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college students are a group of people with dreams, college students are using their own technology, capital and team or individual in the effort to build their own online home. Perhaps, we have no capital, no space, no one even understand us, but we have our own Internet dream, because we are still young, every step is through our growth, we have been looking for and waiting.

of Renmin University of China students China webmaster survey research group completely composed of college students, is a basic condition of national student survey station, the main purpose is to understand all aspects of the current college students master learning, life and work. Such a survey is also a group of people who have dreams to do, in order to achieve their own academic dream. Just as with the establishment of a personal website, they are deeply aware of the need to step up their efforts to achieve their dreams, no matter what kind of mistakes or difficulties, they will march forward courageously. read more


technology news in February 6th, the U.S. financial website IPOScoop revealed that Wo Wo Group will be listed on the NASDAQ EST on February 25th, up $66 million fund-raising.

The latest

documents show that Wo Wo Group plans to issue 6 million shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS), equivalent to 108 million ordinary shares. The price range of Wo Wo Group IPO 9 to $11. The company’s stock plans to trade on the NASDAQ Global market, the stock code is WOWO".

Wo Wo Group read more

speed transit network December 23rd news this afternoon, the Jingdong held in Beijing "into this mall in Ming wide procurement signing conference, Jingdong mall with nearly 200 brand manufacturers, suppliers signed a total of more than 20 billion yuan acquisition agreement. At the same time, CEO Liu Qiangdong at the meeting released the 2011 strategic plan, and revealed that Jingdong mall C round of financing has been more than Dangdang, two times more than, more than $500 million.

Liu Qiangdong said, C round of financing has more than two listed companies to raise funds this year, more than twice the number of B2C, more than $500 million." It goes without saying that it refers to the two listed companies B2C Dangdang and Mcglaughlin. Liu Qiangdong also said that if the Jingdong next year, there is no bottleneck in terms of logistics, sales can do 300-500 billion are no problem. read more

Securities Times reporter Zhu Kai

between the commercial banks or off-site transfer need to charge a fee, while Alipay yesterday is for mobile phone client transfers to the bank, dished out a one-day free transfer amount for 50 thousand yuan discount. Insiders said that Alipay’s move has been in the challenge of traditional banking business line.

comparison of the banks net transfer rate, Alipay "free card" has a certain appeal. Reporter comparison found that the bank interbank transfer fee charged 0.5 yuan each and electronic remittance, China Merchants Bank cross city in accordance with the arrival rate, charged 2 yuan each to 3 yuan fee. Cross for off-site ATM, China Merchants Bank and China Construction Bank, are each a minimum fee of $2, the highest 25 yuan. read more

once a year the double eleven also came, in addition to Ali and Jingdong "cats and dogs", this year, fresh electricity become a concern to the industry highlights.

Tmall mall launched at the fresh independent category, and in the home front entrance to give support. In addition, in addition to Ali in order to move up the performance and focus on the development of fresh fields, SF preferred, originally living vertical business have also eager for a fight.

eleven is the annual double grad, behind the order double joy was accompanied by a courier warehouse explosion of sadness. The logistics and distribution requirements of fresh electricity providers, their products cold chain distribution will face exams. read more

May 8th news (reporter Yu Weiwei) former intime network CEO announced the departure of intime from, has been brewing new venture. This week, founded by Liao Bin flowers website officially launched, "Mr. beard" trying to take advantage of mother’s Day opportunity daxiangdiyipao.

"beard" to sell flowers. From the point of view of the page design, Mr. beard abandoned the flower business generally in a white dominated tall design tone, chose to show the form of yellowing, do the old retro range of children’s literature, showing a classical temperament. read more

in the rapid development of social information today, online shopping has become a fashion, convenient and efficient way of consumption, gradually accepted by more people. But also because it is unable to see the characteristic of the real transaction is performed, often produce a variety of problems, a lot of people also love online shopping. Therefore, put forward suggestions to the online shopping net Wangzhuan Wangzhuan netizens, network that, as long as the accumulation of many online shopping online shopping is safe, common sense, to give our lives more fun. read more

double eleven day early in the morning, Beijing Wangjing Hi hot Hot pot outside the shop, the staff arranged a swearing in ceremony. Pedestrians have the crowd, if the swearing momentum let onlookers cheer it, then "double 11 husband blood meal", "husband wife online shopping blood" two banners to attract people’s curiosity.

walked into the store, be permeated with the "blood" of the atmosphere, the store "blood slot" logo is very eye-catching, the wife who double 11 husband can in the shopping, in Hot pot back to the blood side". There is blood as role in the game heroes union adorable girl, holding a "blood" (fresh Watermelon Juice) stood by, for the majority of "blood masses" — is "blood" of the husband the whole blood. read more

from the October 10th Taobao quietly issued new regulations now exceeded 50 thousand of the anti Taobao Union army, and then to the online shopping platform, Tencent QQ 360 e-commerce shopping guide platform, Sheng Dapin poly line opened. October 2011, is destined to be forever recorded in the annals of electronic commerce. Small sellers will fight the Taobao, decide on what path to follow? Or another way,

snatched from the jaws of death?

[event review]:

Taobao mall October 10th release regulations read more

I would like to talk about some of their immature views for your reference:

registration and purchase the domain name as an investment, must pay special attention to the choice of keywords, the general should be as far as possible the choice of short and high commercial value keywords domain name as the investment direction, we will name keywords mainly classified into the following categories: read more

Many of the

beginner, just enter the higher road, but very angry, for this industry is utterly ignorant of Wangzhuan, did not know how to do Wangzhuan, where to start! This article is simple to talk about people from the beginning to now do Wangzhuan experience for everyone, hope to bring you help

is very happy!

first of all, if you do not understand what to make money online, and on the network to make money but also has a very strong interest, very want to enter the Wangzhuan try this very yearning for freedom, the industry! If you don’t know a network to make money, so utterly ignorant of, can be divided into the following stages about wangzhuan. read more

based on the scoring mode IT talent recruitment website Hackermeter currently announced that it has been the world’s largest image of social networking site Pinterest acquisition, and will shut down the service after the completion of the transaction. Insiders believe that the acquisition is mainly the acquisition of talent.

Hackermeter is Y Combinator 2013 winter class graduates, founded only two months, is a micro team. The programmer to prove himself through a series of programming test (to some lightweight encryption technology from the Fibonacci sequence generator), every challenge will score the programming efficiency based on your potential employer; a key can be a key to replay your code, so you can clearly see the programmer’s encoding speed and cheating. Of course, employers can also launch programming topics to examine the capabilities they need. read more

time flies, since I graduated from the University for one year, a year ago I to the website construction and promotion from 2007 to 2008, utterly ignorant of, experienced the whole years of experience, Admin5 I do not know how many times I was refreshed, the countless predecessors saw how many articles, 2, 3 yuan I finally, in 40, to now 50 yuan from the day, all this is a process, a process of self growth.

station is in early September of the 07 year, is the last time when the graduation work took 800 salary, because I am a college student can only get out of these, but I’m not willing to take 800 ah, how keep live yourself, how can there be a deposit. I inadvertently contact Wangzhuan, because my first job is to do network promotion, so contact some webmaster, do stand that can earn extra money, I would not hesitate to join the ranks of the grassroots webmaster. 07 years of non mainstream sites is still relatively hot, first I chose the non mainstream, after several twists and turns of the webmaster friends recommend, through their own practice, choose easy, and new wind driven cloud these station system, the best choice of a new cloud template to do the first virgin tournament Q net (already closed now). The experience is the system of demolition and installation, installation and disassembly, template change and change, but also understand the experience, grasp the basic HTML language, Dreamweaver and PS also have some, laid a foundation for the future owners of the road. So say anything the most important practice, practice. read more

I was a rookie, it should not be considered accurate Adsense it, because I will DZ station, BO-BLOG blog, I just do these two things, others have not tried, but I profit, although the number is not much.

08 years, contact the site, try to do a forum at the beginning of Baidu search free forum, the results for 5D6D, just something simple, I spent 1 months finally understood, 09 years, know what is included, know what is in the optimization. Slowly slowly learning contact optimization, called SEO, and the first independent forum I was born, I began to promote, until one day, found that Baidu included more than and 160, every day from Baidu to a lot of people every day to reduce the advertising, publicity. read more

alliance this month, anti cheating system advertisers found that the joint part of the account (including sub accounts) the presence of click fraud, damage to the common interests of the alliance and its website. The alliance decided: from now on, the termination of the relationship with the following account, empty data as a disciplinary punishment cheating, cheating site to join the League blacklist never enabled.

account list is as follows:


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

with the addition of employees and dealers forces, "NVC infighting seems to have signs of easing. NVC founder, former chairman Wu Changjiang and investor Saifu Asia founding partner, NVC chairman Yan fight than before the less of gunpowder.

however, the Wu, Yan duo caused internal events of NVC, after Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Mall (micro-blog) boost, Chinese venture capital industry has evolved into a landmark event, the contradiction between entrepreneurs and investors of the white in the world. Under such a background, how to deal with the capital and how to deal with the relationship between the capital and the capital has become a major issue for entrepreneurs. read more