Adsense network broadcast Nora event follow-up Sohu Tencent stop cooperation today headlines

1 "Nora event" insider: xiangeqing closeted key in the debt

"it is clear that Nora is a passive party. Time is too short, temporary find a reliable access to the disk is very difficult. Obviously, xiangeqing not yet determined."

financial weekly trainee Reporter Lin Jie / Shenzhen reported

this is the fastest 15 days, as well as Wang xin.

June 26th, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority to Nora served administrative penalty decision, Nora dissemination of pornographic information through the Internet was revoked value-added telecommunications business license. On the same day, the Shenzhen trade and Industry Bureau Nora infringement of intellectual property punishable by a fine of 260 million yuan.

value-added telecommunications business license is an essential document for commercial sites, which means that the revocation of the Internet business will not be able to carry out nora. Huge fines plus 260 million, Nora seems to be a critical moment of vital importance.

just 7 days left, Nora fate that outcome. Sensitive Nora, involved a public shareholder perplexing gangster of love and hate. 7 years ago, product manager Wang Xin founded nora. It is one of the shareholders of the angel Ma Huateng opponent Zhou Hongyi, one is the founder of the old man, who had been in the presence of Li Qing in the past. They were almost simultaneously fired.

7 years later, Nora almost died in the eldest brother of the hands of the Tencent.

2: 500 LETV millet provoke piracy after playing  


Internet is never a lack of slobber war, combined with the actual situation in the true sense, "quarrel", Bo eye. At present, the music and millet copyright issue slobber war played in full swing.

is the first music piracy prosecution millet The Legend of Zhen Huan, "the" harem "33 days" and ten video works made in favor of the court, millet will be jointly and severally liable for the loss of 150 thousand yuan compensation LETV;

subsequently issued a statement saying millet millet box access video content legal compliance, iCNTV future of television has been terminated with music as the company’s license partnership; LETV again issued a statement saying millet rumors, as with the Internet TV broadcasting licenses party CCTV CNTV’s future TV cooperation never stopped accusing millet public disinformation transfer line of sight.

the two sides war slobber tit for tat so far, seems to be the climax is not a. Financial weekly newspaper reporter called millet side said that this judgment, millet may appeal.

3 female community TOP10: the next $1 billion company was born in  

"money for women and children is the best in the world.". According to statistics, women in charge of 70% of the family expenditure, if you can let the woman out of your pocket, then you basically control the majority of the consumption of a family

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