Baidu 5 years experience search mode is not suitable for electricity providers

from the 2007 Baidu began business division, Baidu electricity supplier in the exploration of B2B2C, including C2C, B2C and group purchase, but with the transformation of these businesses closed, Baidu electricity supplier in the field layout was silenced, and electricity suppliers as the main investment category. The 5 years of groping for Baidu’s biggest experience is: search mode is not suitable for electricity providers.

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"ah" is the Baidu business layout, the only established division operation in the Baidu system in 2007 Baidu established business division, second years to launch C2C trading platform "have ah", then have experienced classified information platform, information service platform etc. many transitions, and a separate company "in 2011 Philharmonic live".

Philharmonic live received from IDG, Qiming, tens of millions of dollars in investment, CEO Cai tiger in March 2010 served as general manager of the Baidu business division, he is always there to guide the social transformation of the electricity supplier. In preparation for more than half a year after the integration of ah Philharmonic live launch, which is based on the interest graph allows users to find life, the community will also combine online and offline businesses.

talked about Baidu do electricity supplier experience, Cai Hu think the most important thing is not suitable for the search mode to do electricity supplier". He used to do C2C example: need to choose the goods, looking for businesses to communicate, but also to choose the payment tool, consider logistics, user refunds, etc., the whole process down the need to go through 7-8 steps.

"Baidu’s advantage of

lies in the entrance, but little advantage in the electricity supplier of these links, though Baidu can come in many users, but each link will lose a lot of users, while the rest of the user conversion rate is not high." Cai Hu said. Earlier data show that 2009 Baidu has a turnover of less than C2C market share of less than 1%.

In fact, Baidu

in 2008 about the Tencent were involved in the field of C2C, was also seen as a check on Taobao. Now recalling the decision at that time, Cai Hu admits it is difficult to catch up with Taobao. If there was no one to do C2C, search cut into this area is no problem, but Taobao has done so many years, so the timing is very important."

Tsai Tsai stressed however, Baidu do electricity supplier is the most fundamental problem is that the search engine is not suitable for their own B2C or C2C mall. In any market in the world, the electricity supplier is the largest search engine advertisers, from a strategic point of view, the electricity supplier and search engine, is a customer or partner relationship."

for the outside world on Baidu do electricity supplier fails, the point of view, Cai Hu does not agree. He pointed out that although Baidu electricity supplier in the market data is not successful, but the electricity supplier in the process of data accumulation, but Baidu has great value.

if Baidu does not do electricity supplier, the market is only Taobao, then it is difficult to see the product information on the search engine, and this

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