Month: July 2017

first, I want to make one thing clear, is a comment China domain strongman in a post about half a year ago, which honored I wrote, "I evaluate long ago that he sold a year earned 3 million meters (do not know or $$), now estimated stronger."

the evaluation that I live for a long time, there are also some meters friends Wenfeng experience to me for advice, then I checked, like Fujian’s Rogue Comrade out, holding me to the day up, visibility is greatly improved (in today’s society, holding the unspoken rule – blow each other mutual sedan chair to improve their visibility). Since I have been busy with my work for 08 years, I don’t have the time, the price and the domain name to register, and I don’t have enough time to correct some statements. As a matter of fact, I am an office worker, working in a small office in a remote mountainous area in the south, with very little pay, plus a small family and only a limited amount of money. But after three years of investment, was a modest success and luck, reversing the "poor and blank" family dilemma, so far, can be proud to say that in the south mountain small economic level in the next ten years of pocket money basically do not worry, but also some spare money to invest. read more

happened to see the views of the public network, the name piqued my curiosity, not worthy of the name? Open the web site, we see a very simple, and even can be said that ugly home, but such an ugly website, but it’s very successful, because the number of online actually there are thousands, and are very active. You might suspect that statistics will not be false?

verification is very simple, I checked the Google PR value of this site =5, Sogou PR value =50, Alexa world ranking of about 8000, it should be true. Well, the public voice network is not only visited, but also very high participation, in this regard, look at the registered members, the number of online and post rate of reply will know. So, according to its local (Wuhu city) functions: local people actively participate in the speech, the relevant departments to actively reply to the actual problem and gives the actual processing results, should be a very successful website. read more

now soft net has been running for almost 1 months, and has received strong support from friends from all walks of life. Now soft net also toward good direction, Baidu included good, GG included good. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my friends for their support.

many friends asked me on QQ how to promote it. What’s the good way? I usually tell my friends to try to write a soft text, and then publish it on the big website. Because soft Wen benefits much, because in the propaganda effect at the same time, virtually to your website increased wealth. Your site visits increased, your income increased, and if your article was reprinted by a number of websites, the invisible increase of your site’s quality of the chain. There are so many advantages that I can’t enumerate them. I have got to write and summarize the benefits of soft tissue, or a top post listing the benefits of soft levy activities. Other sibling websites can also be organized and organized. The prize is: "I praise you, you are great, ha ha!". read more

July 27th morning, my independent domain blog officially launched, now nearly 4 days of the time, for some practical course is hereby some data share the railway station for 4 days and their.

chart 1:4 day traffic data source

for a new blog can quickly spread out, in 27 and 28, respectively, I wrote a soft hair out, DONEWS, Admin5 and other sites is the main communication, the source of traffic 2-6 sites are the most, I mainly to promote the soft place, station site traffic 41.6% of the proportion of the total, relatively pleased is the direct input traffic accounted for 31.5%, because the old domain name to jump to the new domain name, can let loyal users most of my new blog address directly find some promotion in recent days plus some readers also remember my new domain name, URL directly access. The remaining 27.1% is mainly from some other soft Wen promotion site, such as iResearch, Sina blog, colleagues, and the resident to write their own blog space with Baidu over the user, now my Baidu space every day there are more than 500 of the traffic. read more

now rely on personal Adsense ads on Google, obviously reduce income than in the past two years, so many webmaster to do English station, in order to obtain the high income for new friends, do not English station can imagine in the brain as simple, not simple to Chinese words with Yahoo translation or translation tool under Goole you can, you need to face a lot, Chinese do foreign stations, is the most important linguistic problems, suggest that we do stand after the first to find a foreign friend to see to do the next step. Many of my friends have said, the biggest problem is to do English station domain name and space, it is one-sided, the real problem is the value of English station in foreign countries, only the valuable website they will visit, in their eyes, the access time is money. In this way, the biggest problem comes out, how can we get more foreign friends to visit?. (this is our Chinese said traffic problems, some people say do English station with China traffic, I tell you, do you can, but the advertising fee would not be significantly increased, only foreign IP click for advertising costs will be high), through these days of learning, I put my own the experience for everyone to share it, the content is too much, I have summarized the key points: read more

here, first of all to say "Happy Mid Autumn Festival", I wish you all round and round, happy and safe.

following the start of his article: as China recruitment network of the traditional tyrannical was one of the big three network recruitment into the industry leader, the earliest and most abundant resources, also had its own spring. But the Internet is a product will never rest on our laurels in the industry, not the features of your product meets the needs of more people, then it will be abandoned by the user. Therefore, this also appeared the Chinese talent net because the operation question nearly closes the predicament. read more

excellent user interface

(user, interface, UI) allows users to use it so as to increase the conversion rate, in other words, a good UI in the use and sales level to form a win-win situation. UI designer Jakub Linowski lists 16 tips for improving UI

1, and this list continues to accumulate. Interested readers can subscribe to his newsletter and get the latest UI tips at any time.

single column is better than multi column

single column type so that you can better grasp their own content, go from top to bottom, with the story guide readers is ultimately to entice them to "take action" (call to action, hereinafter referred to as CTA, which means to download or consumption); and multiple columns may lead to distract the reader. read more

many webmasters who are my age are discussing websites, jobs, prospects, money and so on. We are also 34 people, discuss these quite normal. I talk about my views, anyway, recently experienced relatively deep. Recently, for this unhappy brother, you can have a temper check.

remembers the third year when he was in pain because he wanted to choose. The most painful person, in fact, is the choice, after the choice of the remaining efforts, no pain, especially men, when you have goals, but is the most happy. There are always a lot of temptations in front of us, websites, traffic, advertising unit prices, all kinds of. I remember when I saw this, it was a lump in my head. I didn’t know how to do it. At that time, listening to other people’s opinions less, so took a lot of detours. Here, let me talk about my opinion and give you a reference. read more

of different industries will have the so-called smart business people, possibly in a short time on the use of their cleverness obtained certain success, but from a long-term perspective, the so-called smart will eventually harm themselves, because they will not be able to achieve sustainable development. For web operators, their cleverness often results in a very short life cycle and a long – term profit effect.

for a regular operation of the website, you can get new, often in order to profit in a short time, they tend to choose some of the industry that has some clever operation methods, but these methods will eventually harm themselves, following the analysis of these so-called harm small smart. read more

everyone knows that the majority of the webmaster’s website’s main traffic is to rely on Baidu and Google these two search engines. SEO, there is a sentence that is the most important words: the content is king, the chain as the trump card. Simple word, believe that different webmaster understand is not the same, just like one thousand people in the eyes of one thousand Hamlett.

, such as the author, in doing the first station of the Chinese dream venture net, then into the webmaster community, read this sentence, every day to do the content, because I heard that can not be collected, can not use tools and so on. Every day on the original article, the original article into their own to write, and sometimes to Google and Baidu can’t climb to the QQ space to copy other people, and also make pseudo original article, find good article to change the title and the beginning of two hundred words. As can be imagined, find articles, selected articles, the article, so every day to update the site, need a lot of time and energy, although the day of 10 articles about the search engine also included about 70% of the proportion of the article. But the actual effect is not good, because I spent a lot of time and energy to update the article, feel very tired, no energy to do outside the chain, the site can also included than though, but every day with only more than 10 articles, the overall number included not to. It is difficult to find friendship with others. No one else would like to. It’s difficult to find someone to exchange links every day, and the effect is not good. The quality of the exchanged links is not high. read more

site optimization, the domestic SEOER are rarely speak, but some foreign articles, not a lot of system, because this is like D, not because of how hard it is website structure optimization, but this part of the content is too complicated, I also say I understand that I know a bit about it.

structure optimization involves the overall optimization of a website. Turn to say:

1, web directory hierarchy and URL

in principle, the fewer directories the web has, the better.

is like this, we all know that the search engine included your site is to rely on spiders or robots, it’s just a nickname, it is a program that depends on you submitted to the search engine’s address or connected by your external guide to his own website to take up your address, write to the database. Then the second bugs come to your website through the algorithm classification, and then included. This algorithm, that is, the last chapter of the game rules. If your site is good enough cattle fork, your address will be put into the search engine server memory, because it is faster than reading the database. read more

in 2001 after graduating from high school, I took the dreams of youth, goodbye hometown friends, hot air into the barracks, looking back six years of military career kankankeke Baigan, I worried, thinking, the camp is a big melting pot, here I cast iron will, I experienced a shift from a society youth to a qualified military personnel, experienced a time from the heart to the baptism and test of the body, no matter how much suffering from trauma, both suffered many setbacks, but also to ensure the completion of the task. Although six years to hone their own mind and body, but in an instant himself almost to a man of thirty years of age. I left the army in December 2007, a six year veteran of the place, left to bear hardships and sweat of his comrades, goodbye my lovely friends. From the troops back to the place, like a sudden change in the world, everything is strange, and everything is going to start again. Now as before a professional soldier after demobilization have the opportunity to work, I have been in the army for several years is unknown to the public, a soldier too ordinary, not even learn what proficiency in a particular line. Home, visited some relatives and friends, used to plateau hypoxia environment, just returned home is still not suited to, after three months at home, everything seems to have returned to the starting point six years ago. read more

first: online job search

second: online chat / instant messaging / ICQ

third: online community / discussion / mailing list

fourth: computer technology,

fifth: Web / web development

sixth: entertainment website

seventh: Travel

eighth: reference / information

ninth: family / education

tenth: Life / fashion

each class can continue to subdivide, for example, entertainment is subdivided into sports / movies / music and so on. The music can be divided into MP3, VQF, Ra and so on. It can be divided into classical, modern, rock and roll according to the forms of expression. At the same time, the theme of each link and cross combination can produce new subjects, such as Tourism Forum (Travel + discussion), classic goal play (Football + video), so divided, there are thousands of subjects. How do you choose so many subjects? Follow the following principles: read more

I was a rookie in May built the first space station is a station of gender do domain name for two weeks to make sense of a station is too small so they built by the end of May Baidu has not changed the desperation meters has now included in June feel enough time it opened a 3G space station three 97ai now Baidu ranked second in 1 days of the other 1WIP also add up to about 6000 a day hanging advertising what nearly 200 of the income we did this time what too much experience personally feel that the site name m pretty important I 97ai this station contains meters the second is the key chain chain of the rankings have great influence on the third is the content of the original Baidu fourth most love every day Update such power again, fast ranking is also high, and keyword density to control properly, hope these can be useful to novice read more

The earliest mistakes you can make in building a website

more and more owners to bid farewell to the dumpster era, engaged in industry and local portal team, many webmaster is from the starting station trash do, in the construction and promotion of industry station and local portal station, it is easy to make some common mistakes, the author’s own practical experience and lessons all the webmaster friends here, with a simple discuss, I hope that friends generous with your criticism.

website release time slow

in the early days of website construction, there will be a period of “difficult”, that is, early development, in a sense, this is an inherent characteristic. read more

The editor became sadder and sadder

network editor, or website editor, used to be my dream job.


first dreamed of this position, I was a programmer who co – engineered an industry portal and wrote programs. Work with a large amount of code every day to combat SQL databases.

I love literature and I also like writing website programs. I thought the website editor could combine my two hobbies at the time.

then there was an expedition.

was found in practice, and website editor is the horizon in the article called: the uncrowned king of thieves. A network porter who does not need technology and needs no literary talent. You need to: Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V will hold the key, the keyboard will be the title shortened or expanded to the number of characters required by PhotoShop interval, clipping to the specified pixel, of course, as an outstanding editor of the website, the best you have, will be familiar to you all hot words and not familiar with the array into the most attractive title to lure readers to click, the content is not important, it is the click at the end of the year is more important. read more

Sit in the home also make money, the net opens a small station can make money seven ways

want to make money as a webmaster, regardless of what type of business website, will have a problem, my site how to make money? In addition to the site’s profit business, now the website is a variety of ways to make money, such as rental channel, open VIP member, joined the advertising alliance etc.. Using these methods, a monthly income of millions is possible!

for the use of websites to help novice webmaster better to make money, a small series of the common prescription to sum up some sites for reference, and it is easy to learn. However, Xiaobian remind you, the site to earn money risk, we must find good faith partners to create value. read more

with the development of market economy, more and more obvious trend of vertical industry segments, including financial stocks in many industries in the type of website is more and more fierce, as currently several large domestic financial websites such as, the financial sector, the Asian financial sector are listed companies, such deep pockets, the vast majority of market monopoly share. As a small individual stock site operations, in the Internet industry environment and the increasingly tense situation in the industry under the feudal rule, how to find their own profit space and maintain survival, is the top priority in front of the following kinwell and share some personal experience about the stock type website building, hope we supplement and perfect. read more

sat alone in front of the computer room, some in a daze, perhaps too excited by the system, the window is black rain through the window, in the faint light under the irradiation of a drop of rain from the lights across, sound like a tick tick in sing to me and cheer me on the other end, instantly into space in the past, as I know sour, sweet, bitter, hot out, I can’t control my brain now, full of expression of each page of a new site, several months of effort, laughter and pain, how many sleepless nights in the site for discussion and dispute, has changed, changed and changed, tonight, on the eve of June 27, 2008 about on-line, condensed into (I want to line oh read more

we all know there’s no harm without contrast. How about metal photos? Compared to the traditional photo, metal photo has more advantages, but also more popular choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture metal image projects, no trouble do not have to worry about entrepreneurship!

how about metal photos?

developed the exclusive metal photo luminescent metal photo of purifying air, completely overcome the traditional paper photos easy to fade, easy to damp, short preservation time drawbacks, this technology is the wedding made directly on the metal plate. High image metal photo, not fade, not damp, so the picture is really good prospects. A high image metal photograph stylish appearance, personality color, practical and high performance, wide application, and have special properties and never wear, just follow the consumer permanent youth and beautiful wish. read more