How to start the company into the user’s fans

this article from the 100offer programmers auction, "for the best programmers to find a better offer" is their vision. 100offer in the line less than a year’s time to grow fast, harvest a number of loyal users. This is their experience: how to turn the user into a hardcore fans, in this share to everyone.

in the era of information overload, users are forgetful

in the growth of the amount of this matter, many early startups have used these methods:

• put online, offline advertising

• build micro-blog, WeChat platform

• related areas of KOL to help forward the spread of

• 36kr and other media to increase exposure

as an Internet recruitment companies in the field of entrepreneurship, these methods we have used in the money to spend money to attract investors at the same time, attracted to the first batch of users.

soon we discovered the limitations of these methods: they do help you increase your chances of appearing in front of the user. But in the fierce competition in the field of Internet business, people use the same promotion methods — every day 36kr Internet Co so much, WeChat public subscription number is to see, the overload of information users will quickly forget you.

any start-up companies are the envy of the apple a bit — any wind sways grass on apple can, occupy the major media in the first time the headlines, sparked a lively discussion of the reader.

if the main news becomes an ordinary startups by spending money on technology and media, but found hard brewing for a month to discuss a draft No one shows any interest in public relations.

become a phenomenal product, will be remembered by the user. Do not need to spend money to promote, PR, the user will spontaneously spread.

How does

become a phenomenal product from getting your early communicator started

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The earliest use of iPhone, Airbnb the first tenants and tenants, the first person to upload photos in Instagram, are the early communicators of their products. These early communicators for them to bring a wave of new users, the number of users increased exponentially until the trigger point, a phenomenal product.

what kind of person will become an early communicator? Be willing to try new things, have a lot of social relationships, and have a lot of influence. If your friend is often influenced by the use of a product, congratulations to you as a good communicator.

in this entrepreneurial era, the importance of access to high-quality early communicators self-evident. But only rely on PR exposure and KOL promotion is not enough to allow users to voluntarily spread for you.


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