From the media platform which The most complete from the media platform Daquan

now as the platform of management is more and more strict, many of the previous operation of Baidu and WeChat, Baidu know Post Bar drainage, are gradually transferred to the media, since the media is still in the basic dividend period, there is no limit to what the maximum limit is only account audit problems, but those who want to do self the media people are basically small problem, because everything Taobao has put this problem to thoroughly solve.


of course, now a lot of media in the guise of what the media training, these people from the media is almost even before I don’t know, then go to the Witkey platform for someone to release several articles, cut a good flow diagram, and then the sun began to engage in a few single income, money and training. In fact, a lot of people from the media to do, can do well the few, able to do a year almost disappeared, at least I do from the media industry are not to a year, my goal is to do the media since three years, our team and brand influence thoroughly play out, since the media do not depend on the one or two days, not one or two months, but by the precipitation can be considered for three or five years, people from the media really qualified.


a lot of people from the media are curious, some people even from the media platform which do not know. So here is simply universal to everyone from the media of knowledge, I have to do what good lists from the media platform out for your reference, of course, some have no effect or have been closed since the media platform not listed.

1, Sohu public platform

Sohu public platform can be said to be the highest weight of all media platforms, ranking the best. This platform is suitable for the company brand promotion or personal branding. In the process of doing Baidu PA screen, Sohu public platform is indispensable, many times, as long as the election of the keywords, with the help of the public platform to do the ranking of Sohu or no problem. Another point is that the registration of Sohu public platform is still a bit difficult, I also provide a lot of raw materials before the audit through 1.

2, today’s headlines

today’s headlines is currently the largest flow from the media platform, at least now I haven’t seen a platform from the media headlines today flow is so large, I every day in today’s headlines are dozens of suction precision, but also is an article effect. If you want to do the drainage powder, it is best to choose today’s headlines. In addition, after today’s headlines over the novice, it is possible to open headlines advertising, you can make money by advertising headlines part-time is also very good.

3, Penguin media

penguins and other media since the media are a little different, so want to in the above operation drainage is a bit difficult, especially the sale of articles, published almost at the top, reading rate is zero, but also no copyright information. >

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