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on 17 November, the national anti pornography Working Group Office issued 17, to combat Internet and mobile phone pornography information special action active collective and active personal assessment results to the public, accept the supervision of the community. Publicity time is from November 17, 2010 to 21.

publicity period, if any, please refer to the national pornography Working Group Office Information Publicity Department to reflect, also can reflect the problems through electronic mail, address The results of the review has been publicized in November 17, 2010 "Guangming Daily" "China news published" and Chinese pornography network and the General Administration of press and publication on the website. read more

November 27th morning news, network video anti piracy alliance in September the first batch of large-scale litigation Youku infringement trial. According to the friend bullock CEO assistant Zhu Jiang said, Beijing Haidian court support Property Tribunal after the trial judge infringement judgment to Youku, Youku anti piracy Alliance launched one of the excellent friends Bullock compensation 450 thousand yuan.

Zhu Jiang said, since September this year, excited net friend bullock and Sohu jointly formed the "Chinese video network video anti piracy Alliance announced Youku launched a massive lawsuit after the anti piracy alliance members were sued, currently 289 for infringement case. read more

the world’s largest piracy resources website the Pirate Bay in recent years is not better than the days, more than the founder has arrested and national copyright law enforcement departments of the station has been in the siege to open the stop state.

now, the latest move by the Swedish courts to Pirate Bay again.

is reported that the Swedish court ordered the seizure of the 2 main domain name confiscated piracy Bay: and

, an anonymous source said that the two domain name has been confiscated in a certain extent, will affect the user’s access, but the Pirate Bay itself is not closed, the domain will have a lot of spare to ensure the normal operation of the site. read more

news agency, July 16 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Shiyan) for the World Trade Organization issued 16 evening of electronic payment Chinese America v. the WTO dispute case of the expert group report, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman China immediately issued a statement pointed out that part of the ruling Chinese support group of experts.

According to

, September 15, 2010, the United States WTO filed a dispute settlement mechanism of the request for consultations, Chinese charges and electronic payment services related measures in violation of the Chinese specific commitments in the "general agreement on trade in services". read more

is like waiting for the selected slave, every acquisition rumors, all Twitter shares of the arm, from investors to executives seem to expect the real coming of this moment. Twitter in the Chinese imitator – Sina micro-blog, after the user has the cage for birds, glow second spring.

however, the students really more than teacher? If you look at the picture below, the Twitter and micro-blog’s revenue, net profit and the size of the user data to do a comparison of the 2 quarter of 2016, the results were clear: thin dead camel or horse: read more

, in a solemn pledge of love crape myrtle Erkang, write a letter to a copy of the Tang and song lyrics, like a. No, no marketing piece now.

the best piece pollution point, the government will have a contrast with "adorable, ten spring, as you sleep" humor.

nothing is good or bad, there is an era of an era of "culture" (volume, this can really be called culture?), when people better this in public, network marketing has also been got on the express train, together with the masses "integrity hurried away". read more

some small company hopes to do a round of promotion of soft paper, play a word ads once a year back. But according to my understanding of the enterprises and individuals, many are thinking of doing the advertising, do a promotion today, tomorrow will be able to see the effect, if no effect is not done, then change a strategy, which has been the contradiction between the enterprise management and operation staff.

advertising campaigns need to be repeated, if you have the ability to keep advertising 365 days a year, it is best. But the fact is impossible, most companies can not afford this consumption, and even if the money will focus on research in a certain period of time publicity. In any case, do publicity, advertising needs to be repeated many times, repeated regularly, appropriate to repeat your advertising and promotion, to maintain a certain exposure rate. The higher the concentration of advertising, the better the effect. read more

now we may flow from the search engine more, but if there is no Baidu, how to do the traffic up!

on several IP million for a background analysis flow station, it is found that the flow is not only the engine on the one hand, there are a lot of places to flow, and the flow will be more than a few Baidu! Here are a few of my simple analysis results:

flow generally on such aspects: the antecedents of


1, search engine

2, advertising exchange chain

3, spend money to advertise

4, their free publicity read more

            my big brother, brother is in the NanJing Railway Station station network 5  25 opening station! By now, the number of registration is poor, I do not have to register before you can see the article.

            but I waited a few days after the submission of Baidu, and finally saw Baidu included 21 pages, the thought of a few days will be included in the multi-point! But after two days there was no page! Now just some friends and some loyal Webmaster Help me to maintain, I began to get better able to attract people to master useful columns to the service station, but is now Baidu T, I really do not have a little faith, really do not know how to do, I want to this website to do it, I hope that the big brother big sister to brother. read more


as a webmaster optimization staff every day or regular original writing is a must, group communication the many people turn to write text, a lot of friends often writing soft for guidance, but for the novice is too theoretical, in my opinion, writing is a process of long-term exercise others, not taught you, so the actual use is very important to grasp the soft writing direction from the idea, improve the writing quality and efficiency in practice.

although sometimes our soft writing does not necessarily produce value, but as the real value of the optimization of personnel articles must be original, reproduced or pseudo original are opportunistic behavior, the author of the recent articles were submitted to the pseudo original copy of A5 portal, Chinaz and search platform, many articles is a decoration company network marketing summary and user experience of the site optimization of the article, the author is here to remind you to establish the original psychology, this is the webmaster blog is very important for the operation of a column or, to create a high quality of the original article the author takes a lot of energy spent to the design information in many aspects, often with high the value of the article can give their own site and webmaster provide great help, adhere to and willing to spend energy to do, the author writes the following Optimization of the company’s website and decoration decoration company network integration marketing and other articles, share the personal experience of writing high quality soft. read more

2017 CCTV Spring Festival gala will be held in January 27th (New Year’s Eve night), now the National Copyright Bureau has issued a notice, request to prohibit unauthorized spread through the network in 2017 CCTV Spring Festival gala. Authorized by CCTV, CCTV International Network Co., Ltd. ( exclusive access to the public through the network 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala rights. In addition, Iqiyi, Youku and other Tencent have been CCTV Internet limited authorization mechanism can play the CCTV Spring Festival gala. read more

[material] 1, the network economy is the basis of other new productivity, the Internet is the most advanced production tools (author: Yang Bingzhi)

according to a recent research shows that enterprises in the use of Internet business solutions, the average revenue growth of up to 10%, the U.S. companies therefore has accumulated savings of up to $about 150000000000, equivalent to every wages could raise $3500; estimates from 2001 to 2011, the Internet business solutions is expected to drive the United States 40% more productive. read more

news December 27th, by the end of 2016, it is now all the review and summary, has been concerned for Microsoft and Windows10 users also believe that the need to review the change and development of the Windows10 platform in the past year. Foreign media OnMSFT team recently produced a video, summed up the 2016 Win10 development of the big event.

in the video on OnMSFT, first mentioned the Win10 anniversary update in Win10 anniversary update, mainly Windows Ink ink work area, improved Cortana Tina function, increase the important characteristics of the Edge browser extension support. Then, the video mentioned Win10 version of "my world": Education Edition, Microsoft will "My World Education Edition" is extended to the campus, the use of "my world": education, educators can control the world settings, and student exchanges, in my world in the game to students and project transfer instructions etc.. Will also show the views of all the students in my world. read more

users comments on the upcoming Sina group website

July 8th news, Sina relevant responsible person said, Sina group platform will be formally launched on July 12th, there are users to receive information on Sina life channel sent to buy the upcoming online.

according to sources close to Sina, in July 12th on the line to buy Sina channel, will be responsible for the operation of the Ministry of industry, sina.


is not for the upcoming on-line Sina group purchase all the people are optimistic about the 8844, one of the founders of the Li Molin ( pointed out that sina group purchase is by poor life industry department (department store, life channel), if Sina group purchase like life itself that is not subject to the Ministry of industry attention, it is difficult to accomplish something. read more

[core tip] in the virtual operators of the regular army has not yet started, the civil guerrilla has played a variety of tricks.

in May this year, the Ministry issued on the launch of mobile communications resale business pilot notice, opened the year after the beginning of the reform of virtual operators concern. In late October, there was news that 31 of the organization has passed the first instance of the operator, the initial access to virtual operators license qualification.

virtual operators, refers to those who do not have a basic network and telecom operators or telecom value-added business. They use the basic telecom operators network facilities or products, the business will be refined, personalized, through the business agent or distribution, etc., to provide users with a variety of value-added telecommunications services. For example, if the Tencent obtained a virtual operator qualification, then we have the possibility to call someone else’s phone number QQ to achieve the call. read more

Title: traffic, Alexa rankings, income, so just get

the title of the article is arbitrary, perhaps the expression is not clear, but this article written in this way, there is a certain reference value.

promotion effect:

1, Alexa ranking, see change curve:
2 5000ip
read more

as a new breed of Dr. Chinese, want to leave some in their after death to society what, so he built a highly educated people of the site, and named a competitive "Dr. tribe". For a year and a half, small gains, such as the forum registration number reached more than 40 thousand people, 30 thousand people daily visits etc..

seemingly easy success, not in a time of Everything is going smoothly., called into the errors and correcting errors in the difficult climb. Today, borrow behind this platform, out to share with you, hope to put the field of caution, to the following error: read more

review: the leading email marketing service provider Focussend e-mail application on content marketing, summed up the 7 rules, make your inbox expected interested in your email users.

How does

get your email to stand out in a crowded inbox? Many of the industry’s answers to this question are: a high degree of relevance. Although the answer is understandable, but the answer has been tired. Simple understanding is very popular, but the connotation of opinion is not much.

the most important thing is that this may not be the correct answer, because in your inbox, you should have more users, in addition to the messages that are blocked by the daily distractions. But these customers will also be attracted by thousands of TV ads, online advertising, print ads, billboards product information. So when you receive an e-mail message, can you make sure that the message is relevant enough to attract attention? read more

this article in fact the original text has been written for a long time, but has not been published, because it was originally written for the Department colleagues to share experience, so that new colleagues can easily operate. The flow of a large number of exchange sites have also been used, if the ultimate, allowing the site to increase a lot of traffic out of thin air. 2W change 4W, 10W change 20W, proved to be possible. It was also found that although the flow effect is very good, but the user precipitation rate is not high, so want to stabilize the long-term development of the site, it is not recommended to use this method. Some rely solely on the number of IP earn advertising entertainment website or can try. read more

renamed China ( January 26th hearing, Zhao qiansun Li, Zhou Wu Zheng Wang, has a long history China surnames, every family name has a story, we explore the secret behind the name and surname are in their own way to tell us the value of it. For example, in "," Liu Yao "" surname surname headed in the domain name domain name on the market, with a high price transactions to prove their status.

figure: part of the domain name transaction

domain name is not cheap high priced transactions continue read more