nternet Co’s nuclear weapons you deserve

today we can see a variety of Internet Co are out shopping in a hail of bullets they can, must have a nuclear weapon talent shows itself in creative ideas or promotion.

is the first to come up with creative ideas, not necessarily be able to have the last laugh, it should be said that now the surviving 99% Internet Co are not the first original, more is to do some small innovation on the basis of the existing nuclear weapons, used in the promotion. For many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, the cost and risk of innovation is too high to bear, if we use some nuclear weapons in the promotion process will make the project more likely to succeed.

the first nuclear weapon: Inspirational soft

The fact that

write a good article for the effect of the spread of enterprises really want to save a lot of money and is also good, especially in the initial period of tight money it is a weapon that is, but not everyone can hold such a big move.

, I believe many of my friends have seen "why I quit", "I sell hamburger master why you want to sell Rice noodles", "sorry, I only have 1% life", many of my friends are from here know that selling hamburger West master and sell Rice noodles barberry church, as well as fast Comics APP. The story of the soft Wen are able to arouse a strong resonance, the time node is also appropriate to put in the circle of friends are very hot brush.

from then on a variety of "why I" came out, everyone has only 1% of life.

can also be started to ink scholar generals galloping across the battlefield, each have their own advantage to operate according to their actual situation.

second nuclear weapons: hand piece CEO

I think Internet Co CEO should learn a little piece, even if the congenital poor speech for the company but also have to exercise.

PR the current high cost of scary, if the founders can have IP own appeal not only can save money for the company can even make money for the company, this is not Yang Yuanqing’s introverted CEO started out talking piece, as for Miss Dong as early as two years ago began to transition, now simply advertising money save yourself better.

One thing

I love to do is listen to Ma and Luo speech, clearly know is chicken soup or perhaps this is love piece concern common to all Internet people, estimated that the disease could not cure.

so far my QQ signature or 5 years ago (for many years did not go to take care of QQ) that sentence with a thick taste of chicken soup, so that the world is not difficult to do business".

A speech in this era everyone is from the media as a Luo

estimates the advertising.

third nuclear weapons: cheap

this is a nuclear weapon

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