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in the store operation process, it is what kind of things can happen, embarrassment is a lot more, if it happens that, it has a very negative impact on the operation of shops will. Yesterday evening nine o’clock, I was cleaning the store sanitation, to close when, in three customers, the average age of fifty.

two of them are my gold customers, and the other is a new customer. Gold customers in the name of Liang Liang to buy a box of pure milk, payment, the new customer suddenly said: this kind of milk big supermarket to sell thirty-seven boxes, and the happiness of the supermarket is only $twenty-seven. The day before yesterday, I called her and bought two boxes, drink good." read more

a person’s state of mind, in fact, the development of its business has a different influence. For this reason, if you want to succeed in business, nature also need to maintain a good attitude. So, the online business to maintain good mentality?

Internet is a huge cake, fattened countless entrepreneurs, but also attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs. There are many online entrepreneurs can do things at the same time, can do more, and most of all, whether in prosperity or adversity, entrepreneurs should maintain a good attitude. What specific mentality we need to focus on? read more

now a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, but it is difficult to really let entrepreneurs assured project. Want to invest in a shop, you must find the gold suction project. Recently, many friends are asking, what kind of shop to make money? Today Xiaobian recommend to you a suction gold project, allowing you to easily shop to make money.

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in the process of economic development, the establishment of venture capital in Xiamen, Xiamen’s economic development has made indelible effect, its achievements are also very significant. Held in Beijing "2016 days before the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the investment community China equity annual forum, 2016 China equity annual ranking list announced, Xiamen Golden Circle Investment Group under the Xiamen City Investment Company Limited for the 2016 Chinese private equity investment institutions LP (" Limited Partners "acronym, meaning a limited partner 20). read more

with the increasing pressure of our lives, our demand for their own entertainment is also increasing. So, how to join the billiards club? Very high quality projects, the success of entrepreneurship is also very worthy of trust!

billiards as one of the ways of entertainment, get a lot of people’s favor and love. Small table tennis, bring infinite pleasure. Choose billiards club chain, save more intermediate links, to their own business to bring more useful new choice, choose such projects need to pay attention to what?. read more

bakery franchise location how to get it? Many newcomers are not familiar with the location of the site, Xiaobian compiled some experience, I hope to help you. Shop location on the need to investigate the surrounding environment, comprehensive factors to analyze the pros and cons of the site, the following tips to share, purely reference recommendations.

skills a: see people flow. The final decision on the flow of store revenue. The real support shops are fixed flow, followed by the flow of people, passenger flow (bus, subway station). read more

Hot pot as the Chinese nation classic snack brand, not only brought the delicious tongue for people, also brought rich opportunities for many franchisees, a lot of people who want to start a business, want to open a Hot pot stores, but do not know how. Worried about the risk, coupled with no previous experience, we are hesitant. The following details to introduce you, hot pot join? With the improvement of the situation of the development of />

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different personality, gender different customers, even into the same store, will have different performance. Some customers into the shop to sit up on a meal, so customers do not have to worry. But some of what the customer consumption are hesitant, which requires the operator can stabilize". So, how to keep customers open mutton soup Museum?

is the so-called "stable", in all cases, through the warm service, the mutton soup Museum to customers attracted to "Take things as they come., eat and walk, but also to try to eat well. When the value of the table, the general situation in the following circumstances need to be stable: read more

in recent years, China has made a number of reform initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry has not a small impact. In the face of the future, the medical industry is in urgent need of innovation and entrepreneurship to find a new way out.

"I just bought Ali health stock, 12 yuan per share, is now 6 yuan per share." Pfizer China President Wu Xiaobin described the hardships of medical entrepreneurship. Because of the reasons for the industry center, he knows the industry pain points, even if the big companies are no exception, but how to solve these pain points, in the new situation will be groping and thinking. read more

What is

project makes a 70 year old lady made about 6000000? Or she has what secret business method? It’s got to be our curiosity.

in prison after 7 years of Wu Shengming start again, 5 years to earn 6 million! Earlier commodity supply ability was far below demand, who can organize to goods, especially consumer goods, who will be able to get profit. The state still plans to allocate some of the shortage of goods. What are the good entrepreneurial projects, Wu Shengming turned his attention to the planned allocation of materials. In the summer of 1985, Wu Shengming cleared the relationship and got a plan to import 48 premium cars. According to the policy, Wu Shengming had no right to run a car. This is only a sale, she would profit 200 million yuan. At the same time, Wu Shengming in Fujian province to the value of 5 million 200 thousand yuan of high-grade fabrics. read more

if the customer in your store and enjoy the best service, you have what reason not to visit this shop? Because of this, if we want to run a hot shop, why not give customers a more best service? Gu Jianhua is precisely because of a profound understanding of this, but also has been to provide customers with such a service, which is deeply loved by customers, the store business is extremely popular.

as we all know, different people have different personalities. Different personalities can lead to different behaviors. The same service, the same service language and service attitude will give different customers to leave a different impression, will bring different results, some customers may be very satisfied, some customers may not be satisfied. To this end, if you can serve the customer, do a good job of people, personalized service, will make more customer satisfaction, of course, will bring more sales results. read more

a shop to choose the correct address, but because the decoration work is not in place, thus affecting the development of the entire store business, which is a great loss. So, if you want a hot pot business booming, very important to do the decoration work. So, how to decorate the hot pot restaurant?

environment will affect people’s mood, thus subtly affecting the taste of hot pot. Previously, Hot pot mass of less than 30 yuan per capita, often only pay attention to the taste and ignore the environment, Tuzao, soil pot and soil depth and the monotony of the shop, dull and depressed. read more

The first step is to find the

entrepreneurial venture, both for himself and his return, and then decide the entrepreneurial city, for the establishment of their own business in the kingdom where and shop, there are certain skills and methods.

The following is
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with the increase in the number of beauty, beauty industry more and more prosperous, more and more beauty market, how to do a good job of beauty, how to open their own beauty shop? Small trick, let you start the five step, grasp five points so you can easily do beauty shop!

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spring in the past, the scorching summer is coming, a lot of people are looking at the summer sales of this hot market, want to open a shop specializing in the sale of summer supplies. So, open a summer supplies store to pay attention to what? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

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as long as the entrepreneurs want to operate the popular business, because the market is hot enough to earn more wealth, then what can attract more customers to easily shop, with good business door?

The mobile phone is
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now, many college students in order to reduce the burden on the family, but also some in order to increase social experience, began to work in the school part-time, while studying, while making money, but also a certain degree of intense work experience. Here, take a look at the most suitable for college students three entrepreneurial projects!

to enter the University, what things will be standardized, handwritten report the teacher does not receive the application form must be printed, don’t understand it. Although the school is also a text printing society, but far from the hostel, and monopoly, the price is too black. Why can I get a mini text printed agency, for the benefit of students, they also earn pocket money? This idea of the students believe that many, but it really is not much more hands-on. In fact, build completely without difficulty, the cost can be controlled within 1500 yuan, need to prepare a few packets of A4 printing paper, a stapler, and equipped with a multi-function machine is done. Scheme three:

the temporary print point often to April and May, India agency business school is very good, because the senior are busy writing papers, papers, papers, each print is dozens of pages, and from the first draft to the final must make several back. The queue is recognized, but some sinister boss is still the price. Can’t you make a temporary paper printing point? In fact, the device is very simple, only one computer and printer. Computer ready, do not need to purchase, zero cost, printer, taking into account the print load will be relatively large, laser printer consumables required, cheaper, higher stability, don’t strike, that you really want to cry. To run at full capacity, each printing charges 0.4 yuan, the profit of at least one month can reach $1500, not only to earn money to buy a printer back, but also the remaining 500 yuan.

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with broad market space, you always choose to work for others, or their own career path, open their own different life? "Do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier," most technicians have a boss dream, the foundation is not thick enough? Choose a partner may be a good choice, but in fact because of failure of the venture partner Former friends become enemies with each other. case also see with partnership venture beyond count, what are the pit? What are the reasons for the failure of the beauty salon? read more

everyone wants to be a ordinary person, so this extraordinary is often found in the ordinary, do extraordinary things of nature becomes extraordinary, here is a real case, a 24 year old king took 6000 yuan business, she opened 6000 yuan a shop in Taobao. 6000 yuan started business shop, the most recent period of business particularly prosperous, turnover increased by 80%. 6000 yuan venture, how can she do so prosperous, to what is asked of entrepreneurial projects 6000 yuan, how can you make it easy for her monthly income of five thousand or six thousand, she smiled and said: "is the light son of school, the store mainly sells bags, a month sold 2000 read more

Chinese holidays love send tobacco tea, the three in the natural Chinese sales market occupies a large share of sales. Here we only talk about tea, for many people, both love tea, Chinese tea culture history is very long, has a huge market. Open a tea shop has a very good prospects for development, want a better business to make money, but also to improve the popularity of the store. So, how to improve the popularity of tea stores


for tea stores, the use of a variety of holidays to carry out a variety of promotional activities to enhance the popularity of tea stores an important way. Promotional activities can not only allow consumers to truly enjoy the benefits, but also for the tea store accumulation of a lot of popularity. And now a lot of tea stores have not only limited to carry out promotional activities, some of the new promotional methods gradually popular in the mainstream market. read more