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is known to all, the Internet is an efficient dissemination of information carrier, any valuable information will be on the Internet to get high speed communication. Therefore, the business activities of their products to promote the line from the line to expand the consumer market. For businesses, the effective development of product network promotion is the fastest way of word of mouth coverage.

to the enterprise, the product network promotion is a kind of high efficiency, low cost, high return, targeted marketing tools. The use of the advantages of the network can make the product to the market quickly, but also an important means for enterprises to quickly shape the brand image. read more

in the past, I talked a lot about how to do network marketing methods, but not from a strategic height in terms of enterprise network marketing, today I through this article is divided into three steps concisely explain with everyone.

the first step, the construction of a marketing enterprise website

build a marketing type enterprise website is the basis of network marketing, from the big direction, the marketing website should meet the eleven characteristics, if you give the website construction service, taking out and unable to talk about do not meet the marketing website eleven features, and you can ask him to do a website. The value of your site I want to go there no more. In the past, I talked about the construction of the enterprise website is the entire enterprise external window, is a showcase enterprise, guide customers to produce the desire to buy the company’s live media. All aspects of the enterprise website are in place, then, your business network marketing work, such as building high-rise buildings, playing the foundation, with a solid foundation. Next, you just need to take advantage of all of the network marketing and offline marketing methods and resources for your site to promote appropriate, and provide a passion for online and offline services. read more

writing a copy will be applied to a variety of rhetorical skills, but many copies of the commonly used but they do not say. Or they inadvertently used, they do not know how to go. After all, there is a sense of the latter interpretation of the text, so it is usually after the completion of the analysis will be found in the study: "ah, this is the original rhetoric ah. "

this time to share with you: how to play the coquettish hyperbole rhetoric.

said the first is why


is actually very simple, he should be copywriter in second is often used as a rhetorical method. The first is metaphor. read more

"for the fancier and health" is the slogan of millet, millet to obtain large-scale success on the market from the establishment to experienced only a short period of less than 2 years, looking back on the growth process of millet, there may be some worthy of our webmaster to learn. In my opinion, the key to the success of millet is the successful use of the 28 law, with minimal input to get the highest return. What is the 28 rule? The 28 rule is to use the input of twenty percent for a return of eighty percent. As a webmaster, we pursue is how to get the maximum return with the lowest investment. Below, we come together to analyze the growth process of millet, learn from some valuable things. read more

2012 in the first half of YY revenue constitutes


technology news October 15th evening news, with the YY company’s prospectus submitted to the SEC, YY’s revenue structure exposure, the outside world is an accident, the first half of 2012 YY music revenue reached 92 million 720 thousand yuan, accounting for 30% of total revenue, far more than the well-known online advertising (mainly warcry) business.

YY prospectus, the company’s revenues are three aspects of the online game, (mainly from the gaming platform YY, YY music and online advertising (mainly play network game portal). In the first half of 2012, online game revenues of 150 million yuan, accounting for 46%; YY music revenue of $92 million 720 thousand, accounting for 29%; online advertising revenue of $30 million 960 thousand, accounting for 15%. read more

as early as the early 90s of last century, the birth of the consumer electronics experiment has been the outcome of this week ushered in its twentieth year as the main solution for enterprise computing. There is no doubt that Java has become a dominant platform, can run on any Java virtual machine can support the environment, but also successfully withstood the impact of the language and other competitive constantly exposed security disputes over the years.

Java has been able to dominate in this road stride forward singing militant songs, by virtue of the synergistic effect of their various advantages. Java language is used as a programming tool launched in 1995 was born, then in the Sun Microsystems Green team — including James Gosling, Mike Sheridan and many other outstanding talents under the impetus of development ushered in the golden age for a period of five years. The technical team hopes to combine information and programming, so that the web browsing experience more dynamic, while the digital consumer devices and computer combination – both in the client level or solution level. In view of this, originally known as the "Oak" Java project to the client Applet technology for the first time the attitude of widespread concern. But then it was found that the Java long-term goal is actually to the server – and this should be attributed to the development of Sun, IBM and Oracle three companies to provide the service oriented support, Forrester research analyst Jeffrey Hammond recalls. read more

the word "home" is a new term, from the earliest Japanese noun "Indoorsman", then across the seas to Taiwan, has become a hot topic nowadays. "Indoorsman" from Japan’s "otaku" (Otaku). "Otaku" is the original meaning of Japanese "house", after the alleged to a collection or interest, fascinated by betting a lot of time and money in research and production, recently refers to keen animation comics and computer gamers. And to the domestic "Indoorsman" is used at home do not go out, spend most of their time in the network, the term has also been accepted by the mass media. read more

website development can not be separated from the promotion, but there are different ways to promote. Each webmaster is good at different ways, different resources, may also take a different approach, in the circle of the webmaster more popular way to have soft Wen promotion, Q & a promotion, post promotion and SNS promotion. I have tried several ways above, combined with their own practical experience, to share with you, focus on communication, welcome criticism.

soft Wen: difficult in the beginning, the area wide fan read more

often visit the forum users know that some of the popular forum posts can be viewed in just a few minutes tens of thousands of times, and even more will be the formation of hot events, the spread of the storm for several days or even weeks. Therefore, the forum marketing on its low threshold low input and high returns in the strengths of the various marketing tools in a strong line, and favored by many webmasters. But the forum marketing advantage is great, such as not grasp its spread essence, is often out of force does not fall. Light will be delete, weight is off, even post success, such as cast stone sea, although a stir, but soon without hearing a word about. What is the essence of read more

open the phone, the notification bar is a variety of applications PUSH information filled. Finger on the mobile phone screen on the top of the screen, pull down, a few seconds from the top to the next, to see the interest of the point of open; did not find interested, delete all.

the scene, I need to experience a few times a day. I also believe that this is one of the most mobile phone users every day scene.

this scene, with a word to describe the most appropriate: however, no need to move, there should be". This is also the 8 word proverbs countless users in the Internet era of information overload, the basic attitude of the Internet product information push hold. read more

August 9 Japanese: Recently, open video platform Kaltura announces a $50 million venture capital investment, the investor is well-known investment firm Goldman Sachs, at the same time the company has announced plans to IPO listed.

Kaltura was founded in 2006, headquartered in New York. The company offers customized video, image and audio features that allow media companies and publishers to manage, analyze and monetize their online video. In addition, Kaltura also provides a set of API, can achieve transcoding, distribution and other functions. read more

remember what I said to you before 4P and 4C, their respective characteristics are mainly, 4P product centric, 4C customer centric. Different starting point to write out the page copy is bound to a world of difference. Below the author clock (Zhong Shenyan) to talk about the content, how to take the customer as the center, write the hearts and minds of the inside pages of


page design to be absolutely customer centric, rather than product centric. Both online and offline, we do business, is in dealing with people, rather than the "commodity"! Who is the passions, have feelings, so we sell goods, should have to convey emotion as the main line, through the sale of goods to convey an emotion out, to keep the customer happy heart. read more

WeChat will put more people out of mobile phone content docking an indispensable tool, the new engine will become a commercial profit means in the next few years, there are now more and more enterprises, businesses and individuals to start for the development and application of WeChat business model. There may be a link to the reality of a series of business activities. From the above letter to YY Lelin about WeChat store daydream future patterns and trends in


a. WeChat’s versatile way. read more

many owners are building their own forum, because interactive forum is really strong, a good web site, in fact, well, there are a lot of popularity, can not own to maintain, can have some cheap labor. So, a lot of people are optimistic about the brand and its marketing forum, but you really do a Marketing Forum on the forum? You do some marketing? Today, Chen Chen to share with you, let you play several kinds of methods for marketing forum.

what is the purpose of building a forum

Before the

in a forum, this is the webmaster to understand, what is the forum marketing? Pull a bunch of people send some boring posts, or a group of people gab? Speaking of SEO, I believe that many webmaster favorite, but what is the bulk of the SEO forum set up to establish many webmaster forum? The intention is to use the forum to bring contacts and flow, which can release some of the company’s products in the forum, bring the high conversion rate of the source of customers, we have to say here, Chen Chen, forum marketing. read more

soft how important marketing, basically do not have to say.

I just n years ago to enter the advertising planning industry, the main practice of only two things, write the program and write the soft. At that time, brain platinum soft series has been very respected. I think the best case melatonin to them, the key is not advertising, then the vulgar bombing "received only melatonin TV commercials, a series of soft but a dozen years ago, serialized in newspapers, that a series of soft Wen led directly to the brand started from zero naobaijin. Regardless of whether they have soft, exaggerated ingredients from their soft skills, the angle and the style of writing is very worth learning, especially the title. read more

Changsha this place, large and small website construction and optimization company and studio, not less than 500. According to the traditional ideas, and strive to Changsha website construction, Changsha network promotion and other words to do Baidu home page, a need time, two have a certain degree of difficulty, the order is also very limited to bring three. A small team like this writer, how to span over the wolf’s share? The traditional idea of sure its effect is slow, low efficiency, only the mutation in the idea, the author practiced students marketing, have great reference value. read more

engaged in network promotion for many years, I do not know if you have no such experience, Baidu search rankings more important web page quality, the number of GOOGLE were more important external links, in fact, search the purpose is the same, is to bring more high-quality web search results to the front row, let users you can get more valuable things.

who is more popular search results


Baidu and GOOGLE is really well matched, regardless of the flow, visibility, practicality, and even search algorithms on a fight to be roughly the same, but in the domestic use of the view, Baidu seems to be more superior, after all, Baidu is native products, it is very familiar with the domestic actual situation, not only can more objectively evaluate all the actual value of the website, also can more accurately understand the needs of users, users need to find things, and GOOGLE to provide users with search results, a set of algorithms die taste, it is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the sorting algorithm, no artificial adjustment and modification, this often is at home a lot of good at cheating website to grasp, using a variety of means to illegally improve their GOOGLE rankings, and sometimes when you click on GOOGLE When the first few search results, feel really unsatisfactory…… read more

news June 22nd, today international language teaching trading platform italki announced the completion of $3 million A round of financing, the investor is the Internet learning platform hujiang.

for the current round of financing, italki said, will be mainly used for business expansion and mobile application development, accelerate the update of existing Android end products, and plans to launch the iOS version during the year.


founder Fu Cairui said, italki is the value of its investment growth potential, both complementary business, resource sharing, to form a synergy. Shanghai river network is dedicated to provide users with convenient and high-quality full range of products and services of the Internet learning network learning platform. read more



I have always believed that advertising itself is a social psychology, but there is no advertising in the University of the professional, the system of teaching psychology.

I went to look at a lot of laws, effects and theories of social psychology. Discovery and advertising are inextricably linked, but there is no advertising system summary.


? No one write? Then I write is expected to write a book.

this is a dry astringent dry cargo, later you will understand the truth:


1, advertising communication, those who have been trying to test the way, there is a psychological law behind the support. read more

at present, the total market value of China’s education and training industry reached 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, a huge space, education and training is considered to be one of the most valuable investment projects. May 20th, the birth of the latest news in the field of information, education and training services platform class network announced that it has completed 80 million yuan A round of financing. Funds will be mainly used to increase the financial side of the risk control and business replication, and invest in SaaS technology research and development and market development, as well as enrollment services market expansion. Especially in promoting the employment of college students, will provide billions of training funds to help students obtain popular professional skills, enhance employment competitiveness. read more