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this year, artificial intelligence, automatic driving is obviously in Dafengkou, not only have Baidu, Alibaba and other large companies involved in artificial intelligence, automatic driving, a series of start-up companies have reached the market on a scent. A lot of people, technology start-ups, almost no advantage compared with BAT, almost is the entry will die.

, however, that is not the case, artificial intelligence and automatic driving technology is rapid to mature stage, large companies as a platform for enterprises more is a breakthrough in the overall technology, and in segments or through the open source way to build ecological, let the small and medium-sized enterprises involved. And small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in many segments of the key technology, compared in segments and large companies, often Yiqijuechen irreplaceable. Therefore, entrepreneurs can play artificial intelligence and automatic driving. read more

the twelfth lunar month twenty-six night, the last home, via a temple. Last year new year’s Eve, a 10 people in the new year the first incense, staying-up late on new year’s Eve, people wishing to fire home delivery Business Flourishes Hot pot.

that time, just took the campus of the University of China to go back to his hometown to prepare takeaway hot pot. This venture is affixed to the O2O fashion label, everyone felt, "fuckedup".

a year after the Spring Festival to return home, I can’t wait to go home luggage, will be invited to telephone the stalls. East Sichuan town late at night, small wine and meat together, have a story. The story is "the year of the Chinese entrepreneur". read more

after reading behind the burning application of Snapchat company to prepare the market next year.

news today, Snap is preparing for IPO related materials, plans to be submitted by the end of this year or late March next year, to the U.S. securities regulatory agencies to apply for listing. They plan to raise $4 billion to raise funds to seek the company to reach 250-350 billion market capitalization.

is currently listed on the eve of the Snap, the company has made some positive efforts in terms of financial figures and ownership structure. read more

face Meng burst of red has been more than a year ago, and now the Guo column, the main time is pondering the new product in the office. One day to work in the early morning, suddenly felt a burst of dizziness and palpitations, he felt he could not work, and quickly let his colleagues hit 120. Lying in an ambulance, he wanted to die, how do parents, entrepreneurial brothers, girlfriend? However, I would like to, because if the business hung, may last a headline. It is just a false alarm, the doctor only is asked not to worry, learn to relax. read more

Abstract: since the BAT collective war content distribution, the mutual attack between content distribution platform has lasted for a long time.

a year, the content of the venture has not diminished the heat, followed by the Department of Tencent, Ali, Baidu and today’s headlines content distribution platform for the growing controversy. Just over the past week, UC headlines (ALI) and today’s headlines to complete a on the content distribution which strong confrontation.

is a phenomenon that the content distribution of feudal lords vying for the throne which " read more

None of these

IPO standards for listed companies to apply IPO counseling, is actually "ulterior motives", some for more convenient access to financing; some spread the good news, this is a gimmick raised the price for cash to shareholders. But investors have been waiting for flicker is patient, the tide receded, out of the mix must eventually return.

true and false IPO, which is the latest IPO concept stocks in the rampage three new board, not only investors come out, the stock also began to focus on the new term". read more

life, a lot of people when job-hunting, are likely to face such a choice: to select one of their love, but not high wages or go to a company; he does not love, but higher pay company? If you, how would you choose? Is to love, or choose the challenging work?

this problem is almost all entrepreneurs in the business, can not avoid the choice of entrepreneurship, is to choose the creation of an own love company? Or choose to create a Unlimited Business Opportunities, more likely to be successful company? Social entrepreneurs love to talk about your passion for work however, when faced with a choice, they will always choose the most easy way to success. read more

Abstract: lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.

when you step into a conference site, almost a front area of a large white light to the eyes, do not make a fuss. That row of big eyes pointed to the front of the phone, smiling figure, it is now popular manufacturers welcome the red anchor. read more