Foreign trade e-commerce business increasingly difficult to do!

in 2013 to see and understand the electricity supplier to many foreign trade enterprises are in trouble. Many rely on e-commerce has brought a lot of orders of the enterprise, who is responsible for its foreign trade electricity supplier frankly don’t know what to do: SEO has become more and more difficult, the search engine advertising budget is more and more, more and more bad effect, Facebook, triterr, SNS website are all in the dark, which also in the industry do very successful enterprise. It can be said that the year 2013 is a year of gradual loss of vitality of e-commerce. Why do you have to go from the development process of foreign trade electricity supplier.

as early as 2006,7 years ago, there have been a number of domestic enterprises to rely on foreign trade to do up SEO. At that time the electricity supplier business is really good to do, set up a few sites, do some blog, send information everywhere, you can come to the list. So companies are following suit to do, the result is the Internet is full of spam. Henan electricity supplier said this stage for e-commerce advertising stage, everyone made a small advertising. At this stage the most effective is B2B. It provides the most convenient distribution channels, but also provides the most effective release results, but in the end everyone is a herd, the Alibaba, China manufacturing and other famous in foreign trade B2B platform, all occupied. You can go to try, in the Alibaba and China manufacturing site to enter a keyword to see the effect, almost all enterprises in this industry can find. When all enterprises have adopted a means of promotion, that is, when there is no effect of this means.

from 07 years after the so-called search engine optimization (SEO) technology is increasingly popular, we saw SEO people to write articles, click into place: so I was from Alibaba to get orders. So many companies began to use SEO means to promote, during which there are a large number of companies began to do search engine bidding. This phenomenon has continued from the end of 07 to 2012, Yu electricity supplier said this stage as the search engine’s foreign trade electricity supplier stage. This stage of a large number of SEO technology and competitive technology tutorial appeared on the Internet, there are a lot of marketing people constantly in the promotion of SEO and competitive marketing, etc.. By the end of 2012, we found that after several years of development to do the bidding and search engine optimization more and more enterprises, the cost of doing business e-commerce is getting higher and higher, and the effect is getting worse. Before looking for a site to do a website, update the article, the hair will have the chain ranking, the method will be able to pick up a single.

The characteristics of electronic commerce manufacturing enterprises

Henan in-depth understanding of the electricity supplier with FMCG and 3C electrical products are not the same, FMCG and 3C products can be easily standardized, whether can be standardized from specifications, material, price, and the price is not high, this product is easy to sell and in the online purchase. However, manufacturing enterprises, especially the production of industrial products because of the complexity of the application scenarios, materials and prices can not be standardized, so more dependent on the salesman to communicate with buyers to determine the order. So >

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