Poison tongue movie to complete the A round of financing valued 300 million yuan next to the develop

today, it is learned that the film class size "poison tongue film" has completed the A round of financing, by BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) lead investor, the valuation of up to 300 million yuan. In addition to a round of investment capital and Chung Hua Ling more investment, "a", "hammer" investor and whale capital is also involved with the cast.

half a year ago, the "tongue movie" creative team was invited to the United States of Las Vegas, participated in the "007" of the American premiere, at that time, the "poison Sir" sharp commented: Although the premiere was invited, but I still have to say this 007 bad.

The new

list on the matter told the "tongue movie" founder He Jun conducted an interview. At that time, as the winter capital, many entrepreneurs suffer, but what you said confidently, "we can still be cold". Half a year later, the "tongue movie" finally completed the A round of financing. The new list of interviews with He Jun.


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800 thousand to 5 million fans break through

is about to develop app

"poison tongue cinema" in film and television in the account of long-term dominance of television music class WeChat influence ranking in the new list and the "Nandu Entertainment Weekly" published jointly, "tongue movie" long occupied the top. Half a year ago when interviewed, "tongue movie" public number of fans just exceeded 800 thousand, xiaoyouchengjiu. Six months later, the WeChat fans have soared more than doubled, exceeded 2 million, in addition to WeChat, the "tongue movie" settled in more than and 20 platform, the whole network of nearly 5 million users.

in the new list of the latest release of the June WeChat China 500 monthly, "tongue movie" become the "100000+" camp is a member of the all month release were 10w+.


talk about the financing, He Jun said confidently, it is because of the unlimited potential of film and television industry, and the experience of the team, "poison tongue film" was the investor fancy, and becoming the first RMB investment project BAI. After obtaining investment, it is important to upgrade the strategic development of a app.

latest release of the latest film and television music WeChat influence ranking

new list: A round of financing investors who have the valuation of how much?

He Jun: the A round of financing is led by the BAI investment, a round of investment capital and more Ling Chung Hua has also invested with investment, and the introduction of the new investment agency and whale capital. This round of valuation of 300 million yuan, we are also the first yuan BAI investment projects.

The new

list: "how many the tongue movie" the public number of fans of the


He Jun: now WeChat

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