Analysis WeChat public account named 8 tips

a good public account requires high quality or innovative planning or service. But a good name can reflect the value of your public number, services, content, scope, industry and other information, so that people who are interested in rapid attention. But for now, WeChat is also the only way to name the eight forms.

First, use the

is directly to the enterprise name or service, product name as WeChat public number. For example, but Tmall, Durex is the most familiar,, nine magazines etc..

second, functional and practical method

this form can be directly used to show the public number and services, so that users know more about your platform. For example, the hotel assistant, the purpose is to set the hotel. In addition to Showtime tourism, tourism is recommended, Twitter Life membership card, membership card business is a one-stop platform.

third, image naming method

image of the enterprise or a product of the image of the service of a gimmick, the specific things or abstract things visualization, can personification, metaphor and other techniques. For example, basketball park, basketball sports information of the WeChat public; the film factory, to help you find the movie you want to see.

fourth, using the vertical industry naming method: industry name + use

typical WeChat public: the film business school, micro law, watercress City, Baidu movies. These are the names of one industry plus the use of.

fifth, question name

in the way of the problem, the name of the question, so that interested parties to get interested. For example, look at the public tonight, what can make money public. They tell the user can help you find your favorite movies, to help you recommend financial products and save money.

sixth, alternative naming method

this kind of public numbers are generally run: fresh, fun, fun, there are material, a kind of form to. Want to do comedy entertainment while considering fast hi. For example, WeChat Mac WeChat public hearsay, skill public joke, WeChat public etc..

seventh, Wikipedia naming method

Encyclopedia of the name of the name of the method to obtain the scope of the inclusion of a wide range, but is well known. There is a benefit to take the emergency, perhaps through this will get a lot of fans in WeChat search oh. For example, most of the encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of life health, Fashion Life Encyclopedia etc..

eighth, the other named method

other quick consideration from life, geography, and so on some of the more familiar. You can also refer to the Baidu index, people’s attention to certain events or issues such as. Of course, there are many ways to name, such as the name of the enterprise can also be used in regional and industry, Xi’an automotive beauty, Hangzhou real estate, etc..

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