Colourful door is who in the hype, fried red who

had to admire the network there are so many people, a very small thing can be quickly fried into a hot spot, perhaps this is the characteristics of the network. Colourful door events, if the hapless Edison Chan led to the Hong Kong stars, the more benefit is the major site of, what is the income of the website, click on the flow rate, readily point to open a website, half a page is a colourful door as the news, said customers started from Tianya, Zhang ran the United States as previous events, ginger rock events, are in the horizon, if want to find the most famous players on the network, I think, still there. This is online speculation and promoter role may be involved in the official, maybe just a few people behind.

no matter what kind of way, according to Yan door and Southern China tiger, Yan Yan event, has become the most sensational network events. Although it is a very broad, led by the police, but for the website, this is not important, just click rate they want, maybe when we blame the star abuse, and a bit of sympathy. Regardless of their private lives, they always bring to our daily life a lot of fun works, film songs, no matter what, are rich people’s spiritual life, if there is no such entertainment, so our life is dull as ditch water, and we would like to thank them, thank them because private life is you hit the stars, we regardless of their private lives, we see that they bring you entertainment.

consider these stars, so that they can be used, is also very poor, they are people, have their own private life, also have their own privacy, more of them unknown hard side, in fact, in this society, everyone’s life is not easy, in the energy-saving. If not constantly reproduced each big website, if there is no police that I think events will not develop so get out of hand point, after all the publicity has stimulated the release of photos of people, whether they are individuals or small groups, are excited in the attention, think they have more great, much. Web site, if the expansion from the initial rapid expansion of the impact, and subsequent reports, the situation intensified.

if these stars can be sued if I do not also add some websites. Why would a small post, no pictures, online fast beam spread. We don’t pay too much attention to people’s personal privacy and star, each site is different, news sensitivity, urgency of speculation, let them choose it, take it as an object, writers from editing to speculation, and even, seaman, are in a different way of publicity, ultimately, success and when the network to hype a thing, I found it really easily, easy to just a few days can be, but the reality is different, plus advertising publicity, a period of time can.

colourful door events, the victims are the stars, they have hated bad side, also in this event.

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