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site need to survive, we need to profit, these small personal website also needs to live a well-off life. A reprint articles found in the computer on the newspaper today, read more rewarding, and would like to share for everyone to share.


profit model

an online advertising

advertising alliance advertising code on your site, click on the ads to make money.

to make money through advertising, will need to flow, for example: good advertising alliance advertising inside: Huang Xiaoya Adult supplies mall CPC click on the ads, 50 yuan /1000IP! IP and visible money have a direct relationship. read more

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                due to this failure, it is possible to cause today’s data report to interrupt.
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                                                                                                                          nbsp;                                     WPS Network Alliance Group read more

former Taiwan stem to billionaire Tong Wenhong, known as Ali " most inspirational " partner. In 2000, Tong Wenhong entered the Ali first positions the company front, after successively served as group executive, customer service, human resources management sector, the Ali group senior vice president and chief operating officer of rookie. Ali after the listing of one of the 9 billionaires behind Ma partner. Once again proves that persistence and effort are more important than anything else. read more


Hello everyone!

from the beginning of January 18th, Skype price adjustment: 0.2 yuan / registered +0.25 yuan / active +8%CPS.

the purpose of this price adjustment is to increase the proportion of active users, so, while lowering the registration price, we also support the introduction of incentive policies, as follows:

1) in the weekly (NATURAL week), the cumulative data to register the amount of > =750 active / registration ratio > =25%, the user will be in accordance with 0.2 yuan / registered +0.3 yuan active +8%CPS into payment; read more

at the beginning of 08, is catching up with the general trend of CN Admin5 meters, I would have registered more than CN meters, was registered with the play anyway, not a few money. But then thought, so many meters left is a waste, so simply rented a virtual space of 1G, the Internet under a lot of garbage, little changes, add some GG ads on the inside, each meter tied to a program, so I set up a group of garbage station.

some people say that these garbage stations, a no flow, two no PR, even if the investment in GG advertising inside, a penny a day income will not be. Is the beginning of a month or so, indeed, I will also stand to the Baidu and GG and other major search engines landing, about 1 months later, these stations are more or less included the engine slowly, also began to flow, although each station may be only a few IP ten about, but add up these stations IP around 500, GG revenue every day also have a few tenths of a knife, if you rely on this income, I was in this rant, you people don’t laugh ah, ha ha. read more

then do find a part-time job on the Internet, Taobao is undoubtedly the premier guest recommended a good project, from 09 to 10 years, I found that Taobao fired off extra heat, some Taobao customers of the glorious deeds of expert in the media constantly emerging exposure, so the "Taobao" a night network fame. Just as the violent star overnight. Understand and do not understand the network of people who have to study online Taobao how to make money, of course, I also did not hesitate to enter the position of Taobao customers, but started a little late, the official entry into the Taobao has so far two months. The Taobao army occupied the guest go forward with great strength and vigour to make money on the army team a space for one person, but the uneven level of individual soldiers mastered the attack Road, so make more money, while the individual soldier is still hard struggle learning stage, still wandering, a month will Amoy a eighty yuan, even is 0. I was lucky, the first month to achieve revenue of nearly two thousand yuan, a week on the station to station optimization to Baidu home page, so the first month from Taobao made of gold, of course, all in the plan implementation, so everything is not surprised. read more

not every Wangzhuan way is suitable for everyone, as compared with the current fire foreign Wangzhuan click, can really make money just a few people, but the majority of people are obsessive – including me! Did not want to step back, and then take another look ~ maybe it you can have a new discovery, and find a really suitable for their own Internet! Here in my personal experience, write down roughly like me Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice bitter! Hope to have a little help to everyone

beginner first step (mysterious Wangzhuan): read more

Toytalk hope that through artificial intelligence technology to make toys more vivid, humane, interactive direction.

recently, a company called ToyTalk attracted widespread media attention. In the company profile, Toytalk claimed that RealNetworks Home Entertainment Inc, it hopes to create entertainment with the role and dialogue". From a product preview video can be seen, Toytalk hope that through artificial intelligence technology to make toys more vivid, humane, interactive direction. As long as the children put the toy in front of the iPad, and then open the Toytalk application, you can give the toy "life" and "smart", let it communicate with their own. read more

Airbnb CEO Blaine · ceschi

NetEase Francisco March 21st message, "the Wall Street journal" comment author of travel website Airbnb rental in the new round of financing $10 billion valuation of news, reviews the development of the company.

below is the full text of the article:

Airbnb the current market valuation of more than $10 billion, the scale of development is sit up and take notice. In 2007 the company was founded in San Francisco, the development process is not smooth. read more

Chapter 1, basic knowledge

a, domestic advertising alliance entry points and details:

1, first of all, you have to have a website, because many of the alliance is to review the site, followed by the type of site you decide whether you can successfully apply for advertising. Most of the good union must be their own website, the alliance will ask you to add code to the web site for verification, and advertising must be put into your application for advertising on the site, on the other station is invalid. However, some of the alliance or advertisers do not require, you can put the ad code to any website; read more

Abstract when Islla Furman was 11 years old, he made his first product, just like a terrible trick.

BI Chinese station on October 13th reported

many people dream of inventing a product and becoming a millionaire. From Broolyn (a region of Southwest New York City, United States) a 20 year old man had done this, he was the young inventor Alec Islla Furman Xie · (Alex Shlaferman), Vante founder of Toys. In fact, Islla Furman is not a success, but a number of success. Islla Furman’s first success dates back to the age of 15. read more

now stationmaster industry had not what fresh vocabulary, even our three cities have emerged many rely on the Internet to a man of God, had to change the number of Internet emotion generation power. Not only that, now the webmaster more and more young people, many are still in school students began to have their own website, as to why so early in career, they are always webmaster ease, free time, very comfortable, will rely on this to make money. Perhaps this is the most novice webmaster to understand this, Kobayashi just want to say from graduation to now 2 years, I have done a number of websites, has also experienced a lot and the ideal is not the same thing, now I finally know any kind of occupation are will have a good shot, the period we must pay a lot of hard work and thinking. read more

fly contact to make money online for more than a year, this year to know a lot of friends in the Wangzhuan or rely on the network for the livelihood of friends, specializing in the online shop to make money, is engaged in the operation of the site to make money, and make money by opportunistic, new people are generally from the beginning of the based on the point of advertising, do Wangzhuan, voting, do research, do the task and so on, in a word, as long as the money is where there are loopholes, almost have friends in, but with everyone in the chat, find a lot of friends to give up the money online, returned to the workshop or office. The reason is the network so that they even basic material life are difficult to solve, the network did not bring a success to their network, make them ideal to ashes, fade away…… The quest for survival and success in the Internet has slowly transformed into chronic suicide in their eyes, as if it were an outright hoax. read more

strategy is the enterprise according to its external environment and internal resources and ability, for enterprise survival and long-term stable development, to gain new competitive advantage, the general ways and means of enterprise development goals, achieve the goal of the plan. When you think about a company’s strategic planning, which aspects will be analyzed? This article will analyze how to complete the company’s strategic thinking of the system.

text / Jun Consulting Group Chairman Wang Mingfu read more

recently a lot of friends in the station to rely on e-commerce, or to rely on the site charges..

In conclusion we feel

GOOGLE advertising Wangzhuan era has passed.

I’m here to give my opinion.

first look at my website this PS site has a little experience.

was built in early 07, and then sold at the end of the year. These days just frame.

The reason why

sold, and everyone else, I love this PHOTOSHOP network lost information.

at that time, remember, on the one hand, traffic is always not high, has been around 5000PV, IP at around 800. And the price of the end of the life, remember that only 0.02 less than the average. read more

this is from the telephone marketing time goes to a flower shop in the Internet era, in the past thirty years, it is originally a regional small shop grew into an annual income of more than $700 million online platform.

there are many entrepreneurs who are interested in making a new career in this field, perhaps for them, 1-800-Flowers’s story and experience will be of great practical significance and enlightenment.

the growth history of a florist

1986, a store selling gifts of flowers called 1-800-Flowers because of mismanagement, eventually being acquired, the reason is such a strange name, the most direct reason is because this flower shop in the United States began using free telephone service (1-800) order flowers. read more

[TechWeb] reported on December 15th news, self application developers Mito company landed on the main board of Hongkong today, the stock code is 01357.HK. Mito said yesterday’s announcement, the IPO price limit of HK $8.5 to determine the issue price, the number of shares issued 574 million shares, the net proceeds of approximately HK $4 billion 688 million, 500 shares subscribed hand, a success rate of one hundred percent.

Mito today landed in Hongkong motherboard has been oversubscribed 1.39 times read more

recently unfamiliar street Q1 earnings release, the quarter net revenue reached $50 million 900 thousand, an increase of 93%; net profit attributable to the unfamiliar street for $12 million 700 thousand, an increase of 35%, two key indicators are superior in concept stocks. I am most concerned about is the change of income structure of Unfamiliar Street: the live service in 2015 each quarter alone did not carry, Q1 reported it generated $15 million 600 thousand in revenue, total revenue accounted for 30.65%, the most powerful source of income in the major broadcast platform is still groping how to live have been realized, for Tang Yan bring real money, the predecessor of unfamiliar street scene business launch time is only half a year, the rapid progress; there is a bright spot, mobile marketing revenue of $12 million 400 thousand, an increase of 104% over the same period last year, the growth rate of only to live. read more

note: one of the five founders of the Tencent Inc has li Qing, recently shared the experience of the actual investment in the past 5 years of failure – the nine companies can not vote. Most of these experiences come from the pits that have been lost. Whether for investment companies or entrepreneurs, is a rare "experience". This article from the speech has been a record of Li Qing, transferred from Forbes Chinese network, tiger sniffing slightly editor.

I am

from the Tencent for five years, probably voted 2 – 300 million in angel investment, invested about 50 companies last year, a company listed (rice, below), as well as a company in the market, there is a company selling $100 million (Seventh Avenue to the Sohu tour). In this business, we are 2 million investment in the past 2 years to become a $100 million, paid a personal income tax of 20 million (laughs). read more

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text / Zhang Tianyi cow church founder and CEO

recently appeared in many articles one after another Ma Jiajia, his comments points are "Ma Jiajia this mouseexcrement, upside down 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurs in the soup". My circle of friends and even several age entrepreneurs funny to release "their own horse and Allison not half dime", "resolutely and draw a line like Allison Ma, Ma Jiajia tarnished the reputation of this group we let our business more difficult to do" such words. In short, there are large public torrents, "Qing Fu die, Lu has not been difficult" meaning. read more