Saved Great Dane awarded Best Rescue Dog prize

first_imgThe dogs were kept at the kennels for two weeks for observation and treatment. Once they were in a stable condition, they were put up for adoption. Their saving grace appeared in the form of loving homes for each of them. Antony Porrill and his brother decided to adopt the two Great Danes.‘Ember’ is one of them and has now adapted happily to her new home.Antony and his wife Mazz were at the annual Dog-A-Thon with their small pack of dogs. They also have a pedigree Great Dane and a Jack Russell that have taken to Ember very well. Mazz says that “Ember sleeps on the floor right next to Antony every night. She knows he will look after her and sees him as her pack leader.”While at the Dog-A-Thon, Ember was spotted by members of the AACL, but was hardly recognisable as the sad, skinny dog when they first saw her. “She is so shiny and happy now! I’m so glad she is no longer just a sack of bones and that she has a family who love her,” said Annamarie Koen of the AACL.In fact, members of the league were so pleased with the progress Ember has made at her new home that she was awarded the title of ‘Best Rescue Dog’ and got a hamper of prizes to take home. In November last year, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) removed two Great Danes that were found in a terrible condition.The AACL received a tip-off from a resident and on inspection, found two black female Great Danes starving and left without water. When they first arrived, the dogs were terrified and weak, and near death due to starvation. As soon as food was placed in front of them, they wolfed it down. Their ribs were sticking out and their coats were dull and full of fleas and ticks. The dogs’ owners had received warnings in the past, and failure to care for their pets resulted in the Great Danes being removed from the property. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img

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