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Abstract: in recent years, the electricity supplier made day become the norm, but the real mining, Jingdong 618 really is not a coin out of the big promotion, because Liu Qiangdong chose to do poineering work, on June 18th opening, from the perspective of homophonic interpretation, can be interpreted as "Liu fa".

did not experience 618, can not be regarded as a real Jingdong employees."

after years of accumulation, which is already a consensus formed within the Jingdong staff. read more

I am very glad to tell you, in order to provide more rapid template styles and functions of the new to the union station, "Baidu theme promotion" launched the "theme", "title theme" and "theme links", today officially launched the long-awaited "theme Breeding Laboratory", "subject laboratory" will we provide by Baidu alliance team of experts the latest research and development of new style, new effects and new features.

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all new styles appear in the theme "laboratory" will be recorded and normal pay. Once you’ve put the code in the theme lab, no matter which category the style will be classified in the future, you don’t need to change the code.

At present, a new on-line

template of six sizes, in the promotion of unit size unchanged, the effect of dynamic paging polling, can display up to 9 promotional content, we can be expected to improve the promotion effect and the income of stationmaster alliance.

welcome criticism and suggestions on Related Content Alliance products and operation, we will actively deal with, for avid users of them, we will give the appropriate incentives.
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Abstract for any startup, it is absolutely important to have the best people to help.

Tencent science and technology news December 2nd, known as the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, said Paul · (Paul Graham) wrote that the character is not good entrepreneurs will not succeed.

is as follows:

in recent years, I have made a shocking discovery: most of the successful people I know, there are few despicable people. There are few, even if there are exceptions. Despicable is not uncommon. In fact, the Internet has shown us how despicable people can be. Only a few decades ago, celebrities and professional writers could express their views. Now, everyone can do that. We can look at the dirty long tail that has been hidden in the past. read more

article from WeChat announcement: Entrepreneurial magic

1, are considered to be the greatest value for a wide range of people to pursue, always

The leaders of the

enterprise culture not to mind taking the trouble. At the beginning of its founding, Google’s official mission was to "integrate global information so that everyone can access and benefit from it."". Beevil (Don’t) is an informal corporate slogan of Google Corporation.

2004, Google founded a non-profit charity, the initial fund of $1 billion. The mission of the organization is to create public awareness of climate change, global public health, and global poverty. read more

now find a good point of the virtual host is really not easy, the recent study of the discuz forum system based on the free program, I feel very good.

1, free unlimited space

2, free use of two domain name, you can also bind their own top-level domain name

3, can be modified to add advertising code

is said to be flexible, because the 5d6d program provided by Discuz is closing the advertising settings. However, we use a little bit of skill, or can put ads in the forum.

go to apply for a 5d6d free space and two level domain name, do not spend a penny can also open a website, Why not??
in free space, free forum system: 
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do you think 90 entrepreneurs is what kind of? Disorganized, is not a reliable right? Good master to open shop to sell Rice noodles, education is eaten by dogs? Directology well, to be in the outlet of pigs, they learn the Internet thinking, do online education website is? Fans Starchaser, Peking University Master of law but also to enter the entertainment industry? 90 is not so capricious, so recklessly is not reliable? Look at the inventory of those 90 – we dig deep in your eyes


TOP6. Guo column: learning slag are potential stocks, like men fighting like One Piece read more

this year, artificial intelligence, automatic driving is obviously in Dafengkou, not only have Baidu, Alibaba and other large companies involved in artificial intelligence, automatic driving, a series of start-up companies have reached the market on a scent. A lot of people, technology start-ups, almost no advantage compared with BAT, almost is the entry will die.

, however, that is not the case, artificial intelligence and automatic driving technology is rapid to mature stage, large companies as a platform for enterprises more is a breakthrough in the overall technology, and in segments or through the open source way to build ecological, let the small and medium-sized enterprises involved. And small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in many segments of the key technology, compared in segments and large companies, often Yiqijuechen irreplaceable. Therefore, entrepreneurs can play artificial intelligence and automatic driving. read more

after reading behind the burning application of Snapchat company to prepare the market next year.

news today, Snap is preparing for IPO related materials, plans to be submitted by the end of this year or late March next year, to the U.S. securities regulatory agencies to apply for listing. They plan to raise $4 billion to raise funds to seek the company to reach 250-350 billion market capitalization.

is currently listed on the eve of the Snap, the company has made some positive efforts in terms of financial figures and ownership structure. read more