Taobao graphics search technology development flow distribution in turmoil


] January 25th news billion state power network, according to sources, 2016 Taobao and Tmall official will be relatively new weight and store new rate of attention, and from the natural flow distribution will change the search logic.

the source pointed out that the new commodity keyword promotion, businesses can find hot search keywords from the following dimensions: 1, the whole network hot search rate gradually rising businesses can give priority to the use of keywords; 2, enhance the popularity of the priority use of keywords in the whole network search; 3, search keywords according to the whole network, click rate the number of goods and the proportion of Tmall click data.

addition, many businesses feel and observe this year, Taobao’s search traffic fell sharply in. The reason about this problem, the sources said, there are two reasons for this: 1, the effect of commodity text optimization model is relatively weakened, the text model optimization is mainly to improve the display effect of goods in the search by optimizing the commodity title; 2, graph searching technology, matching algorithm is more accurate, keywords and degree of products is higher.

the above sources, graphic search technology has 5 key indicators, namely, the main map click rate, commodity residence time, the rate of loss of goods, baby collection, plus the amount of shopping cart.

system needs to click through to determine the matching accuracy of goods and keywords, click on a high amount of goods in the search show will be priority." The source pointed out that if the residence time of the product is higher than peers, then the commodity search show will have more advantages. PC Taobao market commodity residence time of 150 seconds and Tmall residence time of 180 seconds is the lowest standard, the wireless end of the Taobao market and Tmall commodity residence time of about 60 to 80 seconds.

product loss rate, the amount of collection and the amount of shopping cart will also affect the display of goods in Taobao search box ranking. Insiders believe that the store and the overall performance of the commodity data better business, then get the search traffic will gradually increase.

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