Tuniu announced that the group strategy will be split into tourism and financial technology company


technology news news November 8th, held the ten annual Strategy Conference tuniu. The conference will be announced, tuniu group company, the business will be split into two sections tourism subsidiary and subsidiary financial technology. Tuniu President Yan Haifeng said, the way cattle group is mainly to the rapid growth of service tickets, hotels, finance, film and television, wedding and other new business segments.

Yan Haifeng said that the diversification of customer demand is driving the change in the tourism industry chain. The main customers for business travel and travel ticket for the purpose, but now the ticket market, hotel market growth is the driving force for a large proportion of the leisure customer contribution. This is a new opportunity.


CEO in duright said, as of now, the transaction way cattle travel products and services accounted for China online leisure market share of 23.1%, ranked Chinese online leisure travel market share of the first, and also set up a national 180 regional service centers and 11 overseas service center. Online leisure travel is growing much faster than online air tickets and hotels.


in July 12th this year, announced the official to enter the online ticket and hotel reservation market. Tuniu said, as of the two quarter of 2016, the way cattle ticket turnover is 11 times over the same period last year. Tuniu Hotel turnover is 8 times over the same period last year. In March 2016, tuniu launched VIP service brand – the way to. At present, the two quarter of this year, the way cattle old member turnover has more than 59% of the total trading volume tuniu.

"the possibility of future expansion of the category is not only reflected in the tourism, tourism related category will be more and more, as long as they can meet the needs of customers, to similar consumer demand around the core assets of customer service, we will go to the extension." Yan Haifeng said, in addition to the ticket hotel category, will also promote the financial development of the way cattle, television, communication, wedding etc.. (Yu Yi)

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