When the Pv6 era comes every grain of sand has an address

Author: Xu Mingwei Yang Shu

with the rapid development of the Internet, the existing IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) has been unable to meet the needs of the internet. IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 4) has become the mainstream of IP technology in the future. Google, Facebook, Bing and other major sites will stand permanently support IPv6. Borrow in June 6th, the next generation of Internet development and Construction Summit, Wu Hequan, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, China should promote the popularity of IPv6, China’s IPv6 development will never return."

IPV4:5 billion China Network civil 300 million address

IPv6 is a new version of IP (Internet Protocol). We first introduce the IP protocol. The IP protocol is designed to transfer data between hosts on the Internet. In order to send data from the source to the destination, each host needs an address. Just as in real life people communicate with each other, everyone needs a mailing address.

in the first, each host address format is specified by the IPv4 protocol, each IP address is composed of 32 binary string composed by some Internet organizations (such as the IANA, the Internet assigned numbers authority etc.) is responsible for the allocation, each organization as the maintenance of a reservoir as maintenance with an address pool. Address from top to low layer organization organization, to address block, which forms a collection of address distribution, for example, the first IP address assigned by IANA to the Asia Pacific region, redistribution to the China Telecom, by the China Telecom assigned to each jurisdiction of the host.

IPv4 is designed to address 32, because at the initial stage of the Internet, and there are not many hosts, the world is only a few American universities, research institutes and the U.S. military use of IP network, and the 32 bit IP address set with 232=4294967296 IP. But the explosive growth of the Internet is beyond anyone’s imagination. Thousands of households with internet access, the IPv4 address is rapidly distribute consumption, the maintenance of the IPv4 address of the organization found their address pool in There is not much left.. In May 12, 2009, only about 494196000 addresses in the world were not allocated. By February 3, 2011, IANA announced that the last address block in its address pool had been allocated.

IPv4 address the shortage of the Internet is facing a crisis, the new host can not get access to the address, it can not become a member of the Internet world. This crisis is particularly evident in the Chinese Chinese, because although the rapid development of Internet, but started relatively late, which makes the Internet Chinese when in urgent need of a large number of IPv4 address, IPv4 address has been widely developed countries such as Europe and America share. Although China is trying to fight, but still can only get limited IPv4 address. By March 2012, Chinese occupies only 3 million IPv4 addresses, and at the same time China net >

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