said the Jingdong will no longer follow the price war

history of the most tragic price war, Suning holdings self-help, announced that it would stay away from the price discount


] financial network reporter Wang Jingzhe Zhuangao August 15th afternoon opening, Suning Appliance (002024.SZ) by the two shareholders of news, instantly pulled up, hit a limit. said the discount season will no longer follow up after Jingdong discount.

Suning afternoon announcement that the company two shareholders of Suning Appliance Group strong confidence on the development prospects of the company based on the plan in the next three months, the holdings of company stock holdings, the total amount of not more than 1 billion yuan.

15 on the morning of 9, Suning, Gome and Jingdong (micro-blog) the price war broke out, according to monitoring a shopping assistant, as of 11, the Jingdong’s commodity price of 3496 yuan, down 53 yuan compared to 10 o’clock; Suning commodity price is 3298 yuan, down 22 yuan compared to 10 o’clock. Within 1 hours, Jingdong price adjustment of 19%, Suning price adjustment of 17%, the decline has been significantly less than the previous 1 hours.

as of 11 a.m., Jingdong has more than 27% of goods cheaper than Suning more than 10%. In terms of commodity prices, 50% cheaper for Jingdong, compared to the previous 1 hours by an increase of 3 percentage points, the price of Suning is cheaper for the same price as the price of both sides for the same price of 32%.

on the morning of 15, Suning shares all the way down, as of midday closing, Suning Appliance fell 3.40%, to close at 5.68 yuan, half day turnover of 339 million yuan. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Mall (micro-blog) in the Sina micro-blog said, "compared to the market value of Bestbuy, Su Ningli 1.27 yuan reasonable price it’s early".

on the same day, according to CCTV financial channel news, executive vice president Li Bin announced after the end of August 15th, Suning the discount season, even if the Jingdong continue to hit the price war, will continue to follow up promotional activities.

had 13 days ago, Suning Appliance has just announced that the company will issue no more than $8 billion of corporate bonds, the funds will be used to increase the ability of Suning funds, adjust the capital structure.

and the announced that it would no longer participate in the price war is still unknown because of funding problems.

Sealand securities (000750.SZ) chief Wu Fei said on mergers and acquisitions advisory, Jingdong mall not listed in the dark. The United States and Soviet Union in Ningdu have been listed in the open. So Jingdong mall has more capital means. Especially the Su Ning, the current price earnings ratio is still in high, at the same time in the A shares, more sensitive to the price war, when the fight is more effective.

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