Level5s latest 3DS roleplayer is a hostess RPG

first_imgLevel-5, developer of the popular Professor Layton series of DS adventure games, has announced something new: a hostess game for 3DS.Girls’ RPG Cinderellife is the title, according to an article in Japan’s weekly Famitsu gaming mag, and takes place in “Neo-Ginza,” where you, a young girl, come to establish yourself as the next great hostess. This is something of a twist on the ‘hostess genre’ as we in the US know it, where Sega’s Yakuza series brought over a mini-game centered on running a hostess club, not being one of the girls paid to flirt with customers.Here, avatars work at a club called The Castle, where customers range from major politicians to famous singers. Players level up by doing well with each customer, which of course means ordering expensive food and drinks from the menu.Players will have over a thousand items to use to customize their avatar’s makeup and outfit, and decorate her own room.Cinderellife is actually a port of a similar game Level-5 runs on its own mobile gaming social network in Japan. Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino told Famitsu that that game, Kyabajoppi, is their top-performing game on the network and so deserved “a full RPG experience.”The game will reach Japanese shelves in 2011 and will probably never see the light of day in the United States.Read more at 1uplast_img

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