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critical moment

Microsoft in 1995 to enter the Chinese market, such as Kingsoft office software manufacturers such a huge impact. At the same time, due to China’s piracy market is not standardized, Jinshan WPS soon in the former Microsoft, after the piracy situation difficult.

critical choice

WPS decided to innovate in succession, in the development of survival. And the arrival of the mobile Internet when the whole body to invest in the development of the new world, the corner overtaking. read more

today to write this article should stand on the project manager or head of SEM height to "play" bidding, but also includes some senior members of the bidding thinking, I believe that more people don’t just want their bidding only stay in the operation of the account level, but to the SEM main pipe more to struggle, even to the project manager to struggle, then please look at your seats, at what stage now, also need to work hard in order to reach the next target".

will only be a simple account operation – read more

is now the site owners too much. What fits, web site, download sites, portals, picture stand, novel stations and so on, many of them are not new, mostly copy and paste the vast. In fact, the site such as the human personality, to be novel, I have no people, people the characteristics of my excellent website, like a person’s personality, to burst out, need to have the original owners see. How can the self, just like super girl " " ", Leica fast; good man,

not only have personal strength, but more important is the pursuit of. read more

A5 ( station network July 1st news yesterday, Baidu Nuomi officially released the "member +" O2O ecological strategy, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li announced that it will invest an additional 20 billion yuan to the rice business in 3 years, the release signal to subvert the industry pattern.

Robin Li said that the mobile era, Baidu is through technology products and ecological layout to achieve the index of the real world, connecting people and services. Baidu Nuomi as an important platform to connect local life services, Baidu hopes to further expand the glutinous rice users, improve the ecological construction of businesses. read more

      viewpoint excerpt:

      in the two quarter of the income scale, ranking is probably the first Tencent, NetEase, grand second, third, Sina fourth, Baidu fifth, sixth Sohu, Ctrip seventh, nine eighth, Tom ninth, qianchengwuyou tenth.

      if Tencent’s turnover to Lenovo is not surprising enough, if you consider the profit, its net profit is 38%. You may wish to take Lenovo earnings look, tens of billions of turnover, profit is not necessarily more than Tencent. read more

how to make your site more people know, has been placed in front of a very practical problem. Many webmaster in various ways, get more traffic, with net marketing however, when everyone used the means of website promotion, a problem can not be ignored before, is of the same promotion process, is likely to be the customer when the garbage or spectators psychological area, even the maiduhuanzhu embarrassing situation.

today I’m interested in the said to his wife: "wife, I tell you a joke!" is to see through the novel wife down novels. "I joke is on the cross, said there is a plain woman, fantasy travel to ancient times, one day, finally Xinxiangshicheng, myself through to the ancient, holding a mirror to see yourself beautiful! When is the indulge in self-admiration from the two floor, down a face of evil man straight, and beauty……" read more

writing a copy will be applied to a variety of rhetorical skills, but many copies of the commonly used but they do not say. Or they inadvertently used, they do not know how to go. After all, there is a sense of the latter interpretation of the text, so it is usually after the completion of the analysis will be found in the study: "ah, this is the original rhetoric ah. "

this time to share with you: how to play the coquettish hyperbole rhetoric.

said the first is why


is actually very simple, he should be copywriter in second is often used as a rhetorical method. The first is metaphor. read more

renamed China ( February 3rd hearing, after the sea Amoy launched the SF in SF then, Yunda express also launched a cross-border electricity supplier "own advantages handed love online shopping mall, began to get involved in the import business, web enabled domain name

figure: gifted love

you love to use the domain name is a recursive combination of domain name, U is "excellent" homophonic, DA for the "pass love" two words of the first letter of the alphabet, plus the "mall" English mall composed of three words. The use of such a domain name may be due to the impact of Tmall mall, but the domain name from the face look, mall seems redundant. read more

to be honest, feelings is probably the most mysterious thing in all industries. In order to break out in the fierce market environment, in order to occupy more information in the minds of consumers, many enterprises had only good performance of TV brand in order to attract consumers, active or passive playing emotional card. At present, more and more TV companies will focus on marketing "feelings".

feelings boom, hold

efforts is essential!

millet under the banner of "first youth television" banner, playing a good hand feeling; Hisense was "C" mood elements, target specific consumer groups; SKYWORTH rolled out across the board on all fronts, tracking the feelings…… This trend continues, the mood has become the sole criterion for judging the product, the consequences of worrying. Niche and against the tide itself is not wrong, but the feelings as the product foundation, it have the order reversed. Imagine, an old boy who just learned to play basketball for a few days, ran to you to tell you that he felt stronger than Jordan…… read more

the morning of October 17th, before the WeChat circle of friends wantonly spread "Tencent wholly owned acquisition of Jingdong" message is to lie, the truth is the Tencent and the Jingdong will be at the strategic level to promote the "Internet plus" strategic landing, both sides will come to launch innovative business mode platform "goods taking strongest resources".

shortly before WeChat began to write off part of the illegal account, and then it seems that WeChat marketing has entered a new turning point. It is understood that the majority of grassroots large began to turn the industry number and place. At the same time, there are some investors began looking for some kind of WeChat venture capital investment. As the general public to increase the number of fans fatigue, it is difficult to put the fan base bigger. So, by contrast, do the number of industry and local value is very high, the profit will be greater opportunities. read more

site users after the completion of the Google HTML code, you will not necessarily be able to see the show at your station advertising content. In my experience, if you have already applied and joined the Google AdSense advertising program, and successfully AdSense HTML ad code into your station ", then, after adding Google HTML code and uploaded to the WEB server, there will be one of the following conditions:

a, immediately display Google AdSense ad;

b, a few minutes later, the show Google AdSense ad read more

Now most of the friends of

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Wangzhuan: Gu’s name is on the Internet to make money, and now the rapid development of the Internet, this treasure but a lot of people in competition with each other. Of course, the Internet is happy for some people, for some people is sad. Because he gave some wealth, but also brought some people a better life, so how to use, how to treat the person is.

remember artikujt just contact Wangzhuan is in 08 years, it is not afraid to laugh, from 08 -09 years two years so there is no reason to make money, which will be described below; in 2010 this year, finally back home, while working thinking can not please eat a bowl of rice on the Internet. The work is simple work (primary school teacher; so hehe) have some time to study how to make money online online, money online, really difficult? The Internet to find information, read before their sad Wangzhuan experience of data collection, summary, method, and ultimately determine a way, optimize the site with SEO however, the content of the website is the website promotion products, with product, so there should be some utility. The facts are correct, although earn very little, but it has earned a pot of gold from the internet. Here is a screenshot of the income of these few months, very few webmaster friends to encourage a lot of it, so there is power. read more