The future of the nternet phone

the word Internet use only a short while ago, no matter where it seems that just two years ago, a ready-made panacea, we also looked at a lot of the name of the Internet to mobile phone manufacturers such as "under the banner of the head like bamboo shoots after a spring rain after only two years; mobile phone market has rarely heard someone to talk this word.

has been optimistic about the unlimited IUNI Internet mobile phone has fallen, Jia Yueting LETV is precarious, as for the 360 mobile phone, you are reading this article, you have seen few people use it in


in December 11th Chinese corporate leaders will mentor will share, is in Jia Yueting’s speech in the teeth of the storm, for the music currently encountered a variety of questions to respond. According to Jia Yueting, as the biggest problem is because of the rapid growth of mobile phone sales, and cash supply chain model under the high-speed growth of mobile phone music as their flow has caused tremendous pressure, this is the ultimate reason for LETV wrestling.

is that true,


supply chain model, as the music is not wrestling culprit, to the ecological future earnings slim

put the blame on the supply chain, this kind of rhetoric isn’t set up. First, the supply chain model that is not only for the existence of LETV mobile phone, HUAWEI, millet and OPPO vivo, are the same pattern of supply chain, if such a model will eventually lead to cash flow problems, so the rationality of this mode would not exist. But the reality is that such a supply chain model is generally recognized by the industry, there is no so-called unreasonable.


supply chain model is reasonable, why LETV mobile phone sold well but became overwhelmed by his straw? In fact as the real reason you should be very clear, we first look at a set of data.

October 24th, LETV announced 2016 third quarter earnings, according to the results, the reporting period to achieve total revenue of 16 billion 795 million 372 thousand and 800 yuan, representing an increase of 100.54% over the same period last year, mainly due to the rapid growth of income growth, super TV sales, membership fees and advertising business.

and music as a super mobile phone is to go to a hardware subsidies, relying on Ecological + member profitable path. According to Jia Yueting, saying, music as a super mobile phone sales in 2016 will exceed 20 million units, previously LETV mobile phone 1S has been released to disassemble cost, LETV mobile phone display each sell a loss of more than 200 yuan. If so, such a loss is clearly unacceptable.

from the actual situation, to the scale of the ecological service income to nurture and did not reach the expected terminal, with content and subsidies to promote sales of hardware, the hardware sales strategy to build ecological chain, looks very beautiful, but the actual implementation is not perfect imagination. And with the maturity of the domestic copyright awareness, the increasing cost of content, simply rely on advertising earnings and profit in a short period of time can not make up

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