By the mouth gun for the black Learn Zhang Tianyi, Hao Chang how to rely on the brush face and mouth

Abstract: when an enterprise knows that product marketing and service marketing, experience marketing, just know is in the basis to have the opportunity to create surprisingly, combines elements of the brand and the script, this blend of brand value and brand commitment play, is an ultimate good script.

do not know Zhang Zhang engage in a 500 thousand crowd conference broke up, ha ha, was a black dog,

side of many traditional food and beverage business friends, most of them are known for the so-called Internet catering business overnight fame. Look at those who are no vitality, it can perform on the appearance, talk, do these decades of catering enterprises boss heart filled with envy.

most people are cursing secretly in the heart — "Mom, is a gun by mouth for the people, will only show play marketing

however, the author does not appreciate this attitude, marketing itself has a strange. "It" is to lay a solid foundation, "Qi" is a successful method, just do not understand is odd, only deadlocked confrontation, will not strike the enemy. I can see that the last article, "90% of the food and beverage are some of the errors – marketing and odd". The traditional restaurant, due to years of products and operations of the precipitation, mostly there are more than Erqi deficiency. Hard to watch their so many years of accumulated experience and advantages to play, no wonder they were dissatisfied with the prodding of the Internet people harbor restaurant.

however, the highest level is the so-called learning is to learn from your competitors, for these specializes in Internet marketing of food prices, do not go to conflict, dampen, complain and sigh, to do the opposite – mouth cannon to them


, however, is the mouth gun Tiancheng, how the essence of


mouth gun, to the bad place to think, is bragging force, to a good place to think, is to do word of mouth marketing.

and boast of word-of-mouth marketing what?

of course, bragging tells the story, but the story itself is most easily spread, if the story is hiding in the value of the brand and commitment, and this is not Niubi blown down, then this is a perfect word-of-mouth marketing event.

a lot of friends will be questioned, said Huang Taiji, as in the media circle, there are a lot of friends, there are so many media channels, will naturally be very hot, and we do not have so many resources. Naturally, more media channels are a cause of the impact of the internet. But in the Internet era, everything itself to the center, the effectiveness of the key node in the past no longer so too high to be reached. Take example in reality, even if he Chang said former media chiefs, and God carved is industry celebrities, West master, Zhang Tianyi, these are the grass root, the real start empty-handed have no background, no godfather, what they are doing extremely well in


so, word of mouth marketing, the most important is not the key communicators, but to create a life >

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