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business for each and every one is a very difficult transformation, in the modern society, the development of economy and the thought gradually open to let everyone have entrepreneurial opportunities on the market, and now many, through entrepreneurship to practice their ideal of life has become a modern choice of many people. But the road is not smooth sailing, a person’s growth and development will inevitably undergo several hardships, to achieve a different realm.

entrepreneurship at the beginning of the output concept – achievement of their own read more

do G G, do not greedy, monthly income, low two hundred.

cross point, clear record, for I P, no harm.

multi turn, stop, open, close.

click rate, five, steady flow, not K.

into the background, for I P, not frequent, anti correlation.

keyword, to be careful, do not follow the trend, there are personality.

station content to be rich, not garbage, increase revenue.

The outdated mix also have a long time, diving is even most willing to work, no way, a lot of posts have the impulse to reply, but need behind can in other threads, a long time will sprout want to fall behind the idea, but the individual ability is limited, the rookie level, so has been hesitant to what to write, and now finally decided to try, outdated!       learn about your site this time feel and experience it, and hope to have more exchanges and common hobby friends!

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Location: quasi

speed: Senior station usually only dozens or hundreds of data, can produce more than one day! read more

on the network, we will find such a phenomenon, as a point of view, why people in different ways, but got so obvious differences? Some article hits is very high, some hit rate is so low.

I think everyone wants to know the truth, want to know why is the same in others is recommended to the home page or click on the high quantity, we can only be buried in the corner? As a network of people, I would like to according to their own research on the marketing of soft red Wangzhuan view:

first, published articles to self marketing read more

in popularity since the computer Wangzhuan become a pronoun that is as everyone knows, but the network on the network to make money, money really pay? Entry on the Internet every day people can not rely on the Internet to earn billions of dollars, the livelihood of the people at least millions, but really can not figure family on the Internet more than 100 thousand, it is difficult to find.

today Takeshi webmaster borrow the occasion of national day to talk about the way you are, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Adsense ads and so on in the end how to walk, I hope to help people in this industry. Now the first look into the Wangzhuan industry needs the condition of it, tomorrow to talk about money conditions. read more

Comconn is a start-up company based in Silicon Valley. Their main business is to help overseas in the sea, to expand the foreign large and medium-sized businesses, has been officially authorized UnionPay, and become one of the 6 global acquirer.

the company is the best opportune advantage. Recently, they have just moved into the office before Google, and the signing of the United States well-known high-quality headset brand Monster (magic). Less than half a year, only 12 of the start-up team, has developed a number of large and medium businesses. Business development speed is not so disappointed that the cup. What is surprising is that Comconn company CEO Wang Yuanbo was a quasi 90 students. read more

CTR ad click rate is the value of AdSense advertising display and advertising click on the ratio. Of course, the ideal value is 100%, that is, advertising display a user clicks on a. Of course, this is almost impossible. Users generally do not want to click on the ads, and do not want to see ads. Advertising is the enemy of the audience – the idea has been deeply rooted in people’s minds.

how to improve the possibility of advertising being clicked


first to explain the policy of Google AdSense. Google does not allow webmasters to force or entice users to click on ads. Such as the registration or download the file must click on the AdSense ad, or let the user click on the AdSense ad to get better service, such as behavior is not recognized Google. If you do this, Google is likely to delete your AdSense account. read more

everybody stationmaster:

        everybody is good!

        6 dimensional CPA promotion grand landing Yiqifa!

        6 degrees of space is the first interactive entertainment review portal, is a positive response to Web2.0 and leader. Through advanced acquisition mode and first-class editing level to provide high-quality information essence for the reader, multimedia interactive entertainment community platform collection of movies, music, digital, automotive, travel, reading, video, maps, delicacy, blog, electronic magazines, shopping in one.
        six degrees of space to express the concept that the people on this planet are so closely related, the invisible link us together. There are countless combinations between people, polymerization of a large information forms a unique advantage of the network world, breaking the barriers and barriers across the gap between human and virtual reality and interaction, mutual trust, understanding and communication, interpersonal circle a more true will be born with six. Growth.
        two, commission standard: 4 yuan / effective registration. read more

I believe we are not familiar with the Taobao capital, from 2 years ago to 7.8 of the rash and too much in haste, he found hundreds of large area blocked, along the way stumbled, now Taobao customers still have many webmaster pursuit, today I write this article to my Taobao guest 2 months of experience.

why do Taobao guest?

a few days ago to listen to a friend said he built a Taobao shopping guide Station, casually to some online shopping QQ mass advertising, after a few days on a single deal, which makes me very surprised. Many grassroots webmaster work hard every day, the result is just a month thousands of advertising, even earn money not to the server, while Taobao has so much power off, why not try read more

first of all, thanks to Mr. Dai Zhikang of DISCUZ, CEO, because one of his stories inspired me. If you don’t know what CJ is, please use Baidu search Commission Junction.

why? Because the report said he when DISCUZ truly open and free, he changed his business model, from the previous member fees on profit pattern, into the station group sales package advertising model, that is to say, if the BENZ to do the advertisement, he will talk to BENZ, because he has all 70% China forum users can share all the auto forum will play BENZ advertising. It is this concept, let me have a new inspiration to do CJ, is the station group model. read more

for a new Taobao store, what is the most important? First, the most important thing is not for profit, not to make money and how will their goods sell out, can let more customers pay, this is the most important. A novice how to better sell their products out of the four rules for the novice to open Taobao shop how to better adjust the store must remember.

Article 1: store product adjustment

1, product title adjustment

Title Adjustment specific principles:

keyword must choose according to their actual situation of the product, do not blindly to choose a large amount of search keywords, suggest that we choose the current baby number is relatively small, the flow is also good; read more

site need to survive, we need to profit, these small personal website also needs to live a well-off life. A reprint articles found in the computer on the newspaper today, read more rewarding, and would like to share for everyone to share.


profit model

an online advertising

advertising alliance advertising code on your site, click on the ads to make money.

to make money through advertising, will need to flow, for example: good advertising alliance advertising inside: Huang Xiaoya Adult supplies mall CPC click on the ads, 50 yuan /1000IP! IP and visible money have a direct relationship. read more

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                due to this failure, it is possible to cause today’s data report to interrupt.
                hope webmaster understanding.

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former Taiwan stem to billionaire Tong Wenhong, known as Ali " most inspirational " partner. In 2000, Tong Wenhong entered the Ali first positions the company front, after successively served as group executive, customer service, human resources management sector, the Ali group senior vice president and chief operating officer of rookie. Ali after the listing of one of the 9 billionaires behind Ma partner. Once again proves that persistence and effort are more important than anything else. read more


Hello everyone!

from the beginning of January 18th, Skype price adjustment: 0.2 yuan / registered +0.25 yuan / active +8%CPS.

the purpose of this price adjustment is to increase the proportion of active users, so, while lowering the registration price, we also support the introduction of incentive policies, as follows:

1) in the weekly (NATURAL week), the cumulative data to register the amount of > =750 active / registration ratio > =25%, the user will be in accordance with 0.2 yuan / registered +0.3 yuan active +8%CPS into payment; read more

at the beginning of 08, is catching up with the general trend of CN Admin5 meters, I would have registered more than CN meters, was registered with the play anyway, not a few money. But then thought, so many meters left is a waste, so simply rented a virtual space of 1G, the Internet under a lot of garbage, little changes, add some GG ads on the inside, each meter tied to a program, so I set up a group of garbage station.

some people say that these garbage stations, a no flow, two no PR, even if the investment in GG advertising inside, a penny a day income will not be. Is the beginning of a month or so, indeed, I will also stand to the Baidu and GG and other major search engines landing, about 1 months later, these stations are more or less included the engine slowly, also began to flow, although each station may be only a few IP ten about, but add up these stations IP around 500, GG revenue every day also have a few tenths of a knife, if you rely on this income, I was in this rant, you people don’t laugh ah, ha ha. read more

then do find a part-time job on the Internet, Taobao is undoubtedly the premier guest recommended a good project, from 09 to 10 years, I found that Taobao fired off extra heat, some Taobao customers of the glorious deeds of expert in the media constantly emerging exposure, so the "Taobao" a night network fame. Just as the violent star overnight. Understand and do not understand the network of people who have to study online Taobao how to make money, of course, I also did not hesitate to enter the position of Taobao customers, but started a little late, the official entry into the Taobao has so far two months. The Taobao army occupied the guest go forward with great strength and vigour to make money on the army team a space for one person, but the uneven level of individual soldiers mastered the attack Road, so make more money, while the individual soldier is still hard struggle learning stage, still wandering, a month will Amoy a eighty yuan, even is 0. I was lucky, the first month to achieve revenue of nearly two thousand yuan, a week on the station to station optimization to Baidu home page, so the first month from Taobao made of gold, of course, all in the plan implementation, so everything is not surprised. read more

not every Wangzhuan way is suitable for everyone, as compared with the current fire foreign Wangzhuan click, can really make money just a few people, but the majority of people are obsessive – including me! Did not want to step back, and then take another look ~ maybe it you can have a new discovery, and find a really suitable for their own Internet! Here in my personal experience, write down roughly like me Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice bitter! Hope to have a little help to everyone

beginner first step (mysterious Wangzhuan): read more

Toytalk hope that through artificial intelligence technology to make toys more vivid, humane, interactive direction.

recently, a company called ToyTalk attracted widespread media attention. In the company profile, Toytalk claimed that RealNetworks Home Entertainment Inc, it hopes to create entertainment with the role and dialogue". From a product preview video can be seen, Toytalk hope that through artificial intelligence technology to make toys more vivid, humane, interactive direction. As long as the children put the toy in front of the iPad, and then open the Toytalk application, you can give the toy "life" and "smart", let it communicate with their own. read more