Month: February 2017

New Taobao

in 2006, I signed up for Taobao. It’s a chance, I came into contact with Taobao, from the beginning of the ignorance to the skilled operation, I became a part-time seller from the buyer, and all this only from the interest, and at that time, I did not think, three years later, this interest has become a today the main industry, but the only change is that interest.

is a quiet road, lush vegetation, in the garden like campus, four bedroom, completely let Peking Tsinghua students envy, learning, leaning against the pillow, open the computer, the school’s BBS forum became everyone’s love of the local, national affairs, campus news, personal emotional talk and share learning experience, have your thoughts can be settled here, and the most popular forum is the flea market. read more

Beijing, June, 18 (IT channel Zhang Sinan) is the birthday of Jingdong in June 18th, the annual electricity supplier war officially kicked off 618. Unlike in the past, Jingdong 618 promotional Festival this year coincides with the world cup in Brazil. With the help of football in the East, the electricity supplier who carry out marketing to increase the wildly beating gongs and drums, 618 Jingdong Monday, trying to create a world cup. Experts said that the occasion of the world cup like a raging fire, while electricity supplier to traditional marketing methods, the price war, but the trend has weakened. Suning, Tmall or become the main sniper Jingdong, consumers should be rational treatment of frequent promotions electricity supplier. In addition, the experts also called for the establishment of public interest in the third party monitoring platform, the exposure of online shopping and then cut the price and other unreasonable phenomenon and the integrity of the shop, to help consumers harmonious shopping. read more

in the past few decades, the development of China’s cities is to achieve the plunder of rural land and resources, while providing dividends for urban development, but also led to the development of rural areas blocked. After entering the era of the Internet, the birth of the city’s electricity supplier model can also provide some dividends for rural development?

it is well known that the development of Chinese cities in the past few decades has been achieved by plundering rural land and resources. In contrast with the prosperity of the city business, a large number of rural labor loss, rural land into a piece of waste. Into the Internet era, a new round of business trends, the electricity supplier has become the focus of business models and the realization of the internet. However, what is at the expense of the interests of the rural development of the city, its hot electricity supplier model dividends can also benefit the countryside? read more


technology – Beijing morning news on November 15th, allegedly to Amazon through its online marketplace sales of fake businesses filed two lawsuits, the first step down the Christmas shopping season before.

one of the case is California ToysNet in Hacienda Heights, Florida Blanton, Disk Vision, and Forearm Forklifts that Amazon selling fake individual sellers, this is a huge bag for carrying heavy objects. Amazon said that the company had been removed in June this year, counterfeit goods, and said Disk Vision tried to force Amazon to restore the product through false invoices. read more

rival shares each other, we are staring at Tmall’s old rival Jingdong mall, but ignored the old rival Suning Gome online.

for the United States online, the history of the brand more loudly, more stores, more assets, like a sleeping lion. The lion is a lion, once wake up from sleep, or a ferocious lion. Today, the United States online action again and again. Is the August men’s day, but also the rabbit girl to send gold, which is to play what brand?

1, from the start of entertainment marketing, improve the United States online volume read more

balance treasure from the time when it was destined to become the focus of the current financial industry events, but from the beginning of the industry has not been seen in the beginning of how much change. Because of the financial circles, the balance of treasure there is only to realize the grass root style value-added plans to use the payment system on the Internet, reducing the financial threshold, simplify the procedures, but not to less than a year, has been suction gold 400 billion, if no restrictions the size of the balance of treasure, even trillions of standards, which is obviously not predictable for the impact of the financial system. read more

if the "Beijing Teng plan" as a social and electricity supplier a "great work", open a new pattern of cross-border electricity supplier doors for Jingdong, then in September this year, the new model of Jingdong and "giant" of today’s headlines together to create "content +" – "Beijing a plan", it means that Jingdong on the road of the cross has taken a more solid step. Now, after two months of strategic cooperation continues to advance, "Beijing plan" tentative results, Lenovo, vivo, FOTILE mobile phone bear appliances, such as a large number of advertisers in cooperation with the "plan" in Beijing have achieved good results, a series of cases have become a "wonderful delivery plan" big Beijing the marketing value of the best endorsement. read more

April 8th, on Friday, the limelight is full of cross-border electricity supplier platform ushered in a turning point. Was among the first tier cross-border electronic business platform, honey Amoy online, the past to attract consumers berserk "black Friday" disappeared, the entire site in a semi paralyzed state.

at the same time, in order to deal with cross-border electricity supplier import tax regime landing, the global purchase of cloud monkeys, Huarun E, NetEase koala and other platforms, without exception, the introduction of package tax promotions, hot pull powder. read more

[Abstract] shares recently fell again and again, from $229 to $196.63 today.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 30th

was the way the stock price soaring electricity supplier website recently frequently encountered the decline, the stock price way down, since released second quarter earnings, $229 from the highest price fell to $196.63 today.

yesterday’s opening price of $210.55, $211.60, $193.68, eventually shares fell $12.33, down to 5.9%, which is’s stock price rose to $200 for the first time since below this price. read more

buy site report card since October began to widen the gap. According to the independent group purchase navigation site 800 nearly 4 months of data show that sales of group purchase in the top ten always maintain the momentum of growth only meituan (micro-blog) and tick group two, and cosmetics group purchase website contrarian by tens of millions of financing. To this end, Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission Network (micro-blog) said that in the winter of the comprehensive group buying site still need to adhere to the two quarter of next year, during which the gap will further widen. read more

from university booming flea market is not difficult to see, many students do not care to buy a second-hand goods does not affect the use, while some students are willing to put their idle goods transfer out. Each year, a large number of second-hand goods are produced, including a large number of reference books, computers, digital products, and some very convenient living things. When we graduated, the book is sold in a sack of a pound, the computer and other items are two months in advance of the transfer of posts. read more

once a year the double eleven also came, in addition to Ali and Jingdong "cats and dogs", this year, fresh electricity become a concern to the industry highlights.

Tmall mall launched at the fresh independent category, and in the home front entrance to give support. In addition, in addition to Ali in order to move up the performance and focus on the development of fresh fields, SF preferred, originally living vertical business have also eager for a fight.

eleven is the annual double grad, behind the order double joy was accompanied by a courier warehouse explosion of sadness. The logistics and distribution requirements of fresh electricity providers, their products cold chain distribution will face exams. read more

Minister of Commerce Chen Deming 7 at the press conference of the eleven session of the National People’s Congress held a press conference on the disclosure of online shopping on the higher requirements of integrity, is exploring the legislative work in this regard, the five.

he said that under the current conditions in China, e-commerce will have great prospects for development. It is reported that now all e-commerce transaction volume has reached a year of about 6 trillion yuan, accounting for 13% of GDP, the electronic shopping retail only reached about 800 billion, so it is very potential of the industry". At the same time, this is also for small and micro enterprises, for some young people, especially just graduated from college graduates to create their own careers to provide a better stage." Chen Deming believes that the creation of these new business models on the Internet is very cheap, so online shopping in China in the future there will be great room for development. He stressed that the need for greater demand for online shopping business integrity, which is the Ministry of Commerce needs to strengthen the building, we have been exploring the work of this legislation". For home appliances and trade policy, Chen Deming said, home appliances to the countryside policy this year is not canceled, 31 provinces and institutions in 3 have been canceled in advance of the pilot, but there are 28 provinces by the end of this year will continue to implement the policy of expanding the consumption of home appliances to the countryside. However, at the end of last year, home appliances to the new policy on the suspension. read more

review: in the industry view, the Jingdong previously called the man of the Jingdong, this revision or to women.

Jingdong recently on the master layout of large adjustment, in addition to the re classification of different categories of home floor, three floors of the new category, on the whole, this change after the page is very similar with Tmall.

master Jingdong Jingdong compared with the old edition revised home page, in the original version, 4 belong to the 3 layer clothing shoes and bags and cosmetics category to 1, 2, and projected display of women’s clothing, and has topped the household appliances, computer digital floor is reduced to the cosmetics category, in addition, after followed by a digital computer is a new mobile phone communication, sports and fitness of two categories, and increase the service life in the home at the end of class. read more

e-commerce website is the innovation in the traditional business model, e-commerce has its unique advantages, such as convenience, universality, price, etc.. Twenty-first Century is the period of rapid development of e-commerce website. Many traditional sales companies began to layout on the Internet, this is a trend, online shopping has been more and more recognized by people, especially for young buyers, this seems to have become a kind of habit and fashion. Whether our e-commerce is a comprehensive B2C or vertical subdivision of the professional field, should solve some basic problems. read more

believe this is many white-collar workers after work often do: open mobile phone advertising page, the picture is very attractive, the price is very affordable, stay up late seckill a pile of things; to think well, after using a variety of defects exposed for one or two months, the heart blood is really regret a previous mistake…… All of the online shopping will allow all doubt, the fake hate, while we want to buy something cheap, but we want to be "good" rather than "no good cheap goods". read more

do not know when to start, Taobao released a new product category in some shops have to pay the consumer protection, is the margin. Consumer protection deposit is the main consumer protection fees, the average is 1000 yuan, some categories are higher, which is the lowest cost. Taobao released before the product is not required to pay any fees, free shop, but also need to pay 1000 yuan to pay the price of the shop.

Taobao consumer margin for the majority of Taobao owners, they care about is not how to pay, how to pay, but I pay the consumer margin this money can not be taken out. For some large companies have the strength of the business, the cost of insurance. One thousand dollars is really not worth mentioning, some categories of tens of thousands of dollars to pay the deposit or to pay them. read more

online shopping has long been the most convenient way to shop. Because of its convenient price advantage to win shopping family sought, however, in July 1, 2010 the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has carried out the online real name system. This will rewrite the development trend of online shopping.

carefully analyzed the structure and characteristics of China’s online shop, found that the number of sellers is relatively large, the rapid development of the situation, a full-time part-time Co owner. A small part of the owner of a lot of money, the majority of poor earnings or the main store is in the starting stage and a little improvement. read more


mobile Internet era is coming, the Internet bigwigs in order to win a seat can make the acquisition, transformation, exhaust all the skills, pushing new products…… Can be used in places hard. Of course, hard to work, can not fruition, sometimes see providence. Recently, Alipay would have the "iron boss" God helps, become a "lucky mobile era".

, according to media reports, the 12306 has been fully opened Alipay, including Alipay mobile phone can also purchase payment. If, before the payment has 100 million users of Alipay wallet, just get a platform ticket or a half ticket if access 12306 means Alipay wallet on the ticket "upgrade", truly mobile Internet tickets. read more

recently, netizens have said, can buy a "living the blue Ringed Octopus is one of the world’s most toxic marine organisms" in the online shopping mall, according to the store said that people buy the octopus is mainly used as a pet. The expert reminds, the blue Ringed Octopus belongs to the poisonous creatures, once stung, no antivenom treatment, not as pets.

blue Ringed Octopus online price from 180 yuan to 1999 yuan

blue ring octopus when the pet sells

released in 1983 "007" movie series "007:" Octopussy, mark the heroine "Octopussy" is a real marine life – the blue ringed octopus. In many articles, the animal will be included in one of the world’s most poisonous creatures, and some even called it "the world’s most poisonous sea creatures."". Is such a terrible blue ring octopus, there are friends that can be easily purchased in the domestic online shopping mall. read more