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many people want to have a car of their own, but the cost of buying a new car is too big, used cars become a lot of people choose. So the used car is very entrepreneurial prospects. Let’s take a look at the second-hand car market this one component of the "cake"!

"I would love to open the second-hand car, now is also the second-hand car." Interest and career can be combined together, the electricity supplier origin of the car is easy to shoot chairman Wang Tiejun can be said to be lucky. In 2006, Wang Tiejun led to the four electric businessman, think if you can not solve the second-hand car condition standard, second-hand car enterprises based on Internet platform can not be achieved. After three years of research and development, the successful application of 268V R & D system. The detection standard consists of basic information, technical condition, the three part of the vehicle accident history of more than 260 that condition used car rating identification scale. From the 2009 Asian city to recruit the first batch of 20 second-hand car e car dealers to establish business relations with Beijing in 2012 more than and 200 4S stores, over 2500 registered businesses, monthly trading volume reached more than 4 thousand units, the annual turnover is 460% in 2011, the second-hand car average price of 50 thousand yuan, annual turnover of more than 1 billion.

  however, the reporter from the old motor vehicle market in Beijing to get the data, in 2012 Beijing second-hand car trading volume reached about 650 thousand, compared with an increase of 58% in 2011. Although the final data did not come out, but in 2012 the volume of second-hand cars in Beijing will be the first time more than a new car, the record of the most recent transaction volume has no suspense. The average price of a car 50 thousand, the transaction amounted to 30 billion. Billions of transactions accounted for only 0.3%, much less trading volume, compared to the 2012 5 million national car obviously, now open market is just a drop in the bucket.

to subvert the traditional Shen Jung told reporters: "compared with the 30 billion big cake, 1 billion the amount is too little, but the second-hand car market is a messy market, each individual volume is not large, because of this, it is particularly striking 1 billion." According to our reporter, as an important distribution center for second-hand cars in Beijing, Linghai second-hand car market currently has 500 registered businesses, the annual trading volume of up to 420 thousand. But the average annual transaction volume is only more than and 800, the transaction amount is only up to 40 million. read more

number of giants and more small and micro enterprises, which is the overall situation of the Internet entrepreneurs, there are countless Internet start-ups every year to join them, one can imagine how fierce competition. But look at the market, there are a lot of entrepreneurs into the three major errors, leading to their own entrepreneurial company subsequent weakness, and even the final collapse.

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ice cream hot pot restaurants in the current food and beverage market is more conspicuous, this unique project to become a profitable tool in the hearts of businesses. Has been successful ice cream pot shop owner, today to share with us his successful business experience, hoping to help more entrepreneurs.

1, to ensure good organization: the administrator to organize the appropriate subordinates, and their behavior into a track, in order to achieve organizational goals. This is an important requirement for management, otherwise it is difficult to meet the following requirements. read more

now in life have advocated Dezhitimei healthy and comprehensive development, at the same time, some sports shop business also began to hot up, because there are a lot of parents of the children to choose some fitness sports activities.

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as long as it is to do business, believe it will encounter credit things, they will provide the supplier credit, will also have their own credit to customers. The commercial street retail customers Zhao Jianhua had a guy good reputation. What is the reason? As long as he is cooked and the customer to come to him to buy goods, money or no money, you first take it. A year later, a thick notebook two this account.

this "good guy" is suffering statement, according to Zhao Jianhua himself, outside account for nearly 50 thousand dollars, for the retail shop business customers outside the account so much, really is enough. But he is not under the skin to account, he said, are acquaintances familiar face, which I mention the money thing ah. As a result, 08 years in August, Zhao Jianhua’s retail stores have a cash flow crisis. read more

food stores, on which more powerful, is still the red Ganso food company, since its establishment has been 23 years in 1993, the first piece of bright eye-catching signs in the north "Ganso red" erected by genius marketing guru Xiuwan Ms. Zhang carefully cultivated, Ganso food officially stationed in China stationed in the mainland, Ganso food Ltd. was born. Today, this piece of ancestral red signs have spread all over China’s cities, and become a household name, exquisite gift celebrity endorsements". read more

the Chinese nation has a history of five thousand years of civilization, in the long history of the past, left us with a wealth of national treasures, folk culture more and more attention, but also a lot of folklore researchers. Xiao Han is one of them, he was keen on Hefei city geography and local customs and practices.

said that the study of folklore, it seems that the image of the older scholars. But now, like Hefei local life stories of young people more and more, as 80 after Xiao Han is one of the more representative color. read more

a lot of 90, 90 have been on the job, even more, there have been a lot of after 80 has some achievements, these 80 entrepreneurial star, you know?

Beijing PCPOP Information Technology Co Ltd (former and car home CEO, three set up a personal website "card house" forum. Founded in 200 years in the computer hardware, personal and office digital products of information services web site bubble network, then moved to Beijing from Shijiazhuang. In 2005, the expansion of the product from the IT to the automotive industry, create autohome, as "the first automobile consumer guide", in the fierce competition in the IT + community portal, rely on its own funds and profits has established the status of user browsing is the same site absolutely leading. 2009 began to take over the car 168 website. Was UT Starcom founder Xue Manzi investment. Bubble network and car home was acquired by telstra. read more

although each electricity supplier are said to be "consumer experience", but the focus of each argument seems to have been around the price and pre-sale services". However, when the electricity supplier who burned heavily in self storage and logistics, the next day, the day has become the norm, self advice, night delivery has become the home appliance business launched special services, returns and other customer service service experience is a serious drag on the user experience of the hind legs. For electricity supplier companies, return still hardly quality. In the user view, an annoying return process, enough to subvert them on any good impression of the enterprise. read more

U.S. website independent user visits 50


technology news Beijing time on October 28th morning news, according to foreign media reported today, the U.S. Internet traffic monitoring agency Compete has just released the October 2010 American independent website user visits 50 ranking. Compete data show that Microsoft will be (growth of 11.7%, an increase of 108.5) and Ask (growth of an increase of 8.7%, an increase of 75.3%) of the independent user visits were significantly increased. The MySpace (a decline of 5.53%, down by 19.1%) and MapQuest (chain fell by 5.8%, down by 22.1%) there was a sharp decline. As for the new version of the MySpace interface can play a role in promoting its traffic remains to be seen. read more

Guangzhou "90" students Langsheng


Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Liang, correspondent Lu Luming, Zhang Yinting reports: Guangzhou "90" students Lei Langsheng didn’t graduate, over a month, the rate of the mobile phone software development team is the Tencent to 60 million yuan price of the acquisition of a wholly-owned mine, with the fastest speed to become millionaires "". After the rapid possession of wealth, he bought a set of the best house in Shixing county to their parents, but they still have no room no car of the simple color. This year, when the company in the recruitment of new employees, part of the post marked only recruit college students, reflecting its hero Mo asked the source of the concept of employment. read more

college students are a group of people with dreams, college students are using their own technology, capital and team or individual in the effort to build their own online home. Perhaps, we have no capital, no space, no one even understand us, but we have our own Internet dream, because we are still young, every step is through our growth, we have been looking for and waiting.

of Renmin University of China students China webmaster survey research group completely composed of college students, is a basic condition of national student survey station, the main purpose is to understand all aspects of the current college students master learning, life and work. Such a survey is also a group of people who have dreams to do, in order to achieve their own academic dream. Just as with the establishment of a personal website, they are deeply aware of the need to step up their efforts to achieve their dreams, no matter what kind of mistakes or difficulties, they will march forward courageously. read more


technology news in February 6th, the U.S. financial website IPOScoop revealed that Wo Wo Group will be listed on the NASDAQ EST on February 25th, up $66 million fund-raising.

The latest

documents show that Wo Wo Group plans to issue 6 million shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS), equivalent to 108 million ordinary shares. The price range of Wo Wo Group IPO 9 to $11. The company’s stock plans to trade on the NASDAQ Global market, the stock code is WOWO".

Wo Wo Group read more

speed transit network December 23rd news this afternoon, the Jingdong held in Beijing "into this mall in Ming wide procurement signing conference, Jingdong mall with nearly 200 brand manufacturers, suppliers signed a total of more than 20 billion yuan acquisition agreement. At the same time, CEO Liu Qiangdong at the meeting released the 2011 strategic plan, and revealed that Jingdong mall C round of financing has been more than Dangdang, two times more than, more than $500 million.

Liu Qiangdong said, C round of financing has more than two listed companies to raise funds this year, more than twice the number of B2C, more than $500 million." It goes without saying that it refers to the two listed companies B2C Dangdang and Mcglaughlin. Liu Qiangdong also said that if the Jingdong next year, there is no bottleneck in terms of logistics, sales can do 300-500 billion are no problem. read more

Securities Times reporter Zhu Kai

between the commercial banks or off-site transfer need to charge a fee, while Alipay yesterday is for mobile phone client transfers to the bank, dished out a one-day free transfer amount for 50 thousand yuan discount. Insiders said that Alipay’s move has been in the challenge of traditional banking business line.

comparison of the banks net transfer rate, Alipay "free card" has a certain appeal. Reporter comparison found that the bank interbank transfer fee charged 0.5 yuan each and electronic remittance, China Merchants Bank cross city in accordance with the arrival rate, charged 2 yuan each to 3 yuan fee. Cross for off-site ATM, China Merchants Bank and China Construction Bank, are each a minimum fee of $2, the highest 25 yuan. read more

once a year the double eleven also came, in addition to Ali and Jingdong "cats and dogs", this year, fresh electricity become a concern to the industry highlights.

Tmall mall launched at the fresh independent category, and in the home front entrance to give support. In addition, in addition to Ali in order to move up the performance and focus on the development of fresh fields, SF preferred, originally living vertical business have also eager for a fight.

eleven is the annual double grad, behind the order double joy was accompanied by a courier warehouse explosion of sadness. The logistics and distribution requirements of fresh electricity providers, their products cold chain distribution will face exams. read more

May 8th news (reporter Yu Weiwei) former intime network CEO announced the departure of intime from, has been brewing new venture. This week, founded by Liao Bin flowers website officially launched, "Mr. beard" trying to take advantage of mother’s Day opportunity daxiangdiyipao.

"beard" to sell flowers. From the point of view of the page design, Mr. beard abandoned the flower business generally in a white dominated tall design tone, chose to show the form of yellowing, do the old retro range of children’s literature, showing a classical temperament. read more

in the rapid development of social information today, online shopping has become a fashion, convenient and efficient way of consumption, gradually accepted by more people. But also because it is unable to see the characteristic of the real transaction is performed, often produce a variety of problems, a lot of people also love online shopping. Therefore, put forward suggestions to the online shopping net Wangzhuan Wangzhuan netizens, network that, as long as the accumulation of many online shopping online shopping is safe, common sense, to give our lives more fun. read more

double eleven day early in the morning, Beijing Wangjing Hi hot Hot pot outside the shop, the staff arranged a swearing in ceremony. Pedestrians have the crowd, if the swearing momentum let onlookers cheer it, then "double 11 husband blood meal", "husband wife online shopping blood" two banners to attract people’s curiosity.

walked into the store, be permeated with the "blood" of the atmosphere, the store "blood slot" logo is very eye-catching, the wife who double 11 husband can in the shopping, in Hot pot back to the blood side". There is blood as role in the game heroes union adorable girl, holding a "blood" (fresh Watermelon Juice) stood by, for the majority of "blood masses" — is "blood" of the husband the whole blood. read more

from the October 10th Taobao quietly issued new regulations now exceeded 50 thousand of the anti Taobao Union army, and then to the online shopping platform, Tencent QQ 360 e-commerce shopping guide platform, Sheng Dapin poly line opened. October 2011, is destined to be forever recorded in the annals of electronic commerce. Small sellers will fight the Taobao, decide on what path to follow? Or another way,

snatched from the jaws of death?

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Taobao mall October 10th release regulations read more