Pass-In-Review honors ROTC members

first_imgFourteen exemplary members of Notre Dame’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program received awards for integrity, leadership and community involvement at the 2013 Presidential Pass-In-Review ceremony yesterday. The formal military ceremony, held in the Stepan Center, gathered all cadets and midshipmen on campus. Midshipman Jason Koncsol spoke about the importance of Notre Dame’s ROTC program. University President Fr. John Jenkins opened the Pass-In-Review with an address. “The military has a long and historic involvement at Notre Dame, with members of the military attending the University as far back as 1858,” he said. “Notre Dame is one of only 56 universities with a ROTC program representing all four branches of the United States military.” Jenkins said he respects the dedication of the ROTC students and the work they do. “People will look to you for leadership. They will look to you for purpose,” he said. “I know that what you do as a ROTC participant is not easy. On top of the same responsibilities that every student faces, you have ROTC duties and activities.” Jenkins’ invocation emphasized the service aspect within the ROTC program. “I know you do this out of a great sense of commitment that resonates to your service in various branches of the military,” he said. Cadets Abigail Nichols and Edward Spinelli were awarded the prestigious Army Officer’s Saber. Spinelli was also honored with the Hendry Memorial Award and the Patrick Dixon Award, an honor he shared with Army Cadet Michael Dompierre. Other leadership awards given to ROTC members included the Dr. Michael McKee Award, earned by Cadet Sabina Fischer and the Edward Easby-Smith Award, awarded to Midshipman Katherine Griffin. Cadet Benjamin Coffey received the Captain Paul Roberge Memorial Award, which acknowledges the specific accomplishments of a pilot candidate. Naval ROTC Midshipmen Michael McCormick, Blake Weller, Kevin Hickey, Madeleine Anderson, Devon Graham and Elizabeth Schroff and Cadets Eric Wilde and Patrick Bowlds were honored with decorations recognizing their integrity, diligence and service. In memory of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Jenkins commended the actions of Fr. Corby, a Holy Cross priest who accompanied the Union Army and whose statue stands outside of Notre Dame’s Corby Hall. “Fr. Corby stood on a rock and gave absolution to the troops, not simply for the Union soldiers, nor only for the Catholic soldiers, but for all soldiers,” he said. “[He] embodied this message of serving a just peace. I challenge all of you as participants of the ROTC program to pursue this cause of a just peace as well.” Contact Charlie Ducey at cducey@nd.edulast_img read more

Build a Compost Pile

first_imgDuring the fresh-vegetable season, from my family of four, I’ve been putting about 14pounds of kitchen materials a week on my compost pile. Most kitchen scraps may be used, too, except for animal fat, bones and milk products. You can hasten the decomposition if you turn the pile every few weeks. If you don’tchoose to turn it or can’t, don’t worry — it will still decompose. It will take longer, butwhat’s time to compost? On top of this, spread one cup of complete garden fertilizer or a couple of shovelfuls ofmanure. You can also add a light layer of soil. The best activator for compost is oldcompost. Normally, five to eight months will be required to finish compost, depending on thematerial used and the heat and moisture available during the composting period. Fall is a great time for composting because of the abundance of leaves to add to the pile. Compost is ready for use when the material turns dark and becomes crumbly. Finishedcompost will have lost much of its original identity and will have an “earthy” smell. These include coffee and tea grounds, eggshells, peelings of vegetables and fruits, canningby-products such as tomato peels, apple peelings and cores and corn husks. Kitchen Compostables Continue to alternate layers. As each is complete, water it thoroughly. Keep the pile moist,but not soggy. If you don’t want to use anything at all, just pile up the composting material. That willwork, too. Just think how much each family is putting into the landfill from the kitchen. Thesematerials are completely degradable in the compost pile within four to six weeks. The size will vary with the amount of material, but any size smaller than 3 feet wide by 3feet high isn’t recommended. It’s too small to heat up and decompose the materialproperly. What to Compost When those beautiful autumn leaves have blown from the trees and become unsightlybrown masses in your lawn, don’t fret and don’t burn. Simply build a pile and recycle theleaves through the composting process. When you clean up the garden, yard, flower beds or other outside areas, don’t forget thatalmost all of this plant material, too, can be added to the compost pile. I just dig a small hole in the compost pile, place the materials four to five inches deep andcover them with leaves, grass clippings or other plant materials. Then I continue thatprocess clockwise around the pile. To learn more about composting, contact your county extension agent. Containing the Pile Some type of enclosure to contain the material is best. But the sides of the bin shouldallow free air movement into the material. The best bin material is probably2-inch-by-4-inch dog fencing 3 feet high. Good compost is especially useful for improving soils that are low in organic matter.Although it does add some nutrients, the main benefit of compost is improving the soil’sphysical condition. Building the Pile Using Compost Almost all organic material may be used: sod, grass clippings, leaves, hay, straw, someweeds, chopped corn cobs, corn stalks, sawdust, newspapers, etc. Avoid weeds and grassplants that have developed seed heads. For ease of handling, it’s best, too, not to go over 5 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet. Size of Compost Pile Simple rules to follow in composting: Apply the compost to garden soil at the rate of four bushels per 100 square feet. You don’t have to build the pile all at once. Begin by spreading an 8- to 12-inch layer oforganic material over the area.last_img read more

Lakers pounce on remaining free agents, including DeMarcus Cousins

first_img Trail Blazers beat Grizzlies in play-in, earn first-round series with the Lakers AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersThe most high-ceiling signing might just be Cousins, the 28-year-old, 6-foot-11 four-time All-Star who is still striving to recapture his heights before his 2018 Achilles injury. Signing for a one-year, $3.5 million deal, Cousins is a former teammate of Davis’ with the New Orleans Pelicans, and prior to his stint last year with the Golden State Warriors (16.3 ppg, 8.2 ppg), Cousins averaged over 20 points and 10 rebounds through five consecutive seasons.Strong shooting was a theme for signing Green and Cook, who played in the NBA Finals on opposing sidelines. Green (two years, $30 million), a teammate of Leonard’s with the Spurs and Raptors, is joining the team coming off one of his best 3-point shooting seasons (45.5 percent) at 32. Cook has shot 41.8 percent from 3-point range for his career, which saw stability off the bench with the Warriors. While neither had a large scoring role last season (averaging a combined 17.2 ppg), both are expected to factor prominently in the playing rotation in a relatively undermanned backcourt.Many of the most controversial signings from last season are also returning to the roster: The Lakers agreed to deals with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (two years, $16 million) and JaVale McGee (two years, $8 million). Both oscillated in and out of starting roles as their production varied last year, but assistant coach Miles Simon (the lone returning coach from last season) said he saw ways each could help.“I think those two guys are essential pieces for us going forward,” he said. “JaVale with his shot-blocking ability and the way he can rim-run, and being able to catch lobs, finish around the basket for us. And KCP, the way that he ended the year carrying us in some games, shooting the 3-ball so well, he’s gonna space the floor for obviously Anthony Davis and Kuz and LeBron.”Two other additions were reported by ESPN but not officially announced by the team: Point guards Rajon Rondo (two years, $5.2 million) and Alex Caruso (two years, $5.5 million). The swiftly executed backup plan rings bells for the 2017-18 version of the New Orleans Pelicans, the same franchise Davis just left and where the Lakers sent the bulk of their own young core. Davis, Cousins and Rondo all played on that roster before Cousins was hurt midseason – Davis and Cousins were both voted All-Star starters. Davis and Rondo went on to be key pieces in a first-round playoff sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers later that spring.Related Articles Lakers practice early hoping to answer all questions How athletes protesting the national anthem has evolved over 17 years LAS VEGAS — The back-up plan swung into full effect over the weekend.The Lakers had no more stars to chase, but they quickly assembled pieces to fill out the roster: center DeMarcus Cousins, swingman Danny Green and guard Quinn Cook while returning other players from last season. And perhaps most importantly, the team spent enough of its salary cap to officially finalize the trade for big man Anthony Davis, one of the key pieces of the team they’re expecting to vault them back into contention.It’s not Kawhi Leonard — who stunned the NBA by choosing the Clippers and recruiting Paul George to join him. Furthermore, some of the Lakers’ signings represent the kinds of gambles the Lakers took last season when they scooped up the league’s most colorful personalities.This deep into free agency, few options remained. Still, some of them hold intrigue as the Lakers look to build around returners LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma.center_img Trail Blazers, Grizzlies advance to NBA play-in game; Suns, Spurs see playoff dreams dashed Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error The Lakers took time to celebrate their acquisition of Davis on Saturday, though the trade was officially agreed to three weeks ago. It was the first time the franchise could officially comment on the deal, which also sent Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart to New Orleans along with considerable draft considerations.General Manager Rob Pelinka called him “arguably the most dominant all-around young player in today’s NBA.“Anthony represents everything we stand for, with his unwavering commitment to excellence as both a person and athlete. This is a historic moment for the Lakers franchise, and we couldn’t be more proud to have him.”The Lakers are also expecting to sign minimum contract players Troy Daniels and Jared Dudley in the coming days, and also should feature second-round draft pick Talen Horton-Tucker. That would leave the Lakers with two remaining roster spots. Lakers, Clippers schedules set for first round of NBA playoffs last_img read more