The creation of Baidu encyclopedia promotion website skills

Baidu encyclopedia Encyclopedia

– the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia is a content open and free network, to create a cover all areas of knowledge, service Chinese knowledge Encyclopedia of all Internet users.

Baidu encyclopedia so that knowledge in a certain technical rules and cultural context to continue to mix and expand. At the same time, it can realize the perfect combination of search engine and meet the needs of users from different levels.

encyclopedia entries plus the benefits of chain promotion

1 brings stable traffic and potential customers to the site

Baidu encyclopedia entries are ranked in the first page, by adding a link to the topic of Baidu encyclopedia entries, will bring a certain amount of traffic and potential customers.

2 favorable website SEO promotion and weight upgrade

careful webmaster will find that many of the entries in the PR are more than 3, a lot of popular keywords entry PR=5 is not in the minority. Appropriate to increase the reverse link, the weight of the site to enhance the effect is self-evident.

through my practice, found some experience:


description information submitted must be close and the theme of the site, such as grass egg network ( that submitted when the beginning of Description: although like other popular sites, this is a copycat come from abroad, but it is undeniable that the creativity of the website is really good, grasp the general mentality of the people the. I analysis, the site’s user base is very broad, mainly young people.

this is an appropriate description of the site

2 must not be in the text of the AD, URL link, QQ must not have, Baidu is not a fool, as long as you have, submit do not need 20 minutes, immediately hit back.

Of course, there is a place still can

AD, it’s a place to upload pictures, you just put your website or logo can let you all know the URL of the image to pass up, Baidu will think that the picture is the description of the auxiliary.

3 reference questions:

reference materials can be the site of the first theme is good, and then in the weight of the high site sent a few soft Wen, the soft link to add to the reference, so that Baidu will greatly enhance your trust.

4 on extended reading

this is a good place to put the AD, for example, I created a grass egg network, then I will write my site on the and keyword description.

5 if the above points are standardized, Baidu may be in entries is not correct, not objective, no meaning or poor readability of the name of your call, this time to explain the basic success, you just slightly modified, then he hit the back of every once and submit a >

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