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the development of electronic commerce is staggering, but also led to the rise of B2C and B2B, there is no doubt that the online distribution will become a new trend in the development of the electricity supplier. At the same time, with the combination of many online and offline sales model, competition between the electricity supplier also contains a thick smell of gunpowder. So we have to talk about the use of the brand to do network distribution trends.

a few simple examples, pure business class, like the starry, America and shark etc. developed many of the downstream agents with brand advantage; bag net, beauty mall network platform is the use of high-quality products with numerous distributors. These successful brand cases, without exception, because they understand the network environment, fully grasp the opportunities and network resources before the development and growth. read more

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Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang


technology news February 1st morning news, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, CEO Wang Zhidong last night to click on the science and Technology Museum of finance academy "quack" salon, and share the stories of the early Internet business in the field, Zhang Zhaoyang said the Sohu and Sina had the opportunity to merge, and he was through an early start of the propaganda borrow arrows with thatched boats located. Sohu early market brand publicity strategy.

following Zhang Zhaoyang share part at the scene, because the original long, Sina technology has selection and deletion of: read more

in the Jingdong, mall and said the collective shielding a scouring network, a scouring network not to and olive branch to Jingdong mall. Yesterday, a large domestic B2C company executives explained, has ranked second in the B2C industry Jingdong mall, the strongest competitive relationship with Taobao mall, so it is difficult to cooperate.

mall in Jingdong and other three B2C companies to shield a scouring network of the second (28), a scouring network certification micro-blog said, we are willing to cooperate with Dangdang, Suning cooperation talks". But for Jingdong mall, a scouring network certification micro-blog has said: Jingdong mall review we have stopped crawling, but a Amoy will continue to retain the information on the price of the mall Jingdong." read more

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 9th

days before the Jingdong group submitted to the SEC documents show that as of February 29, 2016, the Jingdong group has a total of 2767893260 shares, of which, a class of ordinary shares of 2291244137 shares, class B shares to 476649123 shares.

by the end of February 29, 2016 the Jingdong group shareholding structure (Tencent technology plan)

as of February 29, 2016, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) through Max Smart Limited directly holds 449444989 shares, accounting for $16.2%. read more


technology news August 20th noon news, the FTA test zone, Shanghai information investment Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the Shanghai letter") with the United States Amazon Co signed a memorandum of cooperation to carry out cross-border e-commerce.

data show that the Shanghai pilot cross-border trade e-commerce platform, since the end of the formal operation, the current filing and on-line businesses has reached 32, from Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States, Italy, France and Hongkong and other countries and regions, has entered the filing and on-line varieties of 10000 kinds, form a certain brand agglomeration effect. Amazon in June this year, and Shanghai voted to carry out business cooperation, has made positive progress. read more


mobile Internet era is coming, the Internet bigwigs in order to win a seat can make the acquisition, transformation, exhaust all the skills, pushing new products…… Can be used in places hard. Of course, hard to work, can not fruition, sometimes see providence. Recently, Alipay would have the "iron boss" God helps, become a "lucky mobile era".

, according to media reports, the 12306 has been fully opened Alipay, including Alipay mobile phone can also purchase payment. If, before the payment has 100 million users of Alipay wallet, just get a platform ticket or a half ticket if access 12306 means Alipay wallet on the ticket "upgrade", truly mobile Internet tickets. read more

if agriculture is too traditional, an investment may be frustrated; if agriculture is simple, operating a burst of failure, so many cases. There is no more traditional industry than agriculture, but farmers can go on tradition, and enterprises can not go down tradition. So, if you’re looking for agriculture now and want to invest in agriculture, listen to the advice.

strongly support the development of agriculture in the country under the background of many of the capital to the countryside intensified, but agriculture is really a paradise for investment? Who can share a big agricultural cake? Many vivid examples of agricultural industry to 123 bruised occurs, you need to invest in agriculture six advice: read more

sitting at home on the Internet can make money, it is natural that everyone wants to, but in fact Wangzhuan is not an easy thing, and not easy to sit down on the Internet will be able to receive money the job. Do Wangzhuan, many people put a lot of time and energy, but the income is not ideal, even Internet access fees are earned not back, really depressing. Nevertheless, don’t get disheartened, because after all the Wangzhuan successful person is still there, but not in the minority, so why others can gain ideal through Wangzhuan income? Try from these successful experiences to Wangzhuan analysis, see their success what are common, for reference, may help. read more

There are millions of ways to make money on the site, many people even heard that have not heard of, today announced a look at everyone.

the electronic commerce website is the so-called B2B platform, is a completely free, free registration, free information, free of charge. How do you make a profit for a free website? No read more

introduction before the IDG capital announced the establishment of a $100 million IDG90s fund, aimed at 90 entrepreneurs. Sequoia China founder Shen Napeng has publicly said, TMT early entrepreneurial projects in the field has reached 85, 90 after the era of lead singer.

one night in 2011, the second year of the University of Zheng Xiaoyu back to the dormitory, people around the Internet, he felt bored, want to go out to play, but do not know where to go, the feeling is lonely and angry". Three years later, Zheng Xiaoyu and the team founded the social networking platform play together Beijing "received 5 million angel investment, and it is then that feeling let him know what young people today, let the unreal feeling eventually realized as a business. read more

      the second Baidu alliance cup photography contest deadline notice (2007-10-8)

      the second Baidu alliance cup photography contest deadline will be postponed to October 12, 2007. If you use the lens to record a lot of wonderful moments in the holiday, come to contribute! Let’s share your happiness! There are awards you get oh!
read more

have to do today and risk free to talk about the PTC project. PTC click Wangzhuan from the site date has always been the mainstream, because of its easy operation, less time consuming, but quickly harvest less, and with great risk.

you only need to register PTC account and click on the station to online banking account can operate, day time login account click on the ads, account automatically increases day by day, reached the minimum payment Many a little make a mickle., you can request. The general person is very difficult to pay, there may be even longer to do the minimum payment for a month, so you must find a good line, through his team to click, so more quickly get back. read more

in a car average cost only 20 yuan, only the tax evasion to the profitability of the industry, but also want to get a bowl of soup, and a beggar, grab a meal to eat no difference.

entrepreneurship and regulation has become a hot topic. Miserable faith band a song called "no", there are few such lyrics: "don’t believe the rules, do not believe in order not to believe, do not believe the experience, lessons". Although a little young cynic, but the high-speed era, if there is what accident, it really is not what strange things. Well, into the title bar, we talk about the recent mobile Internet grassroots Prince – taxi App. read more

introduction: as everyone knows, Silicon Valley is the high-tech field of the "entrepreneurial paradise", gathered here not only numerous technology giant and investment institutions, also has the talent advantage richly endowed by nature.

is known to all, Silicon Valley is the high-tech field of entrepreneurial paradise, where not only gathered a number of technology giants and investment institutions, but also has a unique talent advantage. Over the years, we have seen dozens of start-up companies including Google and Facebook, was born here, growth and success in the world, so what is what kind of motivation to promote the Silicon Valley so quickly on read more

recently unfamiliar street Q1 earnings release, the quarter net revenue reached $50 million 900 thousand, an increase of 93%; net profit attributable to the unfamiliar street for $12 million 700 thousand, an increase of 35%, two key indicators are superior in concept stocks. I am most concerned about is the change of income structure of Unfamiliar Street: the live service in 2015 each quarter alone did not carry, Q1 reported it generated $15 million 600 thousand in revenue, total revenue accounted for 30.65%, the most powerful source of income in the major broadcast platform is still groping how to live have been realized, for Tang Yan bring real money, the predecessor of unfamiliar street scene business launch time is only half a year, the rapid progress; there is a bright spot, mobile marketing revenue of $12 million 400 thousand, an increase of 104% over the same period last year, the growth rate of only to live. read more

image: the gang of eight – "Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Valley about 70 half, is a direct or indirect descendant of Fairchild Corp." From "Silicon Valley fever".

editor’s note: many of the current local and national self proclaimed XX everywhere in the Silicon Valley, but many are only Silicon Valley has been shaped, but not the soul of Silicon Valley. Look at the Leslie Berlin in the Medium’s blog is how to conduct in-depth analysis of the Silicon Valley. The Chinese version by Zhuhai triad compiler operation. This paper through the history, present and future, from science and technology, financial and cultural perspective of the Silicon Valley is the one and only reason can not be copied, but also made a profound reflection on the challenge for Silicon Valley, and the Silicon Valley and the world’s future prospects. read more