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first_img Twitter According to Entertainment Weekly, Harris is thought to be the stunt double for Beetz. A woman donning the costume for the mutant Domino was spotted on a black Ducati motorcycle in the area for a sequence days earlier.Harris, known as the first African-American female road racer, died Monday morning on the set of the superhero sequel. It was her first job as a stuntwoman.Witnesses told the Vancouver Sun that Harris lost control of her bike during a stunt, jumped a curb and crashed through a plate-glass window at Shaw Tower. Police said she died at the scene. Deadline reported that she was not wearing a helmet during the scene because her character does not wear a helmet in the film.On Wednesday, Ryan Reynolds led the Deadpool 2 crew in a moment of silence on set before they resumed filming. The actor, 40, stood at the center of the crew members, who huddled up around him and bowed their heads after he said a few words.“Today, we tragically lost a member of our crew while filming Deadpool,” Reynolds tweeted after the accident. “We’re heartbroken, shocked and devastated… but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them — along with each and every person she touched in this world.”SPLASH NEWSHarris’s first passion was encouraging women to join the sport of road racing, and her manager and friend Porsche Taylor told PEOPLE, “She should be recognized and known as more than just the stunt driver who passed away.”She added, “SJ is a remarkable person, and I want her legacy of being an inspiration to women who ride to continue for many more years to come.”BY KAREN MIZOGUCHI Login/Register With: Advertisement Facebook Deadpool 2 actress Zazie Beetz is remembering Joi “SJ” Harris, the stuntwoman who died while performing a motorcycle stunt for the sequel in Vancouver, Canada.“On Monday we tragically lost one of our own — Joi SJ Harris. My heart has been breaking the past two days and I have been searching what to say or do,” Beetz, who was cast as Domino, wrote in a statement shared on Instagram.“I know that what I feel is nothing compared to what her loved ones, friends + family, are feeling. My heart and my love goes out to her and them all. The cast and crew send peace, healing, and their deepest condolences,” she concluded her message. Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgShe told APTN she received more texts later to a phone number visible on her Facebook Messenger account she believed came from Dumas.An anonymous source confirmed to APTN the texts came from a phone number used by Dumas.She said the texts made her feel “uncomfortable” because it appeared Dumas wanted to meet privately – and she “doesn’t even want to think about what for.”Her boyfriend, Matthew Shorting, posted the unsolicited exchange on Facebook this week.“This is your Grand Cheif. Messaging my girlfriend after hours, asking to hang out. Right after the National Inquiry Into MMIW,” Shorting wrote.“He’s double her age. Is this not luring to exploit our young indigenous woman? You tell me?”APTN found two Charles Forbes’ accounts on Facebook without a profile picture, locked down in privacy mode so as not to reveal their friends or activities.Dumas is in his mid-40s and in the third year of his term as grand chief.He said in the statement to APTN Wednesday the posts to Maytwayashing were not from him.“I want to condemn whoever has created this false account,” he said.“By attacking my credibility as the Grand Chief and reaching out to this young lady in this manner, they have caused unwarranted stress for her, her family and her partner. It is a cowardly attempt to discredit my reputation. This account was not my account nor was it created by me; neither were these comments from me.”Dumas declined to be interviewed in person or over the phone.He noted the posting and sharing of the messages “is defamatory” and vowed to “get to the bottom of who is behind this,” adding he has sought legal advice.Meanwhile, the AMC and Dumas have been vocal about the growing number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada.He invoked the #MeToo movement and disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein when he welcomed the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls to Winnipeg on Oct. 16, 2017.“It’s alleged that he has spent his whole career sexually harassing and assaulting young women,” Dumas said of the movie director.“It has dominated the weekend’s news cycles. And, on Twitter, men have started to hashtag ‘#ibelieveyou’.(Arlen Dumas appearing before the House of Commons’ Indigenous Affairs committee in May 2019)“Well, I believe you,” he added in his speech.“I believe the stories that are going to be shared here this week from the families and survivors,” Dumas continued, “and it is my hope that together we can change what it happening in Canada to our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties, grandmothers, nieces, cousins and friends.“It’s up to all of us to stand together and protect our women and girls, so we won’t have another inquiry like this one,” he said.The inquiry, which was established by the Trudeau government, wrapped up June 3 after spending nearly three years and $100 million investigating the root cause of violence against Indigenous women and girls.It concluded colonization – perpetuated by Canada’s social and justice systems – is a genocide on female members of the Indigenous race.The inquiry’s commissioners said they could not tally an official number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, which stands at a minimum of 1,200.Maytwayashing called on AMC to investigate the grand chief’s behaviour.“I was hesitant to come forward,” she said, noting some people have already accused her of lying on Shorting’s Facebook post.“If we don’t come forward, we’re enabling them,” she added in an interview, “and they’ll continue doing what they’re doing.”It’s similar to what a Toronto-area doula said happened to her.Shannon Jennifer said Dumas contacted her through Facebook in 2016.According to divorce files, Dumas was staying part-time in Toronto at that time and was chief of Mathias Colomb First Nation in northern Manitoba.“I’d never met him,” she said. “He asked me if I wanted to go see a movie. I never replied. I was married.”Jennifer said for about a year she would get random occasional messages from Arlen Dumas’ Facebook account on Messenger. Things like  “beautiful pics” or simply “have a good day.”“He repeatedly messaged me without reply from me, that was the creepy part,” said Jennifer, who was 37 at the time and wasn’t offended by anything he said, just that a man unknown to her was persistent in reaching out to her despite her not replying.“I kept deleting the messages because I wasn’t interested,” she said. “My now-ex saw the messages and it caused quite a problem at the time.”The messages stopped, she said, when he became AMC grand chief in 2017 and deleted his personal Facebook account. This photo of Bethany Maytwayashing (left) at the Feast with Arlen Dumas was circled and posted on Facebook. (Facebook photo)Kathleen MartensAPTN NewsAn Indigenous leader who praised the #MeToo movement for exposing sexual predators has been accused of sending unwanted messages to a young Indigenous woman.The allegations surfaced on Facebook against Arlen Dumas, grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), a lobby group representing all 63 First Nations in the province.Dumas denied the allegation.“These posts are not mine and appear to have originated from a fake Facebook account,” he said in a statement emailed to APTN News.“Posts of a screenshot appearing to show some texts from my cellphone are also not mine, but a spoof text.”However, Bethany Maytwayashing said she believed it was Dumas who was texting her.The 22-year-old said she first met Dumas at the downtown Winnipeg restaurant Feast in February 2018, where she worked as a waitress.She said they posed for a photo.She said he connected with her on Facebook afterwards using his personal account and they chatted about her job.Then last week, she said she received a message from someone called Charles Forbes asking playful questions.“Hello my friend. I’m trying this thing out, how are you?” said the first message, which she ignored.The next day, another message said: “Bethany.”(Bethany Maytwayashing in an interview with APTN News July 9. Photo: Holly Moore/APTN)It was hours later when Maytwayashing, the mother of a 12-month-old boy, responded, “Who’s this?” and “Idk (slang for ‘I don’t know’) who you are.”Forbes then provided clues to his identity.“You totally do…Sometimes I have feathers in my hair…I might have been on the news once or twice.”Maytwayashing guessed two names, including that of her boyfriend, Matthew Shorting.Then Forbes reminded her about the meeting at the restaurant.“OK, when we first met at Feast you were a student. And we took a selfie,” he wrote. “So you still don’t know?”“Arlen?” she answers.“Yes,” the poster responds, adding, “Man you are good haha.”“Forbes” the sender asks for her number promising to follow up with a text.Later, on July 4, he messaged again, asking, “When can we meet up?”Maytwayashing said she didn’t reply. Marilyn Courchene, a former band councillor on Sagkeeng First Nation, said Dumas should resign.“Geez yet here we are struggling for Justice on the #MMIW,” she said on her Facebook page.“Shame on the Grand Chief. He needs to step down from public office of AMC. ASAP !!”Courchene said the AMC Women’s Council should meet to discuss the allegation.Francine Meeches, chief of Swan Lake First Nation who chairs the council, agreed.“This drama thats been put out there puts people such as leadership in tough situations,” she said in a message to APTN.“I can’t make an opinion about it because we have to have facts. Not going on hear say.“Im not making excuses for anyone,” Meeches added. “Until i have an opportunity to meet with our female leadership then i will have to put forth our statement if need be. However i need to discuss this with them first n foremost.”Meeches said the Women’s Council planned to meet Wednesday afternoon.READ MORE: #Metoo movement in Indian country is out there – but it’s under coverActor Duane Howard admits to sex with teenager – she says it was violence, he says there was files from Dennis Ward, Beverly Andrews, Holly Moore and Melissa Ridgenlast_img read more

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has again decided not to label China or any other country as a currency manipulator. But in a report to Congress, the administration is keeping China on a list of countries whose trade surpluses with the United States and other indicators are closely tracked.The administration says that no country meets the criteria to be labeled as a currency manipulator seeking to gain unfair trade advantages over the United States. But the report says that nine nations — China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam — are on the monitoring list.Two nations — India and Switzerland — that had been on the previous watch list issued in October were removed.Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press read more

OTTAWA — Maintaining sanctions on Iran will only hurt Canadian companies such as Montreal-based airplane manufacturer Bombardier, says Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion.Dion said Tuesday that Canada will lift a series of sanctions on Iran, while leaving some others in place, following that country’s historic nuclear deal with six major western powers earlier this month.That’s the same approach followed by Canada’s allies, including the United States and the European Union.Iran is anxious to do business with the West, as its president tours Europe signing deals and looking for new ones. That includes buying aircraft; Iran says it has reached a deal to buy jets from the French consortium Airbus.Diane Francis: Ukraine has made gains, but the fight isn’t over yetWhat investors need to know about entering Iran’s stock marketIran to pump 500,000 barrels more a day into the global glut as oil sinks below $28“If Airbus is able to do it, why Bombardier would not be able to do it?” Dion said. “In which way (is it) helping Canada, or the Iranian people, or Israel, or anyone that Canada is hurting its own industry?”The opposition Conservatives continue to push the Liberals to maintain a hardline policy towards Iran, including sanctions and keeping its embassy shuttered in Tehran.“The intention of the federal Liberal government to lift sanctions against Iran is 180 degrees in the wrong direction,” said Conservative foreign affairs critic Tony Clement.He said Canadian companies “can find plenty of other places in the world to do business where the country is not a state sponsor of terrorism.”The former Conservative government severed diplomatic relations with Iran in 2012 and expelled Iranian diplomats from Canada.Dion said Canada would be isolated from allies if it maintained sanctions against Iran. He said it’s time for Canada to talk to countries that it doesn’t necessarily agree with.“When you have a disagreement with a regime … you work hard to be sure that you will see improvement,” said Dion. “It’s what our allies did in negotiating with Iran an agreement that is good for the world.”Dion has also said the time has come to open diplomatic dialogue with Russia, prompting more criticism from Tory MPs, whose former government shunned Russia because of its actions in Ukraine.The Liberal foreign policy moves amount to a reversal of previous Conservative actions. On Russia, former prime minister Stephen Harper conspicuously avoided talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin, unlike many of his fellow western leaders.Harper snubbed Putin at the 2014 G20 summit in Australia until a chance encounter forced him to briefly shake the Russian president’s hand while telling him, to his face, to “get out of Ukraine.”Dion said Canada can engage with Russia “in a cautious way” and “when we have common interest” such as in the Arctic, while still being supportive to Ukraine, a part of which Russian-backed forces have unilaterally annexed.“We have a lot of disagreements with the government of Russia, but it’s certainly not the way to stop to speak with them when the Americans speak with them and all the Europeans, the Japanese — everybody except Canada.”Clement said that policy amounts to Canada “turning its back on the people of Ukraine” and “playing footsie with Putin.”Clement said that when the Conservatives were in power, they had a “reality-based” foreign policy towards Russia’s aggression in Eastern Europe. read more

CHURCHILL, Man. — The company that owns a broken rail line to Churchill in northern Manitoba says talks to sell the line and restore it are back on.Hudson Bay Railway says negotiations with a consortium of northern communities resumed on Monday — almost one week after talks broke down.The company, owned by Denver-based Omnitrax, has been trying to unload the rail line, which was severely damaged by flooding more than a year ago.Company pulls out of running to take over damaged northern Manitoba rail lineFairfax Financial Holdings interested in takeover of broken Churchill rail lineGreyhound Canada to end service in Prairies, B.C., eliminating 415 jobs — and leaving small towns in the lurchSince then, goods and people have had to be flown in to the subarctic town on the coast of Hudson Bay at much higher cost.A tentative deal to sell the railway was announced in May, although details such as how much government money could be involved have been kept secret.Hudson Bay Railway has said the line has been losing money for years, and the necessary repairs would cost tens of millions of dollars.“We are pleased to announce that our negotiations with the consortium resumed on Monday, and we are once again in active discussions to finalize the sale of the (line),” company president Sergio Sabatini said in a written statement Tuesday.“We believe that an expeditious transfer of ownership of the line is best for all concerned, and we are making every effort to advance sale discussions.”The company was recently ordered by federal regulators to start repairing the line. It says it plans to appeal that ruling, but has also taken initial steps toward doing the repairs.Six interested contractors are to survey the line by helicopter later this week to help prepare bids, Hudson Bay Railway said in a written statement.“Although the repair process has been initiated … the (company), as previously stated, is not in a position to fund completion of the repairs in the absence of a sale agreement or government funding.” read more

by Christopher S. Rugaber, The Associated Press Posted Aug 28, 2015 9:08 am MDT Last Updated Aug 28, 2015 at 10:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Survey: Plunging stock prices lower US consumer sentiment, though impact may be temporary WASHINGTON – Plummeting stock prices have taken a toll on U.S. consumer confidence, though there are signs the setback may be temporary.The University of Michigan says its consumer sentiment index fell to 91.9 this month from 93.1 in July. The index is still up 11.4 per cent from a year ago.The figures provide an early read of the impact on consumers from the 1,900 point drop in the Dow Jones industrial average over six days through Tuesday. Stock prices have since recovered some of those losses.The University of Michigan surveys consumers throughout the month and so some of the responses were tallied as stock prices plunged. The University said it extended its interviews until Aug. 23.Many economists were reassured by the limited drop in the index.“The relatively small adjustment augers well for how consumers are taking the news,” Tim Quinlan, an economist at Wells Fargo, said.The survey also found that Americans remain confident about the U.S. economy and their personal finances.Richard Curtin, director of the survey, said the decline in confidence occurred late in the month, as global financial markets fell sharply. The volatility was driven by mounting evidence that China’s economy, the world’s second largest, is faltering, and by growing uncertainty about the Federal Reserve’s next move on interest rates.William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said earlier this week that he would watch the University of Michigan’s index closely to get a sense of how Americans were reacting.The drop is in contrast to the Conference Board’s consumer confidence index, which was released earlier this week and found that confidence rose to its highest level in seven months in August. But that survey was completed before the stock market’s gyrations.About 61 per cent of U.S. households own stocks, Curtin said, so plunging stock prices can broadly affect the consumer outlook. Most Americans own equities in their retirement accounts, so the impact of lower stock prices on actual spending is limited. And the dollar value of stock holdings is highly concentrated: the wealthiest 10 per cent of Americans own 80 per cent of shares.As a result, consumer sentiment may bounce back, assuming the stock market stabilizes or recovers. Americans remain optimistic about their own financial health: 45 per cent said their financial situation has improved, just below a recent peak of 47 per cent in April. And half expect their incomes to increase in the year ahead.In contrast to the stock market’s violent fluctuations, recent economic data has largely been positive. The economy expanded at a 3.7 per cent annual rate in the April-June quarter, the government said Thursday, a much healthier pace than its previous estimate of just 2.3 per cent. Stronger consumer and business spending boosted output. read more

first_img Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Door smashed at front of Maracana media centre. Plant pot also thrown— Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney) June 18, 2014 Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet A few people seem to have got hurt, more seriously, including a middle-aged fan coming to the stairs beside us.— Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney) June 18, 2014 And the moment the wall collapsed: Source: Miguel Delaney/Twittercenter_img Source: Miguel Delaney/Twitter It appeared to calm down quite quickly and those responsible were led away by security., there are reports of a number of injuries. UP TO 40 Chile fans broke into the media centre at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro this evening, destroying a temporary wall in an attempt to get into their game with Spain, according to widespread reports from the stadium.As can be seen from this clip, security staff were overwhelmed by the fans: 45 minutes before kickoff, journalists on the scene began tweeting that a group of Chile fans had broken through the entrance. More to follow…LIVE: Spain v Chile, World Cup Group BHolland survive scare from Socceroos and put one foot in knock-out stagelast_img read more

first_imgThe rise in popularity of LCD HDTVs has had many effects on the TV industry, but did you know it also affected computers? As LCD manufacturers were producing more and more 16:9 ratio LCD panels, it became less cost effective for them to make the 4:3 and 16:10 panels we were used to in our laptops. With laptops being a cut-throat, low-margin industry, PC manufacturers could only hold out so long against cost increases from the LCD manufacturers due to constantly declining 4:3 and 16:10 LCD production levels.While laptop shoppers got less choice in their displays, home theater shoppers of course got lower prices. LCD TVs are at their most affordable levels ever and also help drive down the prices of other HDTVs types, like plasma and DLP. The deal on this LG LCD HDTV is particularly sweet, offering a well featured 42-inch set for just $649.The 42LV3700 is a 2011 model, so you don’t have to worry about getting last year’s model> It comes loaded with all the standard features you expect like 1080p resolution, LED backlighting, and 120Hz refresh rate. Less common on most TVs in this price range, the LG features web apps and includes a WiFi adapter for easy network access. The built-in web apps include Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, Twitter, Facebook, and many others.On the hardware side, the LCD panel sports a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a pair of speakers are built into the TV. Connectivity is well covered with two AV, two component, three HDMI, two  USB, and PC RGB all built-in.Visit LogicBuy for the LG 42LV3700 42-Inch 1080p LED HDTV deallast_img read more

first_imgI thought during the crash that the unemployment rate would go up to 20-5%. But it never went higher than 11% – I think it’s because Iceland were doing the right thing.“Think outside the box, and look at how is the real economy working.”So are there any plans for a jubilee, or to establish a Debtors Ombudsman here? are still waiting for a response from the Department of Finance.Read: Iceland to write €24,000 off every household mortgageRead: Icelandic PM vows to ignore IMF’s advice 46 Comments Mar 19th 2017, 10:00 PM Sunday 19 Mar 2017, 10:00 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL ‘The correction’: Should the government forgive some of Ireland’s mortgage debt? Iceland forgave a portion of mortgage holders’ debts in 2014. By Gráinne Ní Aodha That might have been something to discuss during the bailouts, but I can’t see someone doing that now. We might be better off if the government used that €10 billion to build houses instead because supply of housing is a real problem.Lucey says that the money could be better used in Ireland to build houses, as the homeless crisis isn’t caused by evictions, but by a lack of supply which is driving up demand.The disillusionment with the policy is mirrored even by those it sought to benefit directly from it.Problems with the ‘jubilee’Heida Dora Jonsdottir got into debt the way most people do. She bought something she loved that she didn’t quite have the money for – in this case, a small wooden house in the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik.She and her friend Baldur Hedinson, told podcast Planet Money about how their similar set of circumstances had very different outcomes after the jubilee.Although Heida would get about $12,000, or €11,100 from the jubilee, Baldur got nothing.Baldur has a mortgage too but bought it just after the cut-off for the jubilee. When asked by Planet Money reporter David Kestenbaum how it feels to be left out, Baldur understandably says ”It doesn’t feel great.”“I mean, I had a student loan during that period, and that went up like crazy. I don’t see why they – if they’re doing this for mortgages, why don’t they do this for student loans, as well? So, I mean, I’m happy for Heida that she’s getting it, but the overall thing – it feels very unfair.”Both agreed that the jubilee, though a nice idea, was more about correcting past mistakes, than about creating an environment that’s good for the future.Outside the box“It’s good to have an army of mechanisms that you can use,” says Thórólfur Matthíasson. “And it’s good to think about what to do in bad times during the good times. You pick up a smoke detector before a fire starts.”In that sense, Iceland’s government did act as well: it set up a Debtors Ombudsman to liaise with debtors and banks about their options, and to check that the banks were doing all they could for people in trouble.For businesses that were ‘underwater’ and should have gone to the bankruptcy court, that was stopped. The government again used the dead banks to bail the companies out, and most are still alive and doing well now – both big and small businesses. A protestor, right, wearing a shirt with the slogan reading Your Bank does not care about you, applauds during a rally about the Icelandic government’s handling of the financial crisis near the Parliament building in Reykjavik (2008). Source: Arni Torfason/PA ImagesIreland is grappling with a series of challenges that are impacting our citizens’ quality of life. is examining solutions to these issues which have worked or are currently being trialled in other states and asking: Would It Work Here?AFTER THE COLLAPSE of Iceland’s banks during the financial crash, Iceland’s response to the economic downturn was somewhat different than most.They ‘burned their banks’, refused to pay their creditors, and sent the bankers responsible for the crash to jail.But their mortgage debt forgiveness, or ‘jubilee’ as it’s nicknamed, is the most interesting, and has been described as an “outside-the-box, practical solution to a real problem”.That problem is namely, mortgage taken out by someone is more than the current price of the property they bought with it. This problem, known as negative equity, is one faced by a lot of Irish people after the crash.So, should Ireland forgive some of that debt so that it matches the current price of their properties, both freeing people from debt, and ensuring they stay in their homes?How did they do it? Source: Gráinne Ní AodhaIn Iceland, a lot of mortgages adjust with inflation. And when the financial crisis hit, it caused a lot of inflation. So much so, that the total amount people owed the bank went up – in some cases by 30%.So when Iceland’s Progressive Party found itself with very low poll numbers, it proposed the jubilee – in Icelandic, they called it ‘the correction’.The party promised to return mortgage debt on properties bought between 2006-2008 to 110% of its real value, along with some other measures.Thórólfur Matthíasson, an Icelandic economics professor explains this in his paper on the banks’ response:“The principle of writing the value of debt down to the value of the income stream of the firm was adopted to property and to mortgages.The twist was not to look at the discounted cash-flow but to evaluate the asset value of the property. In principle, the two should be equal.The money to pay for the jubilee would come from a tax on three dead Icelandic banks – banks that many people blamed for Iceland’s part in the financial crisis. A lot of people were really into the proposal. The Progressive Party ran on the jubilee idea and won.The idea behind the jubilee, or ‘the correction’ according to Thórólfur Matthíasson, was two-pronged: stop people from being evicted from their homes, and to ‘correct’ the record.“It would save some real costs. Banks even losing money save money down the line, as when it takes over a property, it has lots of costs to cover buying the property, and it can be slow in getting money back.“It also gave people a chance of staying in their homes. The Spanish system is crazy. Banks can evict you if you fall behind on one payment. There are stories of occupants being evicted and replaced by other people who’ve been evicted – it’s like musical chairs.”Although the exact amount the debt forgiveness measures would cost is still unsure, as there were a range of measures and not every debt write-down was because of the jubilee, it was thought at the total cost for the country would be €1.4 billion – amounting to around €24,000 per household.So could it work in Ireland?“I think that Ireland should have done something similar at the height of your crisis,” says Matthíasson, adding that he hasn’t looked in any great detail at how the policy could be implemented in Ireland.He explains that the plan was targeted at those with one dwelling and one car, and who bought mortgages at a certain time.He add that Ireland has more options than Iceland did – Ireland have a scheme that allows people to sell their properties back to the government, who sells them to vulture funds, allowing the former-owners to rent the same property out.“The Irish interest rate is quite low – ours is at 3-4%. That would not have worked in Iceland because of high interest rates.”But it’s good to have a range of different things that work, he says.He admits that a time could come where they might have to introduce a jubilee again. “I hope not, but I have a feeling 2007 is coming back.”Past discussionsThe idea of debt forgiveness was discussed by ministers and economic commentators in back in 2011 following a call from the UCD economist Morgan Kelly for the government to back a write-off scheme to the tune of around €5-€6 billion.Joan Burton was among those who said that there needed to be a form of debt forgiveness that would be fair to both the debtor and the lender – using Iceland as an example of where the amount repaid is linked to the current value of the property.Her comments appeared to echo those of housing minister Willie Penrose who said at the weekend that the idea should be discussed by the government.But there was no write-off. Brian Lucey, economist at Trinity College Dublin, echoes the other side of the argument when he told that at the end of the day “someone’s got to pay for it”.“Debt jubilees can make a lot of sense if you can pay for them. Focusing on the hardest-pressed, the most-deserving, and that’s fine, I can see the moral argument.”But those debts are carried on bank balance sheets as assets, he explains, meaning that whether the banks pay out or the government does – that’s loss of capital. 24,338 Views Share33 Tweet Email4 last_img read more

first_imgSécheresse : la FNSEA demande l’aide de l’arméeAlors que plus de la moitié des départements français sont aujourd’hui touchés par la sécheresse, les agriculteurs demandent l’aide de l’armée pour les aider à faire face à la situation. Le syndicat FNSEA aimerait en effet que soient déployés les moyens techniques de l’armée, pour assurer le transport du foin notamment.Xavier Beulin, président de la Fédération nationale des syndicats d’exploitants agricoles (FNSEA), a fait part au gouvernement de la grande détresse dans laquelle se trouvent les exploitants et éleveurs français face à l’historique sécheresse qui s’abat sur le pays. Il a appelé au déploiement de tous les moyens possibles pour les aider. À lire aussiTop 10 des avions militaires les plus chers”Ensemble, nous pouvons beaucoup. Ensemble, nous pouvons surmonter cette épreuve. (…) Face à la sécheresse, face au destin, face au défi alimentaire, l’heure n’est plus à tergiverser, l’agriculture doit redevenir une grande cause nationale. J’attends du Président de la République les mots et les actes qui peuvent donner cet espoir et montrer le réel besoin d’agriculture. Dépassons les intérêts et les égoïsmes, l’urgence doit séparer l’essentiel de l’accessoire”, a écrit Xavier Beulin sur le site Internet de la FNSEA. Et d’évoquer notamment la possibilité d’un recours à l’armée et à ses moyens techniques, comme ce fut le cas en 1976 et plus récemment en 2003.Alors que nombre d’exploitants n’ont plus de paille ni de fourrage pour leurs bêtes, l’armée pourrait les aider à transporter du foin. Déjà, la SNCF a répondu à l’appel à la mobilisation lancé par les agriculteurs. La ministre de l’Ecologie Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet a en effet annoncé la mise à disposition de trains SNCF pour les longues distances, et ce d’ici à trois semaines. Au total, les éleveurs de bétail devraient avoir besoin de plus d’un million de tonnes de paille. Afin d’éviter toute spéculation, le ministre de l’Agriculture Bruno Le Maire s’est quant à lui prononcé en faveur d’une généralisation de contrats qui fixeront à 25 euros maximum le prix de la tonne de paille.En outre, des indemnisations ont été promises aux agriculteurs victimes de la sécheresse. Des aides financières qui entreront dans le cadre du Fonds national de garantie des calamités agricoles, et qui devraient être versées dès le mois de septembre.Le 3 juin 2011 à 15:22 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgEtudier la marche pour concevoir des prothèses plus performantesUne étude vient de révéler qu’une personne chaussée de talons aiguilles et une patte d’autruche exercent la même force au sol. Grâce à de telles données, les chercheurs espèrent pouvoir mettre au point des prothèses de pieds plus performantes.Des chercheurs du Royal Veterinary College britannique ont étudié la mécanique de la marche chez les bipèdes. Ils sont arrivés à la conclusion qu’un pied humain chaussé de talons hauts ou une patte d’autruche exercent exactement la même force sur le sol. Cette découverte a amené les auteurs à souligner qu’au lieu de chercher à reproduire la mécanique très complexe d’une jambe humaine, les concepteurs de prothèses et de robots gagneraient à les simplifier.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Chez l’homme, le processus de la marche (pose du talon, appui de la plante du pied pour basculer la jambe opposée vers l’avant, puis propulsion sur les orteils) est la “plus économique mécaniquement parlant”, résume le Dr Tatjana Hubel, qui a participé à l’étude. Selon l’étude, publiée par la revue britannique Journal of the Royal Society Interface, la structure du pied humain permet ainsi notamment de faire passer tout l’effort par la cheville au moment où la plante du pied est posée à plat sur le sol. Cela permet de réduire la fatigue musculaire lors des autres phases de la marche.La question qui se pose est donc la suivante : puisqu’une prothèse ou une jambe de robot ne se fatiguent jamais, pourquoi s’acharner à reproduire artificiellement ce mécanisme humain certes économe mais très complexe ? “Si vous voulez faire une bonne prothèse de pied mais que vous vous fichez de l’allure qu’il aura, il faut mettre le moteur [c’est-à-dire la cheville] aussi haut que possible sur la jambe”, indique le Dr Jim Usherwood, chercheur du Wellcome Trust qui a dirigé l’étude. “De cette façon, il peut fournir l’énergie sans alourdir le pied et sans le rendre difficile à basculer en avant ou en arrière”, ajoute t-il cité par l’AFP.Des prothèses plus simples déjà testées Pour les personnes ayant subi une amputation au-dessus du genou, une prothèse “humanoïde” classique s’avère généralement lourde et encombrante. Ainsi, selon le Dr Usherwood, il serait bien plus rentable et efficace de doter ces patients d’un “pied d’autruche fixé au bout d’une jambe ultra légère”. De ce point de vue, les prothèses utilisées par l’athlète handicapé sud-africain Oscar Pistorius (des lames très légères et flexibles, dépourvues de talon) semblent particulièrement bien adaptées à la course, soulignent les chercheurs.Le 14 mai 2012 à 18:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgThe events will be produced by Bonnier’s Events and Entertainment group, which currently runs the Warren Miller film tour and the Professional Wakeboard Tour. According to Zinczenko, as the group becomes familiar with the execution of these expos, it will seek similar opportunities for Bonnier’s other brands—which include Popular Science, Boating and SKI—either through additional acquisitions or new launches. Bonnier Corporation, publisher of magazines including Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, has purchased four hunting expos from Mequon, Wisconsin-based Target Communications for an undisclosed sum. The company plans to rebrand the events the Field & Stream Deer & Turkey Expo and will continue to run the shows four times a year—in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin respectively—with the expos’ current staff, who have joined Bonnier as a result of the deal.The events attract an average of 350 exhibitors and 10,000-20,000 attendees on 120,000-150,000 square feet, according to Nick Curci, president of Westport, Connecticut-based Corporate Solutions, the firm that advised Target Communications in the deal. According to Eric Zinczenko, vice president and group publisher of Bonnier’s Outdoor Group, “it is not unconceivable” that the company will add more cities to the show’s current lineup in a year or two.Bonnier expects this franchise to offer “a significant source of revenue,” writes Zinczenko in an email to FOLIO:. “Our strategy going forward is to aggregate as much audience as we can regardless of format,” he says, adding that the acquisition allows Bonnier’s Outdoor Group “to offer a higher level of integration for our client base by bundling these expos with our other media offerings.” While Zinczenko would not disclose terms of the deal, he says, “This is a 27-year business that operated smartly through recessions and survived decades of change in media and consumer behavior,” and the company “would not have considered this acquisition if the financials weren’t there.”More on this topic Hunting Expos Bonnier, Dave Zinczenko Partner on Books Deal Bonnier Acquires Hearst’s Cycle World Case Study: Bonnier Launches E-Learning Platform Bonnier Buys F+W’s Scuba Diving Field & Stream Names New EditorJust In This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the Move Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest Restructuring Bonnier Corp. Terminates Editor-in-Chief for Ethics Breach Editor & Publisher Magazine Sold to Digital Media Consultant BabyCenter Sold to Ziff Davis Parent J2 Media | News & NotesPowered bylast_img read more

first_imgDeacon Herman Madsen plays the bells atop St. Michael’s Cathedral. (Photo by Katherine Rose, KCAW – Sitka)The bells at St. Michael’s Orthodox Cathedral in Sitka are ringing again after a temporary hiatus. Thanks to a new deacon with musical abilities and no fear of heights, you’ll hear them ringing most days at 11:55.The bells of St. Michael’s haven’t been played for a while. That is, until Deacon Herman Madsen showed up.“I always use the example of the medical field,” Madsen said. “The priest is like a doctor and the deacon is like the nurse to the doctor.”He and his wife Mary moved here at the beginning of the summer to help with tours at the church and assist Father Michael. It wasn’t always Herman’s plan to work for the Russian Orthodox Church.“I was a wild child, I grew up with my grandmother,” Madsen said. “My mom and my dad sort of abandoned me. So my grandmother, at 70 took care of me. I nearly ended up in jail, but then my grandfather stuck out his neck for me.”After spending 11 years at the academy, he debated joining the seminary for quite a while, but didn’t fully commit to the idea until he had an experience at the tomb of St. Herman in Kodiak.“All of a sudden right next to this tree where St. Herman’s hut used to be,” Madsen explains. “Incense just started pouring out of the ground, and the smell of St.Herman’s relics, surrounded me.”Deacon Herman said it smelled of roses. It was unmistakably a religious calling.“I just hit the deck and said i really need to go to the seminary, I don’t have any choice at this point,” Madsen said.He’s been in the seminary for three years. Though he has a background in music and performance, playing the bells was a new adventure.“When I got here there was no one really playing the bells at the time. So I just started taking it up and doing it every day at noon,” Madsen said. “I didn’t take any official classes on bell ringing. Because of my background in singing and playing instruments I had an ear for that kind of thing. I also played the spoons.”So playing the bells wasn’t too much of a stretch. There are 8 bells, a full octave, which makes it easier. But what does playing them entail, exactly? Is he, like, swinging from rope to rope, Quasimodo style? I follow him to the bell tower to find out.“Was that four flights of stairs?” I ask.“Five,” Madsen said.“Oh wow.”“It’s really nice on sunny days, come up here and read a book,” Madsen said. ‘Whew!”We’re both a bit out of breath as he explained to me how the bells work. The bells themselves have an interesting history. They were made in Holland, and ordered by the Russian American company in St. Innocent. They lasted up to 1966, when the fire broke out.“In the fire these bells melted into clumps of metal,” Madsen said. “The men in the community gathered up all the metal, had them resent back to the original foundry, and these bells were recreated from the originals metal.”Each bell is connected to a thin string, a bit thicker than a strand of yarn. Those strings connect to a podium with holes in it. The two largest bells are attached to two huge wooden pedals. And he plays the bells a little like bongos.“Instead of pulling the strings, I tap all of the strings, and that’s why I can play it so fast, and in so many different ways. That’s why they sound so awesome,” Madsen laughed. “You get some pretty awesome exciting bell ringing that happens that gets you kind of pumped up. It’s really kind of fun.”Fun, and loud. Herman and his wife will leave Sitka at the end of the summer, with plans to come back next year, and hopefully make Sitka their home.last_img read more

first_img7th grade computer science students work on their Minecraft project. In the front row from (left-right): Sean Spigelmyre, Latham Johnson, and Evelyn Anderson. (Photo/Angela Denning)The video game Minecraft is being used in Petersburg’s 7th grade computer science class to teach students basic programming skills. It’s a student led program that has high schoolers designing the curriculum.Listen nowTo the adult eye it might look like these 7th graders are just playing a computer game. They’re at their desks hunched over laptops, eyes darting around a virtual world. But this Minecraft is different than what kids play at home. The access is secure. Only the students and teacher can get in. And, there are assignments.“Everybody here is working on the same world just in different places,” Latham Johnson said. “We have different projects we have to do. Like right now, we’re going to start working on a mine and we’re going to have a mine cart leading to that mine so we can transport stuff back to our house.”7th grade students Kara Newman, Leah Kittams, and Sarrisa Miller work on a Minecraft project together.(Photo/Angela Denning)That’s a house that they build…and a mine that they build.Minecraft is part of a semester long, exploratory course, which lets the school design the program.Jon Kludt-Painter is the Technology Director. He teaches Mac Tech in the high school and this class. Here, students learn a little programming and engineering.“First project is just basic skills and they’re showing how to use red stone,” Kludt-Painter said. “And creating invertors, and clocks, and so pistons, the mechanics of those things.”I ask him what red stone means and he said we should ask a student.“Redstone is a property similar to electricity as humans use it,” Kara Newman answered.Newman’s team is in the back of the room. She says they are working to re-establish their settlement to get more privacy from other students.“We used to live on the mainland and we’ve moved to an island on the ocean that’s full of more resources because where everyone is living is very drained out,” Newman said.Resources like stone or iron.“We were running out of iron,” Newman said. “So, naturally we’re going to have to go elsewhere to find what we need.”Teammate Leah Kittams has been spending her time getting resources for the group.“Mostly I go into caves,” Kittams said. “Some of them, they go down into ravines and that’s where you’ll find the most resources.”A projector at the front of the classroom shows the students’ laptop computer screens and what they’re working on. (Photo/Angela Denning)Across the room, Sean Spigelmyre typed on his laptop. His team is working on something different. They have spent a ton of resources on a quarry.“Instead of us spending the time mining for the resources, it does it for us,” Spigelmyre said.I ask him how he figured that out. Did he make something to mine for him or was it something he found in the program?“You have to make it,” Spigelmyre said. “It’s really expensive to make it, it costs a lot of diamonds and iron and a lot of resources. But when you make it it’s really worth it because it mines for you and that’s something that takes a lot of your time in Minecraft.”The curriculum for the course and instructional videos were created by Petersburg high school students. Junior Van Abbott helped put the syllabus together.“It really helps with creativity and problem solving,” Abbott said, “Because if something’s not working there’s nothing to tell them why it’s not working. They have to go and figure that out themselves, find the problem and then modify it so it does work.”Abbott also helps maintain the server for the class.I ask him, “As a junior in high school these days, how often do you use a computer?”“We use it for everything, basically” Abbott said. “Even math class which is just paper and pencil we use it because our text books are online.Back in the 7th grade classroom, Kludt-Painter sits at the front of the room watching the students work. He’s monitoring all the computer screens, which are displayed on an overhead projector. He said there’s a lack of computer science programs throughout the country and skilled graduates.“And so there’s a real strong need,” Kludt-Painter said. “Everything now has programming running it. It’s another literacy to understand…what’s going on in the background.”This computer science course is the last class of the day. But that can be a little tricky. The teacher said they’ve found some students so engaged that they have to ask them to leave, which is a good problem to have.last_img read more

first_imgScreenshotIn a bizarre incident, UK resident Elizabeth Hoad tied the knot with her pet retriever Logan in an ITV programme on Tuesday. The event took place on the sets of British television show ‘This Morning,’ in front of television personalities Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford and rest of the crew members.The show’s presenter, Alison Hammond, struggled to hold in her laughter as she declared, “I stand here today to join together Elizabeth Mary Francis Hoad and Logan Humphrey the second, the golden retriever. If any persons here present have a bone of contention as to why they may not be joined together I will now pause to let them speak, bark, or forever hold their peace.”The 49-year-old had previously mentioned that she made the decision to marry her dog after she found that she was “unlucky in love.””I’ve completely given up. Hand on heart, I’ve been on all those websites,” she confessed on the show. “It’s not just me. I meet with ten other friends a week, we go on lots of trips with our dogs, and I’m not working at the moment, so my friends are like, ‘Why don’t you just marry him?'” Hoad said.However, she also mentioned that the day was special to her because that’s when she rescued her dog. “The reason why I feel it’s so important to celebrate this by doing this is not only because I’ve been unlucky in love by 221 dates, but it’s a year ago today I rescued him,” she said.For the first four years, he was locked up in a utility cupboard, chained up, beaten, starved, when he came out he was re-homed very badly and with dysfunctional families and it was like we were meant to meet because I’d just lost my other golden retriever.’When the hosts asked what has her pet done for her, she replied sayingHe’s saved me and I’ve saved him,’ she replied. ‘I was a broken woman when [her last dog passed away]’ reported of the “marriage” ceremony, shared by the show’s official handle went viral on Twitter, garnering close to 4,29,100 views within 20 hours. It also got 1,500 retweets and close to 4,700 ‘likes’ on the social media post.Meanwhile on daytime TV…— This Morning (@thismorning) July 30, 2019 Netizens were, however, incredulous that such an incident happened and resorted to memes and gifs joking about the programme.I’ve had it— babu (@thatwithergal) July 30, 2019 Idk what’s what is worse. That woman marry her dog or you guys broadcasting it live….— Demitric (@Demitric) July 30, 2019 This is it, the pinnacle of humanity. All down hill from here.— Dylan B. ✡️?? (@Dylan_R_Blose) July 30, 2019 Lets paws for a minute this is hilarious ???— May (@mayanderson64) July 30, 2019last_img read more

first_imgJet Airways asks staffers to a 25 percent pay cutPUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty ImagesThe aviation industry has been witnessing tough times over rising competition, adverse effect of foreign exchange and high fuel prices to name a few. Days after IndiGo Airlines reported a 97 percent fall in its June quarter profit, Jet Airways has informed its staffers that they will have to take a pay cut of up to 25 percent August 2018 onwards.The percentage depends on the earnings of the employees and range from 5 percent for those who earn about Rs 12 lakh per annum to 25 percent for those who earn Rs 1 crore and more a year.The airline has informed the employees of the decision and even had a meeting with them to discuss the same. Staffers were also told that the senior management of the company too had already taken a pay cut.”As part of its cost rationalisation measures, the airline continues to evaluate all initiatives to achieve greater business efficiencies. Payroll is one of the important components of cost structure and the senior leadership has undertaken a reduction in salary to lead by example,” the Economic Times quoted the airline as saying in a statement.Speaking of the cost-cutting, an airline source told ET that pilots could face a pay cut of about 17 percent. The move is likely to save about Rs 500 crore for the company, whose salary bill per year is said to stand at about Rs 3,000 crore.However, employees face uncertainty as Jet Airways hasn’t specified a timeline for these pay cuts and hasn’t even hinted when things could get better. The employees also haven’t been told if the company would refund the deductions later on. “All we know is it starts this month for employees starting from managers to the CEO,” the unnamed source added.Meanwhile, experts believe that the aviation industry should brace up for tougher times as the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon. “There is visible stress across airlines driven by the impact of fuel costs and exchange rate with a significant decline in yields. The financials for the second quarter will reflect more serious impact and drive sentiment and momentum further down,” ET quoted Kapil Kaul, CEO and Director at CAPA, an aviation consultancy firm.Jet Airways’ salary woesThe pay cut comes just a few months after the airline delayed the salaries of its employees for the month of March. The carrier had reportedly sent an internal memo to its staffers saying that the “postponed.” The memo read this: “Due to certain circumstances beyond our control, the disbursal of March 2018 salary is postponed.” In July 2017, Jet Airways had asked its junior pilots, who joined the brand in 2016, to take a 30 percent pay cut or leaveReutersThe company went on to explain that pilots, cabin crew and the engineers would receive their salaries on April 10, while other staff members could expect to be paid on April 3.Take 30% pay cut or leaveThis is not the first time that India’s second largest carrier has asked its staffers to take a pay cut. In July 2017, Jet Airways had asked its junior pilots, who joined the brand in 2016, to take a 30 percent pay cut or leave.In a bid to trim costs, Jet Airways had reportedly made a few changes to the pilots’ contracts, making it mandatory for them to take 10 days of leave in a month apart from their weekly offs. This, in turn, would result in a 30 percent reduction in their salaries. The pilots were then given until the end of the month to take a decision.”As a valuable asset to the company, we would like to ensure your continued employment while simultaneously balancing our cost structure. As an interim measure, we shall be offering you a Lifestyle Work Pattern which entails 10 days block off per month with the appropriate remuneration. This will be effective August 1,” the private full-service carrier told its employees in a note, according to Reuters.”In case you do not wish to accept the above terms and desire to seek alternate opportunities, within the industry or outside, you may revert by July 31, 2017. In such a case, we shall assist you by facilitating the necessary formalities as may be required.”Jet Airways, a full-service airline, currently has a fleet of 121 aircraft and flies to 66 destinations worldwide.last_img read more

first_imgTwitter user @lego_groupLego unveils a set of figures celebrating the women of NASA, including Sally Ride and Mae Jemison.Lego has unveiled a set of figures celebrating the women of NASA.The 231-piece set features Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, and Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel in space. Also included in the set are figures of astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman and computer scientist Margaret Hamilton.Lego versions of the Space Shuttle Challenger, the Hubble Space telescope can be put together with the set. A miniature version of Hamilton’s workspace at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as she was programming software for the moon landing is also featured.From ‘Hidden Figures’ to figurines: LEGO announces ‘Women of NASA’ set— TIME (@TIME) October 18, 2017The set is the brainchild of Maia Weinstock, an MIT employee who proposed a women of NASA collection through the Lego Ideas program.The set retails for $24.99 and goes on sale Nov. 1. Sharelast_img read more

first_imgIf you interested in turning your smartphone or mobile device into a portable gaming system, you might want to check out the iControlPad. The iControlPad adds hardware controls to your device and even works with multiple makes/models as it uses Bluetooth to establish a connection. Multiple Bluetooth protocols are supported, such as standard HID, to ensure it can be used with current and future models.The accessory features a digital d-pad, 2 analog nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons to use to your maximum gaming pleasure. It also offers the convenience of physically attaching your smartphone or mobile device to the accessory through the use of clamps which are designed to fit multiple mobile devices.Current clamps support:iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch (some require padding), Motorola Backflip (needs padding), Lg Optimus S, Lg Ally, Blackberry Touch, Samsung Intercept (may require adjustment), HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1, Era G1 The accessory has its own internal 1500maH battery which can be used to charge your phone through a USB connection. The iControlPad also offers upgradable firmware which allows features to be added and “restrictions” to be bypassed.It’s important to note that the iControlPad is designed to work with a jailbroken iPhone, but the gamepad controls will work on an unbroken iPhone in keyboard mode. Android users have it a bit easier since the iControlPad will work on any app which supports a PC gamepad.The iControlPad with sides will retail for $74.99 and will begin shipping to customers on February 16th.Read more at the iControlPad website.last_img read more

first_img © 2018 Physicists have designed a 3-D quantum memory that addresses the tradeoff between achieving long storage times and fast readout times, while at the same time maintaining a compact form. The new memory has potential applications in quantum computing, quantum communication, and other technologies. Journal information: Applied Physics Letters Citation: Compact 3-D quantum memory addresses long-standing tradeoff (2018, June 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Record-breaking efficiency for secure quantum memory storage Explore furthercenter_img More information: Edwar Xie, et al. “Compact 3-D quantum memory.” Applied Physics Letters. DOI: 10.1063/1.5029514 The physicists, Edwar Xie and coauthors at the Walther-Meissner-Institut, Technical University of Munich, and Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM), Germany, have published a paper on the new 3-D quantum memory in a recent issue of Applied Physics Letters.”Since quantum information is very fragile, it needs to be processed fast or preserved in a suitable storage. These two requirements are typically conflicting,” Xie told “The greatest significance of our work is that it shows how to build a device with fast access to stored quantum information, enabling fast processing, combined with a long storage time.”One of the greatest challenges facing any kind of quantum technology is enhancing the qubit lifetime, and when it comes to quantum memories, 3-D devices offer the longest coherence times, up to a few milliseconds. In these memories, qubits are stored in 3-D microwave waveguide cavities, whose slow decay times enable long qubit storage times. However, a tradeoff occurs in these devices, since fast readout times require the cavity decay to be fast.Previously, researchers have addressed this tradeoff in various ways, such as by physically separating the storage and readout units. However, with separate units the devices become relatively large and bulky compared to 2-D memories, causing problems for scalability.In order to simultaneously achieve long storage times, fast readout times, and a small footprint, in the new study the researchers made use of the multimode structure of 3-D cavities. In this approach, the researchers used antennas to couple a qubit to two distinct modes of a single 3-D microwave cavity, which is much more compact than using two entirely separate units. They engineered the cavity so that the memory mode has a quality factor that is 100 times larger than that of the readout mode, which leads to slow decay for the memory mode and fast decay for the readout mode.As a result of this coupling, the researchers demonstrated that the qubit state can be read out on a timescale that is 100 times shorter than the storage time. Further, simulations showed that more accurate antenna positioning could extend the ratio between readout and storage time to 25,000. This value would significantly outperform the current highest reported ratio of 7300 for quantum memories with cylindrical 3-D cavities.In the future, the researchers plan to make further improvements to the memory, such as scaling up by adding more qubits, coupling the qubit to higher cavity modes, and enabling the memory to store cat states (a superposition of two macroscopic states), which has potential applications in continuous variable quantum computing. “One potential application of this compact 3-D quantum memory lies in the field of analog quantum simulation, where an engineered quantum circuit, such as a qubit, mimics an atom,” Xie said. “Due to its compact size and relaxed requirements of cabling, our 3-D quantum memory platform is specifically suitable for building chains of artificial atoms for the simulation of molecules. Here, one cell of the chain consists of a single 3-D cavity with one qubit, a storage mode for intermediate information storage and a readout mode for fast information retrieval. The coupling to the neighboring cell can be achieved with another qubit.” (a) Photograph of the 3D quantum memory and (b) optical micrograph of a qubit. Credit: Xie et al. ©2018 American Institute of Physics This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more present the report on Global Night Vision Headlamps For Men Market evaluates the growth trends of the industry through historical study and estimates future prospects based on comprehensive research. The report extensively provides the market share, growth, trends and forecasts for the period 2019-2026.The Night Vision Headlamps for Men Market has witnessed growth from USD XX million to USD XX million from 2014 to 2019. With the CAGR of X.X%, this market is estimated to reach USD XX million in 2026.Get the Free Sample Copy of this Report: report mainly studies the size, recent trends and development status of the Night Vision Headlamps For Men market, as well as investment opportunities, government policy, market dynamics (drivers, restraints, opportunities), supply chain and competitive landscape. Technological innovation and advancement will further optimize the performance of the product, making it more widely used in downstream applications. Moreover, Porter\’s Five Forces Analysis (potential entrants, suppliers, substitutes, buyers, industry competitors) provides crucial information for knowing the Night Vision Headlamps For Men market.Major players in the global Night Vision Headlamps For Men market include:GWHBrowningBoruitBlitzuPetzlStreamlightPrinceton TecENOCoastBlack DiamondOlightNite IzeWeksiFenixLED LenserEnergizerGRDEOn the basis of types, the Night Vision Headlamps For Men market is primarily split into:Under 50 Lumens50 to 100 Lumens100 to 149 Lumens150 to 199 Lumens200 to 299 Lumens300 to 699 Lumens700 Lumens & AboveOn the basis of applications, the market covers:Consumer UseCommercial UseOtherGeographically, the report includes the research on production, consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, and forecast (2014-2026) of the following regions:United StatesEurope (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland)ChinaJapanIndiaSoutheast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam)Central and South America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia)Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria)Other RegionsThe content of the study subject includes total 13 chaptersChapter 1 provides an overview of Night Vision Headlamps For Men market, containing global revenue, global production, sales, and CAGR. The forecast and analysis of Night Vision Headlamps For Men market by type, application, and region are also presented in this chapter.Chapter 2 is about the market landscape and major players. It provides competitive situation and market concentration status along with the basic information of these players.Chapter 3 provides a full-scale analysis of major players in Night Vision Headlamps For Men industry. The basic information, as well as the profiles, applications and specifications of products market performance along with Business Overview are offered.Chapter 4 gives a worldwide view of Night Vision Headlamps For Men market. It includes production, market share revenue, price, and the growth rate by type.Chapter 5 focuses on the application of Night Vision Headlamps For Men, by analysing the consumption and its growth rate of each application.Chapter 6 is about production, consumption, export, and import of Night Vision Headlamps For Men in each region.Chapter 7 pays attention to the production, revenue, price and gross margin of Night Vision Headlamps For Men in markets of different regions. The analysis on production, revenue, price and gross margin of the global market is covered in this part.Chapter 8 concentrates on manufacturing analysis, including key raw material analysis, cost structure analysis and process analysis, making up a comprehensive analysis of manufacturing cost.Chapter 9 introduces the industrial chain of Night Vision Headlamps For Men. Industrial chain analysis, raw material sources and downstream buyers are analysed in this chapter.Chapter 10 provides clear insights into market dynamics.Chapter 11 prospects the whole Night Vision Headlamps For Men market, including the global production and revenue forecast, regional forecast. It also foresees the Night Vision Headlamps For Men market by type and application.Chapter 12 concludes the research findings and refines all the highlights of the study.Chapter 13 introduces the research methodology and sources of research data for your understanding.Get the Discount on this Report: considered for this report:Historical Years: 2014-2018Base Year: 2019Estimated Year: 2019Forecast Period: 2019-2026 About Us:Big Market Research has a range of research reports from various publishers across the world. 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