P2P platform for financial sunbell customers 80 million dashuipiao boss run away

net after Campbell, Beijing has a P2P platform unscrupulous boss lost contact". Recently, the investment express reporter was informed that a company known as Beijing financial letter treasure international Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the financial letter treasure), the legal representative of Hainan". Many industry insiders said that a large number of platforms are constantly born uneven in quality risk accumulation, may also occur the next platform to run away. The opinion from the regulators that the P2P platform should be an information service platform, such intermediaries should be licensed to operate, such as no license, there are other issues.

financial sunbell customers 80 million dashuipiao

boss run away

"I know this company is shopping in Tongzhou Guiyou when they put promotional booth at the door. Around May of last year, where I invested a few million, are short-term, finally came out firmly, so I recommend to my friends are here to do, and then I invested about 300000 yuan a year, there has not expired, but my friend did not give money expires, this know the company." One called Li Ran (a pseudonym) investors told reporters.

Li Ran said that the financial sunbell staff currently on contact, the beginning they said, the boss (Mu Hainan) said the fund a little problem, so investors waited since May 20th have been waiting for, he said later in June 8th, the boss put things back to deal with the results until maturity, the boss has not come back, some investors the police. Currently, the number of investors about 600 statistics, the amount of the loss of about $80 million. Some investors went to the financial letter treasure company, the results have been closed.

is a former financial sunbell salesman investors also pointed out that most of the sales have invested money in the financial letter treasure inside, mainly because the company has more than two years, we are trusted, the relatives and friends are brought in to do the investment, some money business losses also more than the general customers.

investment express reporter found that, at present, the financial letter treasure page can also log on. However, when reporters call the customer service phone, the show does not have this service number, and online customer service also shows not online.

, the Shenzhen company called net loan platform Kosun network page appears equally inaccessible, customer service phone, lost contact person in charge of the case. June 19th, the media released the China P2P lending services industry white paper (2014) (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) pointed out: in 2013 the risk of P2P lending industry has been exposed to a certain extent. 2014, the industry will continue to increase the risk, the number of problem platforms is likely to be high.

Before the

according to the statistics, in 2012, the total number of P2P lending platform collapse is about 20, and in 2013 a year’s time, the number of issues on the platform after the closure of more than 3 times the total number of platforms, at around 70, which in November 2013 more platform set road

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