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U.S. website independent user visits 50


technology news Beijing time on October 28th morning news, according to foreign media reported today, the U.S. Internet traffic monitoring agency Compete has just released the October 2010 American independent website user visits 50 ranking. Compete data show that Microsoft will be (growth of 11.7%, an increase of 108.5) and Ask (growth of an increase of 8.7%, an increase of 75.3%) of the independent user visits were significantly increased. The MySpace (a decline of 5.53%, down by 19.1%) and MapQuest (chain fell by 5.8%, down by 22.1%) there was a sharp decline. As for the new version of the MySpace interface can play a role in promoting its traffic remains to be seen.

most surprising is that YAHOO’s image sharing site Flickr recent traffic fell significantly, the chain fell 14.09%, down by 16.95%. Ask with good growth surpassed the Amazon and, to become the nation’s sixth largest website after Google, YAHOO, Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube.

other winners also include Disney’s and, the two independent user visits increased by 15.8% QoQ and 30.5%. (Ding Hong)

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