MRI Rolls Out First Ad Ratings for Magazines

first_imgAdMeasure’s print ad ratings will be derived from three sources: MRI’sSurvey of the American Consumer, which measures the average issueaudience of consumer magazines; the Issue Specific Readership Study,which measures readership for individual issues of magazines; andresearch from MRI Starch, which has research on the effectiveness ofprint ads that appear in magazines on consumers via a small Internetsample.Anne Marie Kelly, SVP, marketing & strategic planning at MRI, useda fictional magazine to illustrate how AdMeasure rates an ad. “For ourimaginary title ‘American Magazine,’ the February 9th issue had a totalaudience of 23,422,000 readers—we know this from our Issue SpecificReadership Study,” she said. “The MRI Starch ad noting score for aSubway ad in this issue is 68 percent.  23,422,000 million times 68percent equals 15,927,000. So, 15.9 million consumers who read thatissue of ‘American Magazine’ saw the Subway ad.  But this is just onemetric AdMeasure offers.” Ad pages and revenue in consumer magazines dropped by 26 and 20 percentrespectively in the first quarter of 2009, according to MPA’sPublishers Information Bureau, displaying a shift in advertiserconfidence in print.How it Works “Historically, a magazine’s total readership was accepted as a proxyfor ad exposure,” MRI CEO Kathi Love said. “But accountability-focusedadvertisers are demanding more direct measurement of the reach of theirad campaigns.” MRI’s AdMeasure, she said, “moves the needle frommeasuring the ‘opportunity to see’ a print ad to measuring how manyreaders actually saw the ad, as well as how many took an action as aresult of seeing it.” Other metrics available through the database include the number ofreaders who read the ad thoroughly and the number of readers who saw,read, and took action to a given ad. Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI), known in the industry formeasuring the audience of consumer magazines, said today that it willbegin to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns that appear in thosemagazines. The system, called AdMeasure, is “designed to elevatemagazine audience measurement granularity to the level of TV and theInternet.”MRI hopes it will give advertisers the accountability they’ve long been looking for.AdMeasure will give audience levels for all national ads one-third of apage or larger appearing in the approximately 646 consumer magazineissues measured by MRI. The ratings for each magazine will beaccessible to publishers and advertisers via an online database andwill be searchable by a specific ad or magazine.last_img

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