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in the process of economic development, the establishment of venture capital in Xiamen, Xiamen’s economic development has made indelible effect, its achievements are also very significant. Held in Beijing "2016 days before the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the investment community China equity annual forum, 2016 China equity annual ranking list announced, Xiamen Golden Circle Investment Group under the Xiamen City Investment Company Limited for the 2016 Chinese private equity investment institutions LP (" Limited Partners "acronym, meaning a limited partner 20). read more

recently held in Kunming, Panlong District of the new entrepreneurship competition can be said to be attracted many young people come to the society at the same time, because now during the summer vacation, many students contestants in the home there is no way to enroll.

"school holiday back home, could it be postponed to the school?" Recently, Panlong District second "youth entrepreneurship and innovation contest organizing committee has received a phone call. After the study, the organizing committee decided to set the end of August 10th for "a contest" extended to mid September, to facilitate the participation of more entrepreneurial students. read more

a lot of investment are very optimistic about the building materials market, you do right, but there is a good market does not mean that you will need a lot of investment results, focus on business matters, learn business skills, so as to improve the success rate of. Building materials stores need to pay attention to what matters? If you are not clear enough to learn.

1, identify the direction of the industry to determine the future development trend of the industry

The development of building materials industry and the real estate market: read more

internet name and number distribution agency ICANN released the latest survey shows that.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO,.BIZ and other global registration of the largest domain name registration information is only 23%. Although the registration information is true and accurate in terms of technology, management and other aspects of great significance, but the real name of the global domain name registration information is not optimistic.

"if all domain name registration information items are required to be true, accurate, complete, then the proportion of qualified may be lower, is not expected to exceed 5%." Internet experts say. In fact, the proportion of false domain name registration information has become a global common". As early as in 2005, the United States research shows that: domain name registration information "obvious error" or incomplete phenomenon, in the top three of the generic top-level domain name exists in general. Experts believe that the domain name holders on the registration information is not enough, worried about personal privacy leakage, is the cause of the two main reasons for the low rate of real name. In addition, the domain name registrar is not the identity of the applicant for the verification of the authenticity of information, also disguised long false registration of the wind. read more

news March 31st, iResearch released in 2015 before the date of the third party payment market core data show that 2015 China third party Internet payment transactions in the market share of Alipay number one, accounting for 47.5%, caifutong ranked second, but accounted for only about half of alipay.

learned billion state power network, the rapid development of mobile Internet, so that all payment companies are actively layout of the mobile terminal, Alipay mobile payment terminal users in 2015 accounted for more than half, the proportion reached 65%, PC end user stickiness decline, increasing the size of the Internet trading has slowed, compared to 2014, Alipay market share in 2015 47.5% to read more

Meizu MX4 Pro

    Sina mobile news November 19th afternoon news, Meizu today officially released the MX4 Pro stadium in Beijing, the machine uses a 5.5 inch 2K screen and Samsung Exynos 5430 eight core processor.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Meizu MX4 Pro uses a 5.5 inch 2K+ screen with a resolution of 2560× 1536 pixels. Meizu MX4 Pro border control at 2.8 mm, is currently the most narrow screen in all 2K level screen phone.

MX4 Pro is equipped with 20 million 700 thousand pixel camera SONY stacked with the same MX4, with sapphire protective lenses, and double color LED flash, support 30 / second continuous shooting and slow motion video recording. MX4 Pro is also equipped with a 5 million pixel front camera, support 1080p video recording. read more

July 5th, Google Chinese updated its homepage, to hang out their ICP (Internet Content Provider, Internet content provider license), and adds music, translation and shopping three links, but Google search business is still unable to use Chinese.

Google China PR Wang Jinhong confirmed to the Post reporter Google home page changes. Wang Jinhong said that this is only the home page updates, and without any relationship with the ICP license annual inspection, there is no latest news can be published. read more

recently implemented "Internet plus workers" in Xingren Industrial Park clothing Town, the workers into the micro business". In the specified business platform, garment factory workers through mobile phone mobile Internet business focus on the WeChat platform, then, according to their abilities and preferences to agent products WeChat is forwarded to the circle of friends, as long as the transaction, so workers can get commission. This is a form of derivative, and comparing to the traditional electronic commerce, apparel industry practitioners directly sell their production of clothes, the clothes are very familiar with the production process, more convincing, but from the garment industry sales, intermediate save promotional costs, effectively avoiding the burn electricity supplier promotion. read more

really, about Ucan social and livelihood issues is small can not want to mention, after all, with the Internet, Internet marketing is not much, but the small Chan and all marketing practitioners, have underestimated the thermal index of this matter and persistence, so that when the mass marketing innovation emerged only in hindsight, when a spectator! Therefore, small can here sincere apology, do not have time to give the latest marketing information, hot hot, only once.

is said to have one, not only can I apologize for the small, and the hot events always maintain a high force grid "high profile" actress. The story of ups and downs, The path winds along mountain ridges. we review yingjingshi marketing under the hot events: read more

    is there a commercial value for personal blogs? I try to help friends to do the promotion, in my blog site, I carefully selected a few words, and did not care, a few days later, I have seen from the statistics to customers, then I found that this effect is really good. In general, the blog to record some of their personal things, we look at is to make friends, there is no commercial flavor, pure natural, pure personal communication, so the blog is an open private diary. But I think, this is actually not that do some commercial things, such as a business, send a job like, someone interested in nature will see, no interest is not to look at the. Once more, in order to create a feeling of confusion with other blog content, I have separate sections: business services that will take independent commercial stuff up, will not affect the whole blog feeling.

    why is this feasible? I think first of all thanks to the benefits of the blog system, which makes it easy to find a word on a search engine. Because most of the original blog is something, search engine score is relatively high. In addition, if your blog is attractive enough, there is always a part of the people in the natural interest in the commercialization of things, you will also have the contents of the browser, it has played a role in the promotion of.

one or two years ago many do blog are commercial issues like blog, how to generate income? Advertising will affect the overall layout, and publishing may not be able to do a few people. I think you can do some other ideas, one is by the famous blog, Mu Zimei and a number of predecessors already made an example; the other one is in the blog in some commercial content, the profit model can naturally in many aspects, all will benefit.   read more

Information Times News (reporter Wei Bohang) in Sanyuanli to do a clothing business Mr. Yang, recently the bank account by Alipay rather baffling to turn away 50 thousand yuan. Then a "hacker" sent a message claiming for testing Alipay vulnerabilities, and asked Mr. Yang case. But Mr. Yang questioned Alipay set limit useless. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation.

money was transferred but no text messages to remind

Mr. Yang clothing business in Sanyuanli, near the end of the month, manufacturers continue to call urging payment, but Mr. Yang has to worry about money. Had a few days ago, he and Alipay bound agricultural bank account is inexplicable turn away 50 thousand yuan. read more

[Reuters] billion state power sound Liu Qiangdong finally. The afternoon of June 4th, billion state power network exclusive access to Liu Qiangdong sent to all employees of the Jingdong’s internal mail, Liu Qiangdong said in the message, the past in the eyes of many outsiders "stupid" Jingdong, but it is these "stupid", became a Jingdong today and in the future wealth, Jingdong will continue to do.

Liu Qiang Tokyo East Mall founder and CEO

billion state power network discovery, because the electricity supplier gangster collective silence, making June the price war broke out, in addition to the war stage in micro-blog set off a storm, the follow-up was weak. As of now, Suning, Dangdang, Tmall, Yi Xun and other major platform class leaders who did not speak, but did not like last year in micro-blog set off the war of words. read more


technology – Beijing morning news on November 15th, allegedly to Amazon through its online marketplace sales of fake businesses filed two lawsuits, the first step down the Christmas shopping season before.

one of the case is California ToysNet in Hacienda Heights, Florida Blanton, Disk Vision, and Forearm Forklifts that Amazon selling fake individual sellers, this is a huge bag for carrying heavy objects. Amazon said that the company had been removed in June this year, counterfeit goods, and said Disk Vision tried to force Amazon to restore the product through false invoices. read more

Original title:

Alipay wallet heavy lines to replace the physical wallet

trainee reporter Zhang Yueguang Beijing reported

revolution payment system

August 27th, Alipay had announced through the official micro-blog: "for some reason as everyone knows, Alipay stopped all the line POS business." This time caused a great disturbance, the market believes that the monopoly behavior directed at the union. However, a few months after Alipay’s real intention only gradually: Alipay is actually no POS machine credit card for UnionPay payment market, but to the existing payment system revolution. read more

(pictured merchants bank buy service page screenshot)

November 23rd news, according to friends broke the news that China Merchants Bank has also launched a group buying service, the first group to buy services to buy. The "group" website is China Merchants Bank’s new group purchase service, the latest information of 1 yuan for the group purchase group purchase car rental service, some analysts have pointed out that the Bank launched a group purchase service will undoubtedly impact the existing group purchase website. read more

look at the domain name market, there are many varieties of rice. The first pure word, second bit short and catchy, third is a beautiful face, beautiful curve and rich connotation. belongs to the first to second, third digital meters should be what?? (like digital meters is Chinese the) I think is similar to the symmetry, and beautiful face, beautiful curve and rich connotation. X< -i< -s-> i-> X. (I shallow argument)

many people collected 4 letters, Larry, digital and hybrid rice. I think this is a popular retreat down the soft violence, Larry, 4 letters, numbers and miscellaneous meters what can be about read more

2014 for the electricity supplier industry is very intense, in this fierce competition, the electricity supplier industry in order to survive, it must have enough volume to support, otherwise you will be the next disappeared object. So how to improve the deal? Look at the electricity supplier industry simple process:

1 flow

2 consulting

3 deal

4 repeat customers and promote turnover

well, the current flow of electricity providers are relatively good solution. Then the consultation is the key. Reception consulting customer is the work of customer service. Then the quality of customer service will directly affect the transaction. Of course, a good customer service is not just a deal, or a brand reputation. read more

was a smash hit, eventually encounter abandoned, invasive, investment differences, restructuring fails, who is killing the red child killer


a "child", was all praise the "excellence", just a few years back, unexpectedly become hopeless "backward", so that at the age of 8 when it was abandoned.

it is "red child". From the beginning of 2004, with the DM (direct sales catalog) baby products business, it quickly jump red, then the transition to the Internet, the product line horizontal expansion to cosmetics and food and other household consumer goods are from difficult. September 25th, Suning held a press conference at the headquarters in Nanjing, announced a wholly-owned acquisition of red child $66 million. read more

1. first, and most importantly, do not click fraud ("don t fraudulent click (Don), don’t try to cheat" t cheat), Google is always smarter than you (Google is always a lot smarter than you), there have been too many examples of the account Account has been closed, don’t feel lucky, because the Adsense system can record every click (Adsense can log every click), but as long as you have a cheat, will come to naught, all the income before income were confiscated (Your money will be gone). read more

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