Some ideas about building stock websites

Some ideas about building stock websites

with the development of market economy, more and more obvious trend of vertical industry segments, including financial stocks in many industries in the type of website is more and more fierce, as currently several large domestic financial websites such as, the financial sector, the Asian financial sector are listed companies, such deep pockets, the vast majority of market monopoly share. As a small individual stock site operations, in the Internet industry environment and the increasingly tense situation in the industry under the feudal rule, how to find their own profit space and maintain survival, is the top priority in front of the following kinwell and share some personal experience about the stock type website building, hope we supplement and perfect.


for the stock type of site, it has a certain particularity, the stock market’s "28 laws" is that most people lose money, only a small number of people make money. Then we do stock type website, from the psychology of investors to start.

one, the content of the site plate positioning

Localization of

sites mainly include the position of user needs, the user needs to determine the content of the website localization, website content positioning many degree and structure of the site layout or plate is closely related to the following one by one, and we analyze.

1, in the content, the plate layout we must learn to make good use of Baidu index: for example, we can find "stock entry when Baidu stock index, t+0 ratio of these words every day in Baidu search is very high, this shows that there are a lot of outside janga into the stock market every day, there are many beginners in learning introductory knowledge. To this end, we need in the stock website in content orientation, we should improve the stock of primary knowledge of the plate content, and the position is obvious, visitors come at a glance can see the plate he want. Otherwise, the visitor came for a long time and did not find what he wanted. He would leave and would not like to come again. There is the stock T+0, indicating that most people want to understand this, such as stocks, t+0 accounts, stocks, t+0 transactions. So our website content should have these plates. This tells us that the content, layout and location of the website should be carried out according to the user’s needs.

The characteristics of real-time

, 2 Industry: we use Baidu index again, found that as the word "stock market" there are a lot of people search, because the stock market is updated in real time, to see every day, so the stock website set up stock market sector, will greatly improve the site’s traffic and user viscosity, as long as the user experience is good, this time, next time also is likely to. Therefore, the stock of such real-time data requires a high industry, the market function is indispensable, and to do it in place.

3, the stock industry has a linkage: any national policy and major events will have an important impact on the stock market trend, many investors every morning to see what happened last night

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