The East China O2O project death list the extinction massacre emeiquan

now, more and more Internet Co began to "O2O" as the standard to add in your own business introduction, not to mention the O2O seems to be the very face of things.

crazy also attracted capital dance, O2O began to appear frequently in the business plan and investment agreement. BAT as the representative of the Internet giant in the field of O2O frequent shots is to make the O2O industry looks very attractive.

But behind the increase in the

amount of financing and valuation, the real talent shows itself O2O projects are not, as the O2O project of well-known entrepreneurs, God carved has said publicly: "O2O business window may have an end."

In order to make

Tsinghua East O2O project real living environment, the author of a large number of data, starting from the community, catering, beauty industry, tourism, education, automotive, real estate, wedding and baby 9 industries, produced a heavy defeat "East China O2O project manual".


Handbook, many died after lying like a swarm of bees roadside case, in addition to sigh with emotion, we hope you tell me, especially in the O2O project of entrepreneurs can learn the lessons of the former, awe, steadfastly go.

a, dining O2O


2014 domestic O2O market, the catering industry market share accounted for up to 43%, ranking first. It is expected that by 2015, China’s catering industry O2O market size will reach 120 billion yuan.

at the same time, the capital market for food and beverage O2O is also quite care. In January 7th this year, catering takeaway platform zero line to complete the B round of financing, the amount of about $30 million, led by Tencent investment, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with investment. January 27th, online ordering platform hungry it completed $350 million E round of financing, investors, including CITIC Industrial Fund, Tencent, Jingdong, public comment, Sequoia capital.

however, behind the visible light, more hidden exit persons.

death list:


cause of death:

1, "black hole platform": takeaway platform must constantly burn, subsidies, hit flow, grab the user. Hungry, the United States and other giants continue to set off a user snatch war. But the user can continue to choose the entrance is limited, only the first no second. Item difficulty coefficient.

2, a space, but the operation is difficult: Kakasin, the purchase of other specialty products are formed based on O2O model, but also are facing the logistics and the scale of the pressure, clean vegetable distribution, the market potential is enormous, but the difficulty of operating the same can not be underestimated.

3, low barriers to trade: the field of choice for entrepreneurs

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