China introduced new regulations on network security foreign suppliers need to hand over the source

Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on January 29th, according to the "New York Times" reports, according to a copy of the policy for foreign technology companies in China at China, the government issued new regulations for the sale of computer equipment to Chinese bank company to produce the source code, subject to invasive procedures, and implanted in the back door hardware.

reported that the new regulations is 22 pages long, at the end of last year through the audit, is one of the key measures China government to strengthen the field of network security. The rules have raised concerns among foreign companies, including intellectual property, security and U.S. export laws.

American Technology Corp representatives on Wednesday wrote to China’s network security leadership group to oppose the new policy and called it a protectionist act.

Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of

China Information Research Institute, said the new policy is not to drive foreign companies out of the Chinese market. He said that China is still inseparable from foreign companies. Banks can not do without foreign hardware manufacturers, Bank of China to spend billions of dollars to buy foreign hardware and software, Chinese companies have not yet been able to produce high-end servers for banks and mainframe.

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