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[editor’s note] U.S. presidential election November 8th polling day approaching. When we look forward to the results of a deep concentration, a start-up company already in secret activities for several days, and their "secret weapon" is likely to change the election. The following is from the United States website BackChannel, compiled by the Tencent science and technology.


candidate scandal after another, the TV debate become "rotten, tear than ugly" face reality show, known as "the most dirty fighting" election, many voters began to lose interest in voting, who do not want to choose.


, a start-up company was felt, even in the face of the worst in the history of the presidential election, also should not abandon, do not give up, and they used to change all of this is actually the secret weapon: sms.

Americans do not bother to vote, start-up companies fuck broken heart

Vote.org is a website dedicated to increasing voter turnout.

about ten years ago, Vote.org founder Clifford (Debra · Debra Cleaver) began to notice the turnout of voters the question of why American voters still surprisingly low


in the 2012 general election, 57% of qualified citizens to participate in the vote, compared with the number of years in 2008 fell a lot of. U.S. presidential election, the United States, the rate of referendum lags behind other developed countries. According to a 2016 study, the United States ranks 35 among the world’s most developed democracies in the United States by the year of thirty-first.


U.S. turnout compared with other countries

although the Internet provides an attractive prospect for political movements, such as candidates by e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to find the target voters, and contact with them, but in the last presidential campaign, despite such as Obama through the Internet to get some political donations, but few people can become supporters on the network the actual vote.

of course it’s not just about Vote.org. This year, the United States to encourage citizens to vote to become a new fashion business, the emergence of start-up companies, including the application of the voting guide VotePlz, social networks for politicians, Brigade, etc..

these code farmers thinking is to repair the defects of the voting mechanism in the United States, should be as simple as changing the Facebook algorithm, just put the information on the right place on the line.

is not the voters this year, but the voting mechanism is too outdated

Product Manager Clifford origin of this code sniff at thinking.

Clifford’s work focuses on the obscure voting rules into understanding,. >

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