Google Adsense tour ShangHai Railway Station conference summary

activity: Google Adsense 2007 tour conference "master" keynote speech: July 4, 2007

6 attended the "Google Adsense 2007 tour conference", while the heat records some harvest and share:

one, on account security issues

believe that this is the most common concern of the webmaster. Can answer from three aspects.

first, the owners of Google Adsense a misunderstanding or distrust, but also a kind of information asymmetry arising from the gap.

second, according to the Adsense optimization team answer, misleading click is the main factor affecting account security. What is misleading click?

, for example, to download a web site, the most common practice is to place the Adsense ads in the "download" link below, the real download and advertising links are very close. I believe that the location of such ads click rate must be quite high. But this is a form of misleading clicks. Users come to your download page, the purpose is very clear – that is to download the necessary software or other resources, rather than to click on advertising.

so it is recommended to download links with the Adsense ad content separately.

In short,

: refusing to cheat is a prerequisite to secure your account. Do not have short-term speculation or thought. Do not have any possibility to make users do not consciously click on the practice of advertising. Do your site’s content, to maintain a good user experience, which is the most important, income is a natural manifestation of these.

third, is your current account associated with previous cheating sites.


Adsense staff also made it clear that, if you buy a previously blocked account website, then you can re enable or register a new account of your own, as long as you people on this site did not take what illegal measures, Adsense is not even take responsibility.

two, on the issue of electronic payment

The issue of the

, China webmaster voice is very high, today Adsense staff said this problem in their work process, will solve this problem this year, but did not disclose the specific time to. I personally think that in October, Adsense will test the electronic payment in the country, but also from other channels (a very reliable channel) vague to tell the problem than I understand the progress of some earlier. From this analysis, the local payment should be between 8-9 months, of course, I guess. I believe the webmaster can understand, the problem of electronic payment is very complex, you can

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