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IPO standards for listed companies to apply IPO counseling, is actually "ulterior motives", some for more convenient access to financing; some spread the good news, this is a gimmick raised the price for cash to shareholders. But investors have been waiting for flicker is patient, the tide receded, out of the mix must eventually return.

true and false IPO, which is the latest IPO concept stocks in the rampage three new board, not only investors come out, the stock also began to focus on the new term". read more

life, a lot of people when job-hunting, are likely to face such a choice: to select one of their love, but not high wages or go to a company; he does not love, but higher pay company? If you, how would you choose? Is to love, or choose the challenging work?

this problem is almost all entrepreneurs in the business, can not avoid the choice of entrepreneurship, is to choose the creation of an own love company? Or choose to create a Unlimited Business Opportunities, more likely to be successful company? Social entrepreneurs love to talk about your passion for work however, when faced with a choice, they will always choose the most easy way to success. read more

Abstract: lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.

when you step into a conference site, almost a front area of a large white light to the eyes, do not make a fuss. That row of big eyes pointed to the front of the phone, smiling figure, it is now popular manufacturers welcome the red anchor. read more