activity, but there is a good living environment for compensation. read more

at the end of the budget is an important link, can be said to play a connecting role. The boss is most worried about the next year’s goal should be what? How much growth is appropriate? How to make a budget is reasonable?

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Shaanxi is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, pregnant with many outstanding talent. In the entrepreneurial age, more entrepreneurial dream of youth here to look for the future. To help young people start a successful business, the Shaanxi provincial Party committee has launched a number of entrepreneurial training, business loans and other support measures, and achieved good results.

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snacks and traditional diet is different, it has its own unique advantages, selling snacks in general production is relatively simple, cheap, low starting point, fully reflect local characteristics and folk customs. The successful operation of Taiwan snack has important practical significance for the study of the development of food culture in Taiwan area and the promotion of cross-strait food culture exchange.

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shop business is indeed to seize the wealth, but go well, will be a bumpy road, even in despair. So the shop business have steadily, step by step, the first step is to go to the site. Choose a good address in order to better open their own business, bags by the moment a lot of attention of consumers, if you want to open a bag shop, then how to choose a better site? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. to open up channels for shops. How to choose the location? There are many entrepreneurs like through newspaper advertising, housing agency, real estate trade fair, the Internet and other shops to understand information. In fact, the market has a shop " 2:8 rule ", that is, the public rental information shops accounted for only 20% of the total, while the private transfer of covert transactions accounted for only about $80%. So, looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged. read more

[material] 1, the network economy is the basis of other new productivity, the Internet is the most advanced production tools (author: Yang Bingzhi)

according to a recent research shows that enterprises in the use of Internet business solutions, the average revenue growth of up to 10%, the U.S. companies therefore has accumulated savings of up to $about 150000000000, equivalent to every wages could raise $3500; estimates from 2001 to 2011, the Internet business solutions is expected to drive the United States 40% more productive. read more

, sitting in the first row of tip:

when we do not consider the budget situation, the case of strong expansion, or the majority of enterprises in the first place there is no harm. But when we consider the return on investment, when the first price will rise with the level of competition, when the keyword bid has exceeded its value, then there is a sense of

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1 custom behavior

our advertisement ranked in the first place: a lot of total there are so many people, they do not have any reason to click on the first advertisement, just out of habit or they think the first one is the most relevant. To exclude the creative factors, advertising ranked first than the second position to win more than 40% of the net click is the behavior of most people. read more

the past few months, a book called "secret garden" coloring book became popular in the world, not only the long-term occupation of the Amazon best-selling list first, like "the guardian", "New York Times", "USA Today" and other world-class newspaper are also designed for the "secret garden" said, now in this unit the popular tide is sweeping across asia. Everyone to share his coloring results, in the social network of the major media have followed suit, taking a lot of stock selling electricity supplier micro bookstore…… You may wonder whether this coloring book what kind of magic can make such a big wave? If we can study "popular secret garden", whether to make their products as "secret garden" as popular sellers read more

handle net CEO beam Chuang

Sina Technology Liu Anni

if you use a few words to summarize the Internet in 2012, "buy" must be one of them.

According to the

research institution of third party electronic commerce Analysys International Statistics, throughout the first half of 2011, the company engaged in the group purchase industry from 2010 at the end of 2612, to 5300, with an average of almost 10 a day of the speed of rapid growth.

however, along with the international economic environment gradually deteriorated, capital began to become cautious, which rely on "burn" live, group purchase website profit model single, is undoubtedly a fatal blow. Under the capital wind blow, quick death many fast-growing group purchase website, but the first half of the year survival. From the second half of the year to date, has announced the collapse of the group buying site reached more than 1 thousand and 800, accounting for about the most brilliant period of the group buying site of 40%. read more

You are very clear about your site’s profit model, but your site has not helped you make money, then it is likely that the positioning is not good? Positioning on the site, there are often some friends committed such a mistake: the blind pursuit of large and full positioning

is half a year later, in the first half of this year, this friend of mine is still full of passion to do with this site, and after some promotion of our strategy, this site traffic has reached tens of thousands of daily IP traffic, but the site still does not earn money. read more

April 8th, on Friday, the limelight is full of cross-border electricity supplier platform ushered in a turning point. Was among the first tier cross-border electronic business platform, honey Amoy online, the past to attract consumers berserk "black Friday" disappeared, the entire site in a semi paralyzed state.

at the same time, in order to deal with cross-border electricity supplier import tax regime landing, the global purchase of cloud monkeys, Huarun E, NetEase koala and other platforms, without exception, the introduction of package tax promotions, hot pull powder. read more

network reds, very popular appeal. So far, the number of micro-blog fans of Wang Sicong 5 million 645 thousand, such as a large network of V real. More importantly, each of his special remarks will attract a lot of attention, forwarding, comments easily over. There are some agencies have even done data research, the result is found that Wang Sicong’s influence is micro-blog micro-blog dozens of times.

Wang Jianlin, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, four in the list after the three went to a block, in order to fight against the first name list. Yesterday, Wanda joint Baidu, Tencent announced the establishment of a joint venture Wanda electricity supplier, as for the dry details, I believe we are aware of a small explosion. read more

with the diversified development of the Internet, in addition to work, entertainment, information acquisition of these traditional demands, to provide financial has become the highest voice of the user of the new appeal. Therefore, in recent years, the Internet financial hot Witkey and C2C provide users with a way to make money online products mix should be born.

recently, I also found a "Chi in bid" ( class business platform’s users sought on the Internet, his form is similar to C2C, is the use of a buying and selling form, but in fact there are two fundamentally different nature. read more

was in Liu Erchuang: the last Liu Erchuang magic snakes can earn 500 yuan. This article has mentioned the next lesson Liu Erchuang said: SF release station why violence of this article, but yesterday did not say there are several reasons, one is the time, two is the thinking of the finishing three is it possible to write this article I this station will be D, no contact this thing for a long time, clear thinking, so today was not write, really feel shy.

OK, not directly to the point, ink, play SEO friends should always see a lot of SF station to buy black chain or a chain, and say the price is very high, so we all know it, don’t say to theory, case: first we open the, will see the master above several SF station links. You should know that is what station? Why others or to buy read more

a good product information, can stimulate the desire to buy customers, successfully achieved sales. Many online shop in editing their own product information, only focus on product features and performance introduction, product description mediocre, unable to move the hearts of customers in a timely manner, the natural product sales can not reach a good level. How does a retail store achieve product sales? When a customer enters a store, the clerk will take the initiative to receive the customer, give the customer a good impression, and talk with the customer, understand the customer situation and needs. Then recommend the product, and finally through some appropriate way to allow customers to buy products. The whole process includes four steps of sales: chat, product introduction, promotion and sales. The four step is the retail sales after thoroughly tempered to shop experience, product information editing, can be improved according to the sales of the four steps of ideas, the product information to the best editing. read more

I am a novice webmaster, because the new station (, Baidu, GG advertising temporary application is not down, I was in for the advertisement of the mom, after a period of time, the feeling is Ali mother is in a vegetable market stage, the amount of brush station, garbage advertising to meet the eye everywhere. I’m not saying that Ali’s mother is not good, I actually support the Ali Mama, just because mom is one of the bright younger generation, not with Baidu, GG such a large company than a company is not a process of development, but Ali mother now or in the initial stage. I am here today is also some advice to the owners, so that they know more about the mother of Ali, Ali mother in how to sell advertising, how to buy advertising is better. I’ll talk about my experience. read more

stayed in A5 for a long time and read a lot of articles about XDJM. They also have a deep feeling! Now do Wangzhuan people very much, who is also a lot of money. The key is the details of how to do, in fact, there are many ways to do Wangzhuan below I list some, these are several ways netizens common:

SNS make money

how to make money – to your friends, groups of friends to share the perception of the product, perhaps they need Oh, but also can earn a steady stream of Money!

Where is

promotion — the happy net,, happy net, watercress, 51, baidu…… read more