Andy Mientus Reflects on His Run in Les Miz!

first_imgIn the corporate world, employees leaving a job are often asked to sit through an “exit interview” with HR about their time at the company. Although that concept doesn’t exist for Broadway performers, we love checking in with stars as they finish up a successful run. Les Miserables star and Audience Choice Award winner Andy Mientus will say goodbye to his barricade buddies on March 1, when he plays his final performance as Marius in the hit musical at the Imperial Theatre. As Mientus says farewell to his fellow revolutionaries, he looks back on his adventures in Les Miz on Broadway. View Comments How do you feel now that you’re leaving? Proud. I feel like I really accomplished something, making it through a year run of this incredibly demanding show. I don’t know if I’ve ever worked so hard. What skills do you think are required for future job applicants? Discipline, a personal steamer and a supportive fiancé. What was the hardest thing? Singing with vibrato. I don’t know if I’ll ever attempt it again. Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 4, 2016 What was the easiest thing about the job? Being present in the moment with such a sensitive and talented company of actors. How did you feel when you first got this job? Shocked, then thrilled. I never thought of this as a show or a role for me and I had moved to L.A. and had set my focus on that world, so it all came as a bit of a shock that I would finally make my Broadway debut with Les Miz. But it was a joyous thing. What advice would you give to future employees in your job position? Don’t always clip your mic in the same place. It leads to breakage.center_img What are three words you would use to describe your experience at the job? Exhaustion. Emotion. Fog. Why are you leaving? I never planned to extend beyond the set year contract. I left behind a whole life (friends, career, spouse, cat) in Los Angeles to do this job so I am anxious to return to all of that. But luckily, I also already have my next projects lined up that I can’t wait to spill the beans about. What was the highlight of your time at this job? Getting to know and love Nikki M. James. She’s in my wedding party. Les Miserables Related Shows What will you miss the most? As with every job, the people. I would grow tired of even my dream role after so many passes through, but the good people I’ve met on this job constantly inspire, buoy, and uplift me. But in theater, you never say goodbye. How do you think you’ve grown? I have learned (not definitively, but more than I knew before) how to balance consistency and immediacy/spontaneity when performing in a long run so that the audience gets the same great show but you aren’t sleepwalking through the motions.last_img

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