What kind of bidding agent, SEM supervisor, project manager

today to write this article should stand on the project manager or head of SEM height to "play" bidding, but also includes some senior members of the bidding thinking, I believe that more people don’t just want their bidding only stay in the operation of the account level, but to the SEM main pipe more to struggle, even to the project manager to struggle, then please look at your seats, at what stage now, also need to work hard in order to reach the next target".

will only be a simple account operation –

can control traffic – "senior"

can control traffic while controlling data – SEM supervisor

can not only control the flow and control the data but also control the transformation project manager


will simply account here is not deep to say, if you are this kind of person, so you can continue to read the article, look at you with "senior" bid member and head of SEM, the project manager where the gap, and then continue to believe that this part of the growth will be very fast.

senior bidding

said here, senior bid is to simply account for the above operation, then this part of the people are basically able to control traffic, this time someone might ask, what is the control flow


before I blog also wrote the words "bidding is the core of the flow, we should consider is worth to buy flow value, so this time we want to reverse thinking, we should not go to control traffic flow control, said first dimension, budget, pattern matching, offer more people think this is three or two, we mentioned the bidding" play "of the traffic, so traffic is the most important choice of words, how should we choose, how to control the cloth words, words, and finally achieve the purpose of control flow, which is more competitive. Need to consider the issue of if you think these are Pediatrics then you do not have to read, if you feel before this article will subvert your bidding concept, then continue to learn how to think with me. Control flow.

1 is usually the first time in the construction of the account structure through a variety of means to find a large number of keywords.

2 and then according to the account budget, web pages, industry attributes and so on to select the key words and the account.

3 set up the matching mode and bidding strategy based on the intensity of the consumer purchase demand

4 according to the analysis of the effect of marketing report keyword quality, and then choose the best to bad, continue to expand the conversion effect of the relevant keywords

to control the flow of the stage, the more important is to be aware of what is more inclined to make it easier for them to change what part of the flow, and how to find out more and better keywords

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