Prospects and promotion of South of the Five Ridges Buy cool mall

The development of

in recent years China throughout the online shopping market, whether it is Taobao, Tencent, Baidu has a large number of transactions, such as online shopping platform. The growth or increase the emerging independent online membership, online shopping market as a whole are showing a flourishing. E-commerce has become a new wave, the advantages of this transaction will gradually be understood. And these ideas are being spread to every corner of the world with unimaginable acceleration.

online survey shows that college students are the main consumer groups in China’s online shopping, college students have a strong interest in online shopping. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of college students have online shopping experience, more than 30% of college students have their own online store, and profit. Online shopping has become a trend, online shopping has become the mainstream trend of college students shopping. Therefore, the development of campus e-commerce impose more extensive.

traditional school students often through shopping, only through Taobao, pat and other large shopping sites online shopping, or by the students under the line of leaflets, posters, reputation etc. to promote the line to buy this kind of way, there is every kind of drawbacks, such as: safety, time, postage, logistics and other issues. This school to the shopping mall and provide very favorable opportunities and great development space. Some experiences and ideas about the promotion of my south of the Five Ridges Buy Mall:


south of the Five Ridges Buy school when shopping mall is the first Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology campus C2C shopping platform, established in May 2009, the first campus shopping net by south of the Five Ridges college students self creating, self maintenance. September 30th afternoon officially acquired by the south of the Five Ridges space, south of the Five Ridges space became the site.


Buy mall in the early establishment of student market segmentation, and advocating for students of personality traits, from the mall named and mall and the choice of the domain name, have done a careful consideration.

a loud name, will give users a good first impression. Because the main Buy can store service object is a student at the Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology, taking into account the students basic language is Cantonese and Mandarin, and if certain college shopping network using the station name, although easy to understand for publicity, but lost the personality, more people will have a "copycat" feeling, an independent personality and a station the name is particularly important, after careful consideration and other owners of the south of the Five Ridges space in the exchange of learning, the final decision to choose the "Buy cool mall" do station name, buyeah domain name for the mall. The domain name Buyeah, composed of English Buy+Yeah, Buy for the purchase of meaning, indicating the site property clear, Yeah said onomatopoeia excitedly, has become the current trend for students commonly used oral, combination of domain Buy+Yeah, accurate interpretation of the nature of the mall and the trend for the contemporary college students personality, which brings a great role on promoting the mall later; Chinese station name "Buy > Ye

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