The confusion of the first rank and the Countermeasures of the advertising system

, sitting in the first row of tip:

when we do not consider the budget situation, the case of strong expansion, or the majority of enterprises in the first place there is no harm. But when we consider the return on investment, when the first price will rise with the level of competition, when the keyword bid has exceeded its value, then there is a sense of

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1 custom behavior

our advertisement ranked in the first place: a lot of total there are so many people, they do not have any reason to click on the first advertisement, just out of habit or they think the first one is the most relevant. To exclude the creative factors, advertising ranked first than the second position to win more than 40% of the net click is the behavior of most people.

2 malicious click

Once the market competition

, keywords will be reflected in the price war, the gun fight bird, the most vulnerable is ranked first in the advertising, although the advertising system has also been improved to exclude such a situation, but such behavior is impossible to put an end to.

3 flow quality is low, increase conversion difficulty

ranked first in the huge flow of advertising, the quality is relatively low, because targeted and user initiative is not appropriate in the back of advertising. From the perspective of value, the user is more difficult to find us, that our advertising is more valuable, generally speaking is the user to click on our advertising costs more, user goals more strongly, so the traffic into more easily.

two, advertising system strategy improvement

more than just out of some of the more extreme, advertisers also need not worry because the advertising system in the continuous improvement, to achieve a win-win: harmony of advertising appeals and user search experience; advertisers get accurate traffic higher; advertising system service providers get higher pay per click advertising costs. Now, most of the search advertising service system has been in the market for search engine marketing to make great efforts to win.

1 quality score (quality) concept was introduced into


= X quality score

is more than most of PPC advertising system rules, advertising rating decision the advertiser’s position, it is the bid and the quality score (quality) is determined, so two yuan assessment model to avoid malicious competition and brings the determinants of risk from a single.

2 reference price and actual bid

The current billing algorithm

advertising system implementing reference with the actual bid bid mode, the general view is the first position the advertising price is determined by the position of second bid, second position ad Click price is a > third position of advertising

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