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this is from the telephone marketing time goes to a flower shop in the Internet era, in the past thirty years, it is originally a regional small shop grew into an annual income of more than $700 million online platform.

there are many entrepreneurs who are interested in making a new career in this field, perhaps for them, 1-800-Flowers’s story and experience will be of great practical significance and enlightenment.

the growth history of a florist

1986, a store selling gifts of flowers called 1-800-Flowers because of mismanagement, eventually being acquired, the reason is such a strange name, the most direct reason is because this flower shop in the United States began using free telephone service (1-800) order flowers. read more

[TechWeb] reported on December 15th news, self application developers Mito company landed on the main board of Hongkong today, the stock code is 01357.HK. Mito said yesterday’s announcement, the IPO price limit of HK $8.5 to determine the issue price, the number of shares issued 574 million shares, the net proceeds of approximately HK $4 billion 688 million, 500 shares subscribed hand, a success rate of one hundred percent.

Mito today landed in Hongkong motherboard has been oversubscribed 1.39 times read more

recently unfamiliar street Q1 earnings release, the quarter net revenue reached $50 million 900 thousand, an increase of 93%; net profit attributable to the unfamiliar street for $12 million 700 thousand, an increase of 35%, two key indicators are superior in concept stocks. I am most concerned about is the change of income structure of Unfamiliar Street: the live service in 2015 each quarter alone did not carry, Q1 reported it generated $15 million 600 thousand in revenue, total revenue accounted for 30.65%, the most powerful source of income in the major broadcast platform is still groping how to live have been realized, for Tang Yan bring real money, the predecessor of unfamiliar street scene business launch time is only half a year, the rapid progress; there is a bright spot, mobile marketing revenue of $12 million 400 thousand, an increase of 104% over the same period last year, the growth rate of only to live. read more

note: one of the five founders of the Tencent Inc has li Qing, recently shared the experience of the actual investment in the past 5 years of failure – the nine companies can not vote. Most of these experiences come from the pits that have been lost. Whether for investment companies or entrepreneurs, is a rare "experience". This article from the speech has been a record of Li Qing, transferred from Forbes Chinese network, tiger sniffing slightly editor.

I am

from the Tencent for five years, probably voted 2 – 300 million in angel investment, invested about 50 companies last year, a company listed (rice, below), as well as a company in the market, there is a company selling $100 million (Seventh Avenue to the Sohu tour). In this business, we are 2 million investment in the past 2 years to become a $100 million, paid a personal income tax of 20 million (laughs). read more

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text / Zhang Tianyi cow church founder and CEO

recently appeared in many articles one after another Ma Jiajia, his comments points are "Ma Jiajia this mouseexcrement, upside down 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurs in the soup". My circle of friends and even several age entrepreneurs funny to release "their own horse and Allison not half dime", "resolutely and draw a line like Allison Ma, Ma Jiajia tarnished the reputation of this group we let our business more difficult to do" such words. In short, there are large public torrents, "Qing Fu die, Lu has not been difficult" meaning. read more

Abstract: media internal entrepreneurship this kind of thing, basically, is a contest set a atmosphere. You really want to roll up their sleeves, no reliable place to go more. Basically can be divided into two words: no solution.


traditional media entrepreneurship this thing has recently been very hot.

In fact, it is the background of

is nothing more than this: a lot of people in the media to consider leaving the traditional media, some of which belong to their own business, because there is no lack of example effect in front. Coupled with the current capital market is still rich, some senior media people have a certain social circle, access to early financing, but also relatively easy. read more

Not long ago,

co-founder Lin Bin millet, when Zhongshan University to attend the lecture, inadvertently revealed that millet valuation has reached $80 billion, while millet did not respond positively, the company which was founded in 2010, is really enough success.

, a company with only 5 years of history, has now become the world’s first domestic sales, global sales of mobile phone manufacturers in fifth, but also created a new business model and ideas. Of course, this is the first work of all its founder Lei Jun. read more

do you think 90 entrepreneurs is what kind of? Disorganized, is not a reliable right? Good master to open shop to sell Rice noodles, education is eaten by dogs? Directology well, to be in the outlet of pigs, they learn the Internet thinking, do online education website is? Fans Starchaser, Peking University Master of law but also to enter the entertainment industry? 90 is not so capricious, so recklessly is not reliable? Look at the inventory of those 90 – we dig deep in your eyes


TOP6. Guo column: learning slag are potential stocks, like men fighting like One Piece read more

back to the new board of all games (870140, OC) is no longer the scenery.

February 15th, everyone game announcement, with immediate effect on the company’s shares officially listed in the national stock transfer system public transfer, the transfer of the agreement for the transfer. According to the previous release of the public transfer book shows that in 2016 1~4 months of everyone to achieve revenue 24 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit of $6 million 437 thousand.

2015, demolition of VIE Architecture Capital increase when all the game introduced 9 investment institutions, then the valuation reached 348 million yuan. Accordingly, the executives of all games to make performance commitments, in 2016 net profit of not less than 26 million yuan, and revenue growth of not less than 30%. read more

yesterday morning, someone in the circle of friends broke the news of the sudden strengthening of security in Zhongguancun, there seems to be a big man to visit, not long after the results, it was the morning of the prime minister visited Zhongguancun venture street. In this way, Beijing Internet circle and raged, in addition to show photos, is an occasion to marketing, many companies are therefore "onlookers" assets, have soared in popularity.


" contrarian rose 7.4%, the industry of science and technology stocks, the gem rose with read more

I is the general staff of a Internet Co, eight hours and five days of work for wages and benefits will not unshakable, their affordable housing, but at least enough and, perhaps now young, hard in the company a few years of struggle, may also mix a mid-level leadership what. Sometimes just can’t help but think what they want in the end is it a lifetime to keep such a desk, a computer, leading the hungry also can not send the money to pay it?

about resignation

on the resignation of this matter, I really did not think too much, because the more consideration, and more concerns, and the people have a concern, any decision is bound to be less than a lot of hesitation. read more

image: the gang of eight – "Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Valley about 70 half, is a direct or indirect descendant of Fairchild Corp." From "Silicon Valley fever".

editor’s note: many of the current local and national self proclaimed XX everywhere in the Silicon Valley, but many are only Silicon Valley has been shaped, but not the soul of Silicon Valley. Look at the Leslie Berlin in the Medium’s blog is how to conduct in-depth analysis of the Silicon Valley. The Chinese version by Zhuhai triad compiler operation. This paper through the history, present and future, from science and technology, financial and cultural perspective of the Silicon Valley is the one and only reason can not be copied, but also made a profound reflection on the challenge for Silicon Valley, and the Silicon Valley and the world’s future prospects. read more

takeaway ordering and semi-finished products distribution, restaurant reservations and even chefs on-site service, due to "eat" caused by every kind of demand. But this is obviously not satisfied all requirements, chowhound need to have more unique recipes, more humane dining environment to fill out their finicky stomach.

"dinner" advocated by the private kitchen reservation line consisting of 8 people in a small dinner. Private kitchen is usually understood as a private custom kitchen, in the dinner together on the platform, the private kitchen refers to both the private kitchen is good at cooking personal. The whole process takes place in a private place. read more

Abstract: in the face of innovation and IPO, three new board listed quality companies, will make what kind of choice? "A variety of factors that together trigger at the end of last year a number of new three companies fought IPO selection." Beijing, an industry source pointed out. And at this time, the news about the new three board layered gradually more up.

three new board listed companies, especially in the traditional sense is expected to get more capital to operate the quality of the space business, in the face of innovation and IPO will make what choice? read more

June 26, 2015 -27, 2015 China a future star guest conference and the fifteenth Chinese enterprise annual meeting held in Beijing the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, pig network founder, CEO Zhu Mingyue delivered a keynote speech.

Zhu Mingyue said that a customer, must go through these 3 stages. The first stage is called others look down, second stages, others can not understand, the third stage is called others can not keep up". If we can finish off a record so three stage, I think it is a real Chinese hit off, then we truly experience the challenge, we are the champions, we are left for the king. read more

a few weeks ago one day ago, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang issued the day after the dinner invitation prompted by a sudden impulse to 45 of his old friends, and later to 40. He said that since December 2013, leaving the grand literature, he and the circle of people almost nothing.

Hou Xiaoqiang attended the dinner table sat two celebrities, including 70 year old Zhou Guoping, 60 year old Zheng Yuanjie, more than and 40 year old Liu Xiaoqing, Chen Tong, Liu Chun, Li Jing and Zhu Zheqin etc.. read more

Abstract: hit off the fire, this year’s NPC and CPPCC, "off the record" the word first "into the" government work report, more and more people are living and sticking to say goodbye, full of passion to join the tide of innovation.

hit off the fire, this year’s NPC and CPPCC, "off the record" the word first "into the" government work report, more and more people are living and sticking to say goodbye, full of passion to join the tide of innovation. "Create a guest" meaning is also more and more widely, and strive to change the reality of creativity is "create a", the entrepreneur is "create a", in the Internet industry to make innovation is also a "creative"". read more

the afternoon of April 21st, Papi sauce video advertising auction officially, with 22 million of the final price of flowers beauty beautiful makeup.

has experienced a series of investment in the thinking of the Luo, SARFT name and rectification, Papi sauce or high-profile auction, high-profile attracted the attention of the network circle!

users commented: Luo fat can ah, forced to be able to take out the rectification of the line so much money!

also have friends said: I was scared to quickly take the Papi sauce off in ~ I do not want to see the ad. read more

entrepreneurship, is unwilling to ordinary: entrepreneurship is to live a better life: entrepreneurship, just want to earn more money, so that families can live a good life. No matter what your purpose is, I believe you are a great person. A dare to struggle, the courage to give up their own work of a safe person, is not a mortal!

for business has a lot of truth, Shao Lianhu in the blog if verbose is really no meaning. In order to allow entrepreneurs to better know how to start a business, I will combine their experience in the past ten years and talk about entrepreneurship, interest is really important. read more

today in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" environment, "Silicon Valley chicken soup", "entrepreneurial success" has become entrepreneurs and the media to read (or pretend to read the content). Walk in Zhongguancun Venture Street "and a few words" pendulum bookstore, the most conspicuous, selling the most fiery is often "from 0 to 1", "difficult", "sense of participation", "mobile Internet Era" of these "business philosophy". read more