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editor’s note: This article from the Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng delivered a speech at the meeting of the August 18th meeting of the HDCon design data, in a speech in Fu Sheng presents some views on product design, product design and expounds the relationship and design principles. For more information on this conference, see

The age of

consumption: design becomes important

many people ask, why do Kingsoft Internet browser, we were doing before, analysis of the browser market and various functional requirements, find out why the browser looks so ugly, like the legacy of antique. This leads to a thinking about the changes of the times. read more

with the development of market economy, more and more obvious trend of vertical industry segments, including financial stocks in many industries in the type of website is more and more fierce, as currently several large domestic financial websites such as, the financial sector, the Asian financial sector are listed companies, such deep pockets, the vast majority of market monopoly share. As a small individual stock site operations, in the Internet industry environment and the increasingly tense situation in the industry under the feudal rule, how to find their own profit space and maintain survival, is the top priority in front of the following kinwell and share some personal experience about the stock type website building, hope we supplement and perfect. read more

with the increasing pressure of our lives, our needs for entertainment, but also a very high demand. Today, the most distinctive Cisse chamber escape? Very advantageous, with the strength of choice. Small business choose to join the chamber of takagisms Cisse, undoubtedly, good market opportunities, business without trouble!

real experience, hey turn the audience, the 6 generation of high-end theme, many people play a single experience, allowing players to shuttle in a different chamber of magic scene, to meet all the players feel the sensory experience. Simple operation, make money faster, the theme is simple, do not bother to explain to the players, 1 people operate, lower cost. The theme of the scene is constantly updated, each play is not the same, the design team does not regularly update the theme to ensure that the customer experience, the project continued to make money. read more


venture in contemporary is not what fresh thing, a lot of people want to change their present situation through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial business must have prophetic vision, the next ten years, the popular business what you know? What business can be sustained fever? The following Xiaobian to recommend some of the next ten years of popular business. Is a small business, small investment, but it is your good direction of the next ten years to make money, want to make money to do business with you not miss yo! read more

May 18th, Xining City Bureau of education and the state government of Yushu Nangqian County signed principals, primary and middle school backbone teachers training to the agreement, from May 2011 to April 2012, 9 schools of Xining City, Yushu state aid training Nangqian county 15 schools (District) teachers. The work of teacher training in Nangqian county the first batch of 78 primary and secondary school principals, teachers started in May 20th.

over the years, cooperation and exchanges of education attaches great importance to the Education Bureau of Xining city and remote mountainous areas, minority areas, through the "sent to the countryside to teach" and "teacher education", "the establishment of rural teacher training station" and other measures, help and support in remote mountainous areas and educational development in ethnic minority areas to teach. Especially in Yushu after the earthquake, Xining City Bureau of education in addition to donations, volunteer service teams sent, received the Yushu earthquake of 1320 students attending to my city. read more


Kumbum Monastery Democratic Management Committee:

warmly congratulate Kumbum Monastery awarded the national 5A class tourist attractions!

for a long time, hold high the patriotic banner of Kumbum Monastery, in strengthening the temple management and service of scientific development, promote social harmony at the same time, with the rich religious culture, exquisite art, magnificent temples and three buildings as the basis, and vigorously promote the religious and cultural tourism, has achieved remarkable results. read more

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that this year, the province’s people at all levels of society in accordance with the provincial government work arrangements, firmly grasp the people’s livelihood, employment priority line, adhere to both the quantity and the quality, while maintaining stability, innovation, promote employment and entrepreneurship, to maintain the basic stability of the employment situation the goal of the employment work, to complete the task 2 months ahead of schedule. At the end of October, the province’s urban employment 59 thousand and 500 people, employment 1 million 150 thousand people transfer surplus labor in agricultural and pastoral areas, the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.2%, the province’s public employment service agencies and personnel registration of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship has 12856 people, 11266 people, the employment rate of 87.6%.
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